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Clouds Technologies Yandex - 0,1 %%
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Subsidiary company of "Yandex", the developer of the service of the same name of virtual computing infrastructure – " ", brought into commercial operation in September, 2018.

Performance Indicators

2020: "Yandex. A cloud" received the first large revenue, but did not come to profit yet

According to base " circuit.focus ", " " company developing the business of "Yandex" connected with cloud services in 2019 received revenue of about 174 million rubles. Earlier financial performance of the activity in absolute expression in the company did not open. In the first year of the work the company created in 2018 earned 1.1 million rubles.

" " did not come to profit yet. In 2019 its net loss made 13.2 million rubles, in the 2018th – 4.6 million rubles. The company did not comment when expect to reach profitability.

The greatest demand in 2019 remained on basic cloud services – IaaS, speak in ""

" " told TAdviser that within a year the number of the paying clients in all segments steadily increased: large companies, medium and small business.

Earlier in the company reported that in a year the number of services which it provides increased to 27. They can be separated into 4 groups:

  • scalable infrastructure are virtual machines and disks;
  • services of processing and data management - the database, etc.;
  • services for creation of cloud applicaions;
  • services of machine learning and AI.

The greatest demand remained on basic cloud services – IaaS, speak in " ". At the same time services of managed (managed) of databases, Kubernetes, Yandex SpeechKit (synthesis and speech recognition) became the most fast-growing.

" " added that in against the background of a pandemic and an economic crisis in 2020 saved growth subjects.

In a crisis situation not all companies reduced consumption and froze projects. On the contrary, in a number of spheres it grew, and the companies expanded consumption of cloud resources to cope with loading. Also we saw examples of how the speed of transition to cloud resources grew - crisis aggravated need to start new digital products, - explained TAdviser in the company.

At the end of 2020 in " " expect the business growth exceeding the medium-term rate of a gain of the market.



Alexey Bashkeeav's appointment head of the platform

On June 29, 2020 Yandex announced appointment of Yandex as the head. Alexey Bashkeev's clouds. Read more here.

Agreement with partners on the help of IoT-solutions to the Russian developers

On June 15, 2020 it became known YandexCloud what "." will make development of solutions based on Internet things (IoT) more simply and quicker. For this purpose the company signed the agreement with partners on providing discounts to developer companies to order of parts, the help in assembly and testing of the equipment, connection to channels communications for transfer data. Also " " selects to developers grants to 1 million rubles for use of service IoT Core and other technologies of " ".

Electronic components for devices at a discount 10% will be provided to developers of IoT-solutions by Voltik shop. Production engineers of Rezonit company will hold expanded consultations which will allow developers to minimize time and production costs of electronics. Experts of Redbees will help to select optimal IoT-technology and technical solution to bring the project from the idea or a prototype to serial production and also will provide a discount of 5% of development order cost. Also developer companies will receive termless connection up to 10 devices on one base station to the portal of LoRaWAN developer of ER-Telecom network. As a result IoT-developer will be able to solve problems not only at the level of work with software, but also at the level of work with "iron" and communication.

To use special conditions, the company needs to join the acceleration program of " " Yandex Cloud Boost. Under the terms of participation, expert support of architects and a discount of 20% for a year upon transition to paid consumption of services of " " and also special conditions to uses of other services of "Yandex" are also available to the companies[1].

Investment of $40 million into AI-applications

On March 27, 2020 "Yandex" announced cooperation of the platform " " with Nvidia within development of artificial intelligence technologies (AI). Partners open for the Russian companies library of applications for work with machine learning, neuronets and AI of Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC). Read more here.

2019: Cloud business of "Yandex" acquired clients, but continues "eat off" profit

The experimental division of Other Bets and Experiments provided by projects " ", "to Yandex the Zen" " ", geoservices and educational services, completed 2019 with a negative indicator of EBITDA (profit before interest contribution, taxes and depreciation) in 5.2 billion rubles. It follows from interpretation of the conference call with participation of representatives of the company devoted to discussion of quarter financial results. Such indicator means that, despite the general growth of revenue, this direction does not make profit yet.

In the 4th quarter of the 2019th loss of EBITDA of an experimental division was 1.8 billion rubles. The operating and chief financial officer of "Yandex" Gregory Abovski calls it result, mainly, of investments into " " and the cloud direction.

The similar reason of a negative indicator of EBITDA of the direction of experiments into the companies was brought also according to the results of discussion of results of 1-3 quarters 2019.

As of February of the 2020th at " " more than 20 thousand active users from whom more than 25% passed to commercial consumption

According to the results of the 2nd quarter mentioned the 2019th Gregory Abovski that the cloud direction begins to show demand. And according to the results of the fourth quarter – that it is one of the main directions of investments of a division and that the company, being happy with the current results, will continue to invest in it.

" " preferred not to sound TAdviser the revenue for 2019 in absolute measures. In the 2018th in a year of start, according to base " circuit.focus ", this indicator of the legal person of " " made 1.1 million rubles.

For February, 2020 at this direction more than 20 thousand active users from whom more than 25% passed to commercial consumption, reported TAdviser in " ". Among the large companies which use services of cloud services of "Yandex", - Ozon, Leroy Merlin, Dekatlon. Services use also hi-tech young companies Genotek, SkyEng, Axlebolt.

In September, 2019 only a year since launch " " was performed. For this year we grew up three times by the number of services, attracted thousands of the new companies users. At the same time it is necessary to consider that " " is a B2B-platform, and we have incomparably longer process of the conclusion of transactions, development of consumption in the acting clients. Despite it, in the fourth quarter in relation to the third growth of revenue of " " from cloud services was about 50% - it is very good indicator in our segment, - told TAdviser in " ".

The company also told TAdviser what investments of " " about which top managers of the company in conference calls spoke went to. They are distributed in two main directions: development of services and team development. At the heart of the platform " " own developments, including services of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Start of new services, support of operating require considerable resources, the representative of " " says.

For 2019 the number of services in " " increased to 27. They can be separated into 4 groups:

  • scalable infrastructure are virtual machines and disks;
  • services of processing and data management - the database, etc.;
  • services for creation of cloud applicaions;
  • services of machine learning and AI.

The most significant releases in 2019 in the company call Managed Kubernetes - service for work with container architecture; Data Lens is the tool of the analysis and data visualization; Cloud Functions - besserverny calculations and YDB - the first database management system (DMS) of the NewSQL family developed in Russia from scratch. Besides, in 2019 the company started a marketplace of cloud solutions.

2018: Creation of service ""

In 1 quarter 2018 plans of "Yandex" for creation of services of cloud infrastructure materialized - the company prepared for start new service under the name " ". This TAdviser became known from a conference call of top managers of "Yandex" with analysts on April 25 devoted to quarter financial results of the company. Read more here.

2016: Foundation of the company

The Clouds Technologies Yandex company was founded by "Yandex" in April, 2016. Then Tatyana Bakharevskaya, the associate director of department of operation and IT services of "Yandex" was appointed its CEO.

The purposes of creation of the legal person in "Yandex" at that time explained media with plans to start services of cloud infrastructure like Amazon Web Services "Yandex" service[2]. At the first stage was going to offer the companies virtual servers "based on Intel processors of the last generation". In "Yandex" noted that the company did data centers for the projects earlier, and now "it is ready to share experience with external projects". Solutions of "Cloud computing of Yandex" are focused both on the large companies, and on small businesses and startups which do not want to invest in development of own infrastructure.

Also widely announced cloud computing of own development of "Yandex" in 2013-2014. In particular, it is about the data warehouse Elliptics and PaaS- the platform Cocaine, the services used by the Internet company for infrastructure management.

The Elliptics technology, for example, as of 2016, is applied in services of,, Yandex.Maps, "Yandex.Direct", Yandex.Market,, "Yandex.Store".

The source codes Elliptics and Cocaine are open[3][4] and are published on GitHub.

At the heart of IT infrastructure of "Yandex" as of 2016 data center in Moscow and Moscow area, on one data center in the Ryazan region and Finland. One more DPC is under construction in Vladimir.