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Zelenograd Special economic zone SEZ


The Zelenograd SEZ is created by the order of the Government of the Russian Federation at the end of 2005. Now it consists of three sections: MIET of 4.47 hectares, Alabushevo — 142.1 hectares and Mikron — 13.3 hectares. The question of accession of the fourth platform — Angstrem where will earn one of the microchips of different function, largest in the country of productions, is under consideration of the Government of Moscow.

Government of Moscow
Osobye ekonomicheskiye zony, JSC


The Zelenograd SEZ is 37 companies in the field of microelectronics, IT and telecommunications. One of the main objectives on management of the SEZ – involvement of the new companies having value, strategically important for the city and the country.

The special economic zone – the territory with special legal position which gives to residents a number of tax benefits and customs preferences and also provides access to engineering, transport infrastructure. The law on special economic zones was in the territory of the Russian Federation adopted in 2005, in 11 years in 30 subjects 34 territories of industrial and production, technology development, tourist and recreational types were formed.

The federal authorities transferred in the summer of 2016 to the control to the Government of Moscow the special economic zone in the north of the capital nearly 160 hectares - the Zelenograd SEZ. The relevant agreements were signed today by the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexander Tsybulsky, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Government of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Natalya Sergunina and the CEO of management company "The Zelenograd special economic zone Alexey Peshkov.

Moscow used the first the changes made in 2015 in profile 116-FZ which allowed to delegate powers on management of special economic zones to regions. For residents of the Zelenograd SEZ considerable tax benefits and preferences are legislatively fixed: income tax rate is significantly reduced, privileges on land, property and transport taxes are entered. Besides, for the resident companies special preferential customs terms work.

Moscow will exercise control of the Zelenograd SEZ without providing subventions from the federal budget. The capital government already invested in this project more p15.5 one billion, first of all, - in development of a transport network and leading of communications. Until the end of 2016 it is going to complete the construction of a customs post and the administrative business center with exhibition complex of 16 thousand sq.m., to carry out all engineering networks on the platform that will allow to start active development of the project under city department.