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Zelenodolsk Design Bureau (ZDB)


JSC Zelenodolskoye PKB

United Shipbuilding Corporation - 100%


Zelenodolsk Design Bureau (ZDB) works at the market of shipbuilding since 1949. On projects of bureau more than 800 ships and courts from which over 150 are exported are constructed.

JSC Zelenodolskoye PKB offers the following services:

  • design of vessels and ships and also maintenance of their construction;
  • upgrade project development;
  • consultations and help in design;
  • experiment and tests;
  • design and production of products of ship mechanical engineering;
  • designing the equipment for the oil and gas industry.

Zelenodolsk the PKB specializes in creation of projects of the ships, vessels and boats capable to carry out tasks of protection of economic, reserved, trade zones, transportations of passengers, dry loads and oil products and also different courts for travel and rest on water. The bureau has experience of creation of projects of high-speed courts with the dynamic principles of maintenance (these are hydrofoils, the airbag and with aerodynamic unloading).