Internet of Things
Internet of Things
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Internet of Things

Internet of Things is the new stage of development of the Internet considerably expanding possibilities of collecting, the analysis and distribution of data which the person can turn into information, knowledge and, finally, into wisdom. In this sense Internet of Things purchases huge value.

Internet of Things in branches of the economy:

Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial Internet of Things) is the multi-layer system including the sensors and controllers installed on nodes and units of an industrial facility, the transmission medium of the collected data and their visualization, powerful analytical instruments of interpretation of the obtained information and many other components

Blockchain in IoT

Decentralization of calculations – an inevitable trend of development of Internet of Things (IoT). On the other hand – the blockchain is also based on the principle of decentralization therefore he very organically fits into architecture of Internet of Things. Article tells about for what the blockchain in IoT is necessary and as this linking of technologies can work (in more detail...).

Interview with experts-suppliers
Ilya Appolonov, the head of the IoT group of ICL Services company, in an interview of TAdviser told about priorities of the company in the domestic market of industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), pilot projects and tasks on perspective.
Olga Baranova, the operating officer of Orange Business Services, Russia and the CIS countries, in an interview of TAdviser told about competences and projects of the company in the field of Internet of Things.
Dmitry Evdokimov, the CEO of HeadPoint (enters into GKS), in an interview of TAdviser told about the history of formation and positioning of the company in the market of IoT-systems and also advantages and perspectives of own platform of Internet of Things.
Denis Kasimov, the CEO of Clover Group, in an interview of TAdviser told about formation of a segment of software for forecasting of technical condition of the equipment and own solutions of the company for this sphere.
Russian market of Internet of Things

IoT market Estimates – poll of TAdviser

Estimates of volume of the Russian market of Internet of Things (IoT) quite strongly differ. Respondents of TAdviser domestic experts are the representatives of the IT companies executing projects in the field of IoT, sound market indicators in the range from 40 to 600 billion rubles at the end of 2017. At the same time, the share of industrial Internet of Things is estimated by them in the range from 20 to 95% (in more detail...).

Industrial Internet of Things in Russia. Research of TAdviser and Rostec Group

The analytical center TAdviser together with State Corporation Rostec conducted a research of the market of industrial Internet of Things in Russia. By estimates of TAdviser, the Russian market of IIoT made 93 billion rubles in 2017 and according to forecasts will grow to 270 billion rubles by 2020 (in more detail...)

Perspective directions of use of technologies of Internet of Things

TAdviser talked to experts of the domestic IT companies executing projects in the field of Internet of Things and found out what most perspective directions of use of IoT technologies, first of all IIoT, in Russia (is more detailed...).

Trends of the Russian market of Internet of Things

One of the main trends in the field of Internet of Things in Russia are monitoring systems of efficiency of use of capital assets. For the industry - it is machines, for retail – first of all, a retail store equipment, for logistics – vehicles and the equipment of warehouses. Besides, the companies have active interest in the systems of predictive diagnostics which allow to estimate technical condition of the equipment, to reduce idle times and to reduce the number of defects (in more detail...).

Factors of growth and restraining factors of the market

Examples of projects with use of technologies of Internet of Things

Relevant products and projects
the inONE IIoT-platform - 100% domestic development (enters the unified register of the Russian software). The platform is founded on technologies of the distributed collecting and the data analysis arriving from video cameras, video servers, motion sensors, the systems of the security and fire warning from controlled objects including, remote and geographically distributed – city objects, regional branches, retail chain stores, production sites. The scalable architecture of the platform, support of industry standards and industry protocols provide simple and fast setup of the solution under requirements of the customer, and a flexible role model – effective management of the rights and priorities at access to any element of the platform.
According to the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation, since 2018, retailers of alcoholic products are obliged to make acceptance of alcohol on warehouses from the supplier and on delivery in each retail outlet of sales by the piece. The innovation demands from retailers of heavy capital investments in connection with multiple increase in labor costs at acceptance of alcoholic products. Several times introduction of marking of each bottle a RFID tag will allow to lower finance and time expenditure on acceptance of alcoholic products at stages of its movement.
RST-Invent, joint company "Rusnano" and GKS, made tags of radio frequency identification to Sberbank. Sberbank was faced by a problem of operational receiving and delivery by collectors of the hinged equipment. Queue from collectors on receiving or return of radio stations, keys and other working stock was built at the beginning and the end of each working day. The bank made the decision to use RFID marking of each item of equipment and to make their fast acceptance and issue using desktop readers.
Within the project the RST-Invent company implemented a number of the customized RFID solutions to the assembly lines "Filip Morris Izhora". They allowed to monitor in the online mode compliance of components and excluded influence of a human factor on quality of the tobacco products released by the enterprise. Also the full integration of the developed solution with the MES system of the client was performed.
World market of Internet of Things

The number of the connected sensors and devices of Internet of Things in the world in 2018 will be 21 billion, and by 2022 will exceed 50 billion. It is said in a research of Juniper Research company. Key vendors of IoT in the report call IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Bosch and Nokia (is more detailed...).