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Sberbank received award TAdviser IT PRIZE in Digital Ecosystem nomination

28.11.19, 14:50, Msk

On November 27, 2019 in Radisson Blu Olympiyskiy there took place the TAdviser SummIT conference. Within the action rewarding of winners of the award TAdviser IT Prize 2019 took place. Sberbank received an award in the Digital Ecosystem nomination.

Representatives of the market who submitted applications for assessment to independent expert jury took part in tender. As a result the prestigious rank was received by Sberbank.

Sberbank received a nagnada of TAdviser IT PRIZE in the Digital Ecosystem nomination (a photo - TAdviser)

In Sberbank the digital ecosystem for business including more than 40 bank and non-bank services, products and services is created. Among them - cloud and outsourcing accounting, the systems of financial analytics, online stores, services of loyalty for clients, services of legal and customs brokers, EDMSs, services for travelers, etc.

Participants of an ecosystem can get access to the customer base of Sberbank – 2.5 million corporate clients and 4.5 million employees of these clients and also the organizational and technical solutions allowing to join as fast as possible in an ecosystem.

The methods of integration of an ecosystem of Sberbank integrated under the name Fintech API allow to provide seamless integration with services from the financial technical-companies and host-2-host-integratsiyus ERP systems. Fintech API of Sberbank are technologies thanks to which became possible to integrate banking and non-bank products and services on one online platform, to implement instant exchange of payment data, integration of the accounting systems of business with Internet bank.

Under the auspices of one solution the mechanism of seamless authorization SberBusiness ID, signing of consent of the client to data transmission, methods of exposure and payment of accounts, methods of obtaining information on accounts and transactions, methods of work with the salary project, registers of debts and payments, methods of work with the international payments, corporate subscriptions to services are integrated.

Thanks to it the clients of Sberbank using traditional bank services and new non-financial services in "Sberbank Business Online" can work as a safe, fast and convenient method with data, to pay services, to be authorized in B2B-services and to automate routine processes.

So, for example, having connected to bank once and having configured synchronization with the system of accounting, the companies clients of Sberbank can send to bank salary registers on execution without additional export and import of documents through bank client. Earlier in large corporations operation on unloading of registers from the accounting system and loading in bank client manually could occupy the whole working day.

The award of TAdviser IT Prize was presented to Sergey Parshikov, the managing director of the Digital Corporate Bank division of Sberbank.

Fintech API of Sberbank is the most developed in the domestic market at once on several indicators: to quantity of product methods, connectivities, work speed, quantity of the integrated products, services, services and clients. Few years ago the Enter through Facebook button was an example for the financial technical-companies of the whole world. Today such opportunities are available to corporate clients of Sberbank as "enter through Sberbank Business Online" or "pay through "Sberbank Business Online", automate work with salary sheets, ruble and currency payments, registers of service providers — and all this thanks to the technologies developed by specialists of bank. In the aspiration to provide the best client experience we created digital infrastructure thanks to which "Sberbank Business Online" became the platform of services and services for business at any stage of life of the company, - Sergey Parshikov noted.

О TAdviser SummIT

TAdviser SummIT took place in Moscow on November 27, 2019 and attracted more than 700 participants - heads and experts of IT departments of the largest companies and the state departments of Russia, representatives of IT developer and contractors. During the action the prospects of digital transformation of business and state agencies, development of technologies, products and services were discussed. In a plenary part and five thematic sections about 60 reports were heard. The action took place in 5 Radisson Blu Olympiyskiy halls.