Storage Area Network
System (network) of data storage

Data on DWH systems, used in Russia and also unique information on the companies integrators and their DWH projects are provided in tabs below.

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The complete hardware-software solution on the organization of reliable storage of information resources and providing the guaranteed access to them. DWH can be both a part, and a basis of the Data Processing Center (DPC).

Architectural concept for connection of secondary storage devices of data, such as disk arrays, tape libraries, optical drives to servers so that the operating system recognized the connected resources as local.

According to data of analysts, during 2011-2015 "the avalanche of the data" falling upon customers will demand annual increase in capacity of DWH almost by 50%, at the same time network traffic will grow for 32%. And according to Gartner, expenses on IT on average in the world during this period will be able to increase no more than by 5%, and in a telecom – for 7%.

How did technologies of storage systems evolve?

Read in the unique overview prepared by the TAdviser edition with assistance of the companies "Croc" and Dell EMC: Evolution of DWH



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