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+ Yantarenergo

The Yantarenergo joint-stock company is the largest electric grid company of the Kaliningrad region working in the power industry within 70 years and which is engaged in transportation, distribution and implementation of electrical energy. JSC Yantarenergo is a part of Russian Networks open joint stock company as affiliated enterprise. 11 power plants at which work more than 2000 persons are a part of the company.

2019: Yantarenergo was included into the book of Records of Russia

Within creation of the scheme of issue of power of Pregolya of thermal power plant Yantarenergo implemented the unique engineering project on construction of two highest transmission towers in Russia executed in the form of an anchor and symbolizing sea gate to the Kaliningrad region.

This achievement was officially included into the book of Records of Russia as "The biggest stylized power transmission line support in Russia" with result in 112.066 meters. In Day of the power engineering specialist the award of the company was solemnly presented by the founder of the book of Records of Russia and the candidate of philosophical sciences Stanislav Konenko.

"I express the words of gratitude to everyone who was involved in project implementation. We executed it in a short time — in one year. Thank you, dear colleagues, for professionalism and dedication. It is sure that Yantarenergo will surprise still more than once!" — the CEO of Yantarenergo Kirill Yutkin told.

Support on the individual project were made by "Gidromontazh experimental plant", the Setstroy company was engaged in installation.

Height of support is comparable to the 36-storey house – 112 meters, the mass of both support — to the train from 17 cars – 1000 tons.

112-meter height of support and almost 69-meter height of suspension of a wire over water are selected not accidentally, it was necessary to create conditions for free passage of the vessels Sedov, Krusenstern which mast height over the deck is 58 and 55 meters respectively.

Support of the power transmission line are located along a water route of E70, on river banks Pregolya. The signal lighting set on all height of an object does it noticeable and in night-time for the ships and helicopters.

Let's note, anchors are not the first stylized power transmission line support in the Kaliningrad region. Specially to the FIFA World Cup of 2018 Yantarenergo set the stylized power transmission line support in the form of a wolf of Zabivaka.