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Today there are no operating systems and probably the applications requiring access to some resources where the user should not undergo the procedure of authentication before work. In the same way, in local or distributed computing environments, network resources often demand authentication from the "colleagues on metal" or software environment. Authentication (from engl. - authentication) - check of accessory to the subject of access of the identifier shown them. Three types of authentication are most relevant: "the person – the computer", "the computer – the computer" and "the person – the person".

Use of the IDM solution means existence of a full-scale corporate role model of users. In it all data assets of the enterprise are considered and also business roles of personnel and an order of access for each of them to each asset are described. At the same time approval of model is, as a rule, integrated to great difficulties because of contradictory requirements to it from different structures and divisions of the company.

Creation of a role model often results in need of change of business processes of the enterprise — a task much more large-scale, than implementation of any IT or cybersecurity system. Quite often at project participants of implementation such fatigue collects that they just curtails it, without having implemented in initially conceived scale.

By estimates  of Solar Security company  the volume of the world market  of IDM  is estimated at $6.1 billion (+15% in comparison with 2013). According to forecasts, in 2015 the segment of IDM will show positive dynamics at the level of 16%.

According to analysts days of normal passwords and PIN codes are considered. In the near future safe user authentication will be impossible without use of additional hardware of type of USB tokens and fingerprint scanners. The used in scales of all Internet, classical passwords already cease to meet the modern requirements for data protection.

Perhaps, also the methods of authorization using NFC technology in the future will gain distribution. Besides, Intel, AMD and Microsoft actively advance sensing technologies of persons and a voice for the purpose of their use for authorization of the client.

All companies in which more than 500 people as non-automated access control in such structures leads to high overheads and cybersecurity errors owing to manual administration work have a need for IDM systems.