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Revenue and profit of the company, Thousand rub

2018787 400- 82 200


Performance Indicators

2018: Revenue — 787.4 million rubles, losses — 82.2 million rubles

Revenue of YouDrive company in 2018 made 787.4 million rubles, and net loss  — 82.2 million rubles.



Russians can enclose in purchase of cars for the YouDrive car-sharing with profitability 13%

On September 24, 2019 YouDrive started an investment program which will allow Russians to earn from increase in vehicle fleet of carsharing service. The company promises profitability at the level of 13% per annum and the redemption of the car service in three years.

Physical persons and legal entities had an opportunity to invest in purchase of a car for YouDrive. It will be possible to submit the application on the website of the company, to sign the purchase agreement of the car the dealer or its lease then the car will go to the line. After that within three years service undertakes to pay to the investor income every month and to redeem the vehicle at the end of a lease term.

YouDrive wants to increase vehicle fleet at the expense of investors innovators
YouDrive wants to increase vehicle fleet at the expense of investors innovators

For launch of an initiative acquisition Hyundai Volkswagen Renault of the models Creta, Polo, Hyundai Solaris, Renault Arkana, Kaptur, Kia Rio is available X-Line.

For example, the payment for Hyundai Creta (approximate cost including VAT — 1.05 million rubles) will make 26 thousand rubles, and in three years YouDrive will take away it for 630 thousand rubles. In case of accident without a possibility of recovery or stealing the investor will receive insurance payment with preserving of profitability. The car undergoes maintenance at the official dealer at the expense of YouDrive under control of technicians of the company.

According to the head of YouDrive Boris Golikov, by September, 2019 the Russian market of car-sharing still has growth potential. Using an investment program the company can reduce dependence on the leasing companies, he said.

The analyst of Finam Group Leonid Delitsyn considers that this offer can interest in about 4-5 thousand investors innovators whom any opportunity to earn interests. The head of department of the investment ideas "the Broker" Named BKS Avakyan is sure that independent delivery of the car in lease is much more profitable to the taxi of economy class because can bring not less than 30% per annum.[1]

Mail.Ru Group purchased YouDrive

On August 22, 2019 Mail.Ru Group announced acquisition of a control share of YouDrive together with Proxima Capital Group investment company. Financial terms of agreement do not reveal, as well as the size of a share of carsharing service which entered transaction perimeter.

According to the reached agreement, Mail.Ru Group receives the YouDrive car-sharing, service of short-term lease of machines for the YouDrive Business taxi and the platform for transfer of cars to the YouDrive Pool car-sharing, said in the press release which came to edition TAdviser. Group purchased the YouDrive car-sharing for the joint project with Sberbank Group purchased the YouDrive car-sharing for the joint project with Sberbank

YouDrive will spend the received funds for growth, data analysis and increase in efficiency of vehicle fleet, including using technology laboratory Group.

The agreement will strengthen a mobility vertical, priority for an ecosystem of the company: transport  — one of the largest digital consumer markets in Russia, and car-sharing has high potential of synergy with business of the taxi , says Mail.Ru Group.

The CEO of Group Boris Dobrodeyev says that the transaction answers the purpose of the joint platform with Sberbank — car-sharing will expand the offer in the field of transport and will help to satisfy the majority of needs of users for mobility. 

At the end of June Sberbank and Group signed the agreement of intent on creation of joint venture based on Delivery Club and Citymobil. It is expected that YouDrive will be included into this joint venture. Group says in the statement that the asset will not be consolidated in its reporting, and will be reflected in the asset item, offered for sale (asset held for sale): "Further the parties plan involvement of new partners for YouDrive".

First of all we will concentrate on data analysis and creation of new services available through our application to solve the main task — to find balance between efficiency of vehicle fleet and convenience to users — the CEO of YouDrive Boris Golikov said.

2017: The electric vehicles BMW i3 in lease

On October 24, 2017 the service of the YouDrive car-sharing announced an opportunity to lease electric vehicles BMW i3.

According to representatives of the company, implementation of electric vehicles became logical step in development of service of the YouDrive car-sharing. The program of Moscow for development of network of electrogas stations created opportunities for this purpose. So, parking spaces near refueling stations are assigned to electrical machines — are mentioned by special signs, and nobody else cannot occupy them, except the driver of the electric vehicle. Expansion of use of the electric transport in the capital will promote reduction of harmful emissions in the atmosphere, are convinced of YouDrive.

YouDrive offers the electric vehicles BMW i3 in lease
YouDrive offers the electric vehicles BMW i3 in lease
The BMW i3 car at the moment is the most environmentally friendly car on extent of influence on the environment from production and operation before utilization. In it all achievements of BMW Group in the field of environmentally friendly approach to land transport are concentrated. The carbonic body, use of the processed materials in constructions, the eucalyptus which is grown up under cutting, the wool in a special way processed — all these parts speak about the advanced approach to future premium cars. YouDrive purchased cars of the last generation which have for 50% a bigger stock of electricity, so and a bigger stock of the course. And, of course, we are glad that YouDrive selected BMW Leasing as the financial partner of the transaction — the CEO of BMW Group Russia Maksimilian Kellner said.

Participation in development of infrastructure for electric transport is one of the major activities for YouDrive — Boris Golikov, the founder and the managing partner of YouDrive said — because electric vehicles take more and more significant place in the world autoindustry.

To Elekromobili i3 from BMW will be available to users of the YouDrive car-sharing since the end of October, 2017. The cost of lease will be 1000 rub/hour, but no more than 12 thousand rub a day. Tariffing is hourly, minutes are rounded up. Is included 20 or 30 min. free armoring depending on the rating of the user in the price. At transfer of the car to the Charging mode (installation of the car on a charging station) payment is not levied.

Electric vehicles in Russia and the world

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, sales of electric vehicles grew by 55% of percent in 2016 (in comparison with 2015) and will probably grow by 39% in 2017. In total at the end of 2016 800 thousand electric vehicles around the world were sold. The park of electric vehicles gradually grows in Russia, but they are still not enough. According to the analytical agency Avtostat, at the beginning of 2016 in Russia 647 cars were registered.

Charging stations

According to data of the PlugShare application (the detailed map of charging stations worldwide), in Moscow as of the end of October, 2017 about 80 points where it is possible to charge the machine work. Stations belong to PJSC Russian Networks and PJSC Mosenergo. According to Maxim Liksutov, the Mayor of Moscow signed the agreement on cooperation between the Government of Moscow and Mosenergo on development of use of electric vehicles in Moscow. Thus, Mosenergo will set at own expense electrogas stations for electric vehicles, in turn, the Government of Moscow will provide the land plots, including in the paid parking zone.

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