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The 6th Business forum 1C:ERP

09.09.19, 00:34, Msk

1C Company invites representatives of the enterprises and partners to participate in the 6th Business forum 1C:ERP devoted to practice of implementation and development of 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2 and other solutions and 1C services. The forum will take place on October 11, 2019 in the Crocus the Congress Hall (pavilion No. 3, the Myakinino subway).

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The purpose of a forum is exchange of experience on implementation projects of 1C:ERP, "1C: Corporation" and other solutions of 1C for the corporate sector, representation of new opportunities of the platform"1C: Enterprise", "1C:ERP", "1C: Holding Management", "1C:ERP. Management of holding", "1C: Document Flow", 1C services, industry and specialized solutions of 1C - Jointly and other solutions, including consideration of the most significant functionality and implementation projects on thematic sections.

The business forum 1C:ERP is held by 1C Company since 2014. The action already traditionally attracts great interest of representatives of large and medium business, the number of participants grows every year. In 2018 more than 2300 representatives of leadership team from 1200 organizations participated in a forum and about 1200 were connected to direct Internet broadcasting. It is possible to get acquainted with materials of a forum of 2018 and the photo report on the website.

The business forum 1C:ERP is a unique opportunity first-hand to learn about opportunities and advantages of a leader of a product line of 1C - 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2.

Among key speakers – the director of 1C Company B.G. Nuraliyev, heads and leading specialists of divisions of development of the platform "1C: Enterprise", "1C:ERP" and other application solutions and services. Representatives of users will share the experience of implementation and award enforcement of 1C.

Within the evening program there will take place the awards ceremony of winners of international contest of corporate automation "1C: Project of year".

Participants of a forum will be able to address the questions directly to specialists of 1C Company – methodologists and developers of the platform "1C:Enterprise 8", "1C:ERP", "1C: Document Flow", "1C: Holding Management", developers 1C - Joint solutions and also to examine experience of projects implementation, to communicate to representatives of the enterprises, to exchange views on issues of automation of business during direct communication with each other.

To participation in a forum are invited:

  • representatives of leadership team of business companies of the corporate sector: owners and shareholders, general and chief executives, chief financial officers and chief accountants, Chief information officers and directors of digitalization, technical directors and heads of productions, HR directors;
  • representatives of leadership team, and their deputies who are responsible for informatization of large and average budgetary institutions, federal, regional and municipal authorities;
  • representatives of partners of 1C Company.

Participation in a forum free,
on condition of obligatory advance registration
and confirmations from 1C Company.
The number of places is limited.

Detailed information on the Business forum 1C:ERP,
preliminary program and registration
– on the website of 1C Company:

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