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Zoomby is the Russian online aggregator of a TV content. The portal integrates content of the leading federal channels – Russia 1, NTV, the First, STS, TVC, House, and others. The Zoomby directory includes more than 16 thousand hours of popular video, including series, a show, art and documentaries, news, sports broadcasts. The relevant TV content is provided in a format "after air", i.e. appears on Zoomby right after demonstration on TV channel. All library of the Zoomby portal is available users free of charge. In addition to the online version of Zoomby, users can watch video content using applications for mobile devices and SMART TV.

History and performance indicators

2017: The court obliged to compensate Zoomby of VGTRK of 46 million rubles

The ninth arbitration Court of Appeal of Moscow confirmed the decision of the Moscow arbitration court on need of compensation of debt of Zoomby online movie theater (VEBTV LLC) to VGTRK in February.

According to Vedomosti, it is about the amount in the amount of 46 million rubles and 7 million rubles of a penalty fee for advertizing on the Internet portal of the video service under control of Gazprom Media. The agreement between the companies was signed in 2010.


2014-2016 the audience of Zoomby fell practically by nine times. As data of TNS Russia testify, in June, 2014 the monthly audience of video service made 9.46 million visitors, and in 2016 - only 1.01 million. The situation is worsened by discontent of the minority co-owner of video service of VGTRK (structures of broadcasting company possess 26.25% of stocks of service, while to GPMH - 73.75%), which submitted a claim to structure of VEBTV LLC (Zoomby manages) with the requirement to recover from the defendant 53 million rubles of a debt for the content (46 million rubles of a debt, plus 7 million penalty fee).


Proceeds from sales of advertizing at increased three times

The audience of the website in December, 2013 totals 9.8 million people, audience of — 8.5 million people, — 4.2 million people.

Zoomby, one of the leading Russian online aggregators of a TV content, overcame in March, 2013 a mark of 1 million demonstrations of video in day. Significant increase in number of demonstrations of video is connected with increase in audience of the portal, development of mobile applications, adding of new content which is submitted in a format "after air". So, in March on six prime-taymovykh of series among which "there is Veronika are available. The fugitive" and "The queen of bandits" of Russia 1, Toptuna and "The teacher in the law" of NTV and also series of Channel One "The love equation" and Zhurov in which leading role was played by Andrey Panin.

Series on and also in applications of Zoomby to Smart TV and mobile devices are available to viewing in several hours after demonstration on TV. In a year the number of viewings content in a format "after air" only on the website grew by 10 times, and only for the last month increased more, than by 39%. This growth in the company is connected with the fact that steel producers to release a better product, began to pay more attention to promo-companies, and the audience "tried out" an opportunity to watch video online in time, convenient for them.

The WebMediaGroup Internet holding announced in May, 2013 closing of the transaction on attraction of a new round of investments for development of media projects. Shareholders participated in a round: Leader-innovatsii venture fund, Gazprombank and founders of the company. The involved investments will be aimed at the development, first of all, of the video portal and also other media assets of holding.


For 2012 at the portal the audience core increased by 43%, and the loyalty of users grew by 17%. The portal contains more than 48 thousand units of content. In 2013 is going to be engaged in development of applications for different platforms - mobile devices and Smart TV.

In 2012 worked on advertizing model, gaining income due to placement of promotional materials. "Prerolla – an advertizing filmlet before the movie or transfer were the most demanded advertizing stock. However the portal notes the smooth growth of interest of advertisers in midlrolla - advertizing in the middle of browsed content.

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