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In total about repairs: from accounting to predictive analytics

04.10.19, 18:01, Msk

We invite to participate on October 17 at 11 a.m. (Moscow time) in a webinar[1]of the cycle "Business in the TURBO Mode" at which we will tell about modern approach to management of repairs of the equipment ― from features of diagnostics and planning to predictive analytics and integration into sensors.

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Within the webinar the preview of the information system TURBO TORO ― a new product of "The Dolgoprudny research center" will take place. We will share the practical experience and experience of partners in creation of integrated solutions and cost optimization on formation of spare part stocks and substitution fund.

The questions of expansion of systems capabilities of TORO demanded in the market ― the IoT components, use of predictive analytics and cloud resources at management of repairs will be separately raised.

The webinar will allow to receive answers to the following questions:

  • What problems are solved by management systems for repairs of the equipment
  • In what features of maintaining the register of the equipment, diagnostics and accounting of work consist
  • What to pay attention when forming the plan of repairs to
  • It is how real to predict repair
  • As it is correct to use possibilities of IoT and smart sensors
  • Whether conveniently to manage repairs in a cloud

We invite to participation of the specialists who are responsible for management of repairs and automation of this process at the enterprises of power, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, the transport sphere, housing and communal services and other industries.

Be registered on a webinar on October 17, and we together will discuss all issues concerning repairs of the equipment. It will be interesting!