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Yammi is investment service which was started in the summer of 2018. Service is expected both experienced, and the beginning investors: it is able to define tendency of the person to risk and depending on it selects to it an optimal investment portfolio. Yammi works on model of the largest online services of investment and invests only in the stocks ETF — foreign exchange-traded investment funds. The investment management of Yammi is based on analytical FinEx technologies and payment technologies of Yandex.Money.

Performance Indicators

2019: Average yield of a portfolio of Yammi — 13.5%

On August 2, 2019 Yandex.Money reported that the investment service Yammi created by Yandex.Money and FinEx summed up the results of the first year of work. It became clear that Russians actively invest online — nearly a half of users of Yammi fill up investment portfolios every month. The average planned investment term on service made 2.5 years, and average yield of a portfolio of Yammi — 13.5%.

The first time people invest through Yammi on average in 21,000 rubles. Every month investment portfolios fill up 43% of users, the others do it with different regularity. The average size of the investment account of the person in Yammi at the end of year — 60,000 rubles.

Yammi helps users to invest in the most different investment exchange-traded funds — ETF. For the last year FXRL which traces indexes of the Russian actions was the most profitable of them. In twelve months its profitability made 24.7% in rubles. This results from the fact that the Russian actions outstripped foreign markets because of strengthening of ruble. Besides, the Russian market was not affected by a negative wave which swept on the developed and emerging markets in 2018 against the background of trade wars of the USA"
speaks Vladimir Kreyndel, the chief executive of FinEx, the partner of Yammi