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The Data Processing Center (DPC) – a single multicomponent system which is designed to ensure smooth automated operation of business processes. Data Processing Center are created first of all for performance improvement of the companies which are actively using information technologies in the activity and also for quality improvement of the provided services.
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Based on data center the following services can be provided: a virtual hosting, VPS/VDS (the virtual private server / a virtual dedicated server), dedicated (lease of the server), colocation (placement of the server), lease of racks, the selected data center and also cloud services.
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Service of placement and connection to communication channels of server or other telecommunication equipment of the client on the specialized platform of provider (data center, a data processing center, Telehouse). If the equipment does not belong to the client, and is rented at provider, the service carries the name dedicated (lease of a dedicated server, a dedicated server).
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Russian market of services of DPC

By estimates of TAdviser, the Russian market of services based on commercial data centers (kTsOD) at the end of 2015 in terms of money reached 13 billion rubles, growth by 2014 was about 15%.
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Many modern technology trends get "response" in a segment of data centers. As a rule, "running in" of technology is passed in the western companies providing services to DPC, and then appear in the Russian business. Today special attention in the industry is paid to such solutions as Internet of Things, convergent and program-controlled infrastructures [6] (more detailed).

The Russian market of cloud services at the end of 2015, according to the Russian iKS-Consulting group, grew almost by 40% in comparison with 2014.
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The volume of the Russian IaaS market by different estimates is from 3.4 to 4.4 billion rubles.
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Interview with experts
As are transformed approaches to creation and delivery of services of DPC under the influence of technologies of the third platform, in an interview of TAdviser the CEO of EMS in Russia and the CIS Sergey Karpov told.
In an interview of TAdviser about implementation of the disaster-proof solution for corporate data center was told by Alexey Malafeev, the director of the Enterprise of means of supervisory and technology control and information technologies of Nevsky branch of JSC TGC-1.
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As a preferable measure of energy efficiency the indicator of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) — effectiveness ratio of use of energy is approved. PUE developed in Green Grid sets a ratio of total amount of the electric power consumed by DPC, and the amount of energy spent for power supply of the IT equipment.

The system of artificial climate – a separate system and it most differs from the typical equipment used in the majority of premises: feature of the premises of DPC - that servers require permanent, round-the-clock cooling and the heat sink even if the data processing center is placed with a pole. The solution of this engineering task will require the special equipment which consumes the considerable volume of the electric power.

Today in the world of World Data Centres are demanded by the companies of the communications industry, an oil and gas sector, large industrial and production holdings, the enterprises of the metallurgical sphere, power. The separate companies integrators in Russia continue to work on technological solutions in this sphere.

World market of DPC

In October, 2016 Gartner published the forecast according to which in 2016 sales of systems for DPCs on a global scale will increase by 1.3% concerning the 2015th and will reach $173 billion. In 2017 expenses on this equipment will rise by 2% to $177 billion.

Growth of cloud services became the predominating trend of the world market of data centers that leaves a mark on development of technologies for DPCs in all manifestations: with respect thereto the exponential growth of amount of data, mass transition to x86 architecture, implementation of virtual environments, aspiration of customers to quickly deployed solutions is noted, Big Data technologies and also technologies of infrastructure management of data centers and energy efficiency develop.

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