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Biometric authentication — process of the proof and authentication through presentation by the user of the biometric image and by conversion of this image according to the predeterminated authentication protocol. Biometric authentication systems are the authentication systems using their biometric data for the identity certificate of people.

The biometric systems consist of two parts: hardware and specialized software. Hardware include biometric scanners and terminals. They fix this or that biometric parameter (a fingerprint, an iris of the eye of eyes, the drawing of veins on a palm or a finger) and will transform the acquired information to the digital model available to the computer. And software tools process these data, correlate to the database and make the decision who appeared in front of the scanner.

In order that a biometric system could identify further the user, in it it is necessary to register data on its identifiers at first. The commercial systems (unlike systems applied by power and law enforcement agencies) store not images of real identifiers, but their digital models. When the user repeatedly addresses a system, the model of his identifier forms again, and it is compared to the models which are already entered earlier in the database.

In the 2008th year the possibility of recognition on the person was more subject of scientific research, now it turned into real technology. To it show interest not only state structures, but also business companies. Dynamics of the market very intensive. According to researches of International Biometric Group company, in 2009 the world market of biometrics made 3.4 billion dollars, according to their forecasts, by 2014 it will make 9 billion dollars. Now from total market of biometrics of 11.4% occupy technologies of identification of the personality for the person though four years ago analysts it is the direction carried "another" to the column.