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+ Arlazarov Vladimir Lvovich
<b>Arlazarov Vladimir Lvovich</b>
Arlazarov Vladimir Lvovich

Was born on October 19, 1939. In 1961 graduated from the MSU Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. From 1960 to 1968 was the chief engineer of Institute of theoretical and experimental physics; in 1968-1977 - the head of the laboratory of Institute of problems of management. In 1974 it was awarded with the gold medal IFIP - for a victory of the chess Kaisa program in the 1st World Cup among computers. Is also an owner of an award of Council of Ministers of the USSR (for development and deployment of INES DBMS used more than 2500 organizations in the USSR and the world) and the founder of the new scientific direction - instrumental approach to creation of the systems of software. Has the medals "For Labour Valour" and also diplomas of VDNH of the 1st and 2nd degree. Based on the research DATOR TOP 100 from 1994 to 1998 and TopProfi since 1995 on 2001, was recognized as one of the most authoritative persons who contributed significantly to development of the Russian computer industry. According to the ratings of the Kommersant-Daily newspaper, enters Top-100 of the top Russian managers of the IT industry for 2001-2003.

Vladimir Arlazarov works on solving of tasks, lying on a joint of artificial intelligence and the systems of effective information processing (under its management more than 50 master's theses). Is managers of department of cognitive technologies at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) (it is made of the staff of Cognitive Technologies). Since 2008 enters (together with four other employees of Cognitive Technologies) the independent task force at Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation organized for the purpose of increase in allocation efficiency of money from non-budgetary sources within implementation of federal target programs, research, developmental and design and exploration work for the benefit of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications and also at implementation of purchases of goods and services for needs of the ministry.

Vladimir Arlazarov is a Dr.Sci.Tech., professor, the corresponding member of RAS. Sphere of scientific interests: system programming, games theory and artificial intelligence. V.L. Arlazarov is an author (coauthors — E.A. Diniz, M.A. Kronrod, I.A. Faradzhev) the classical theorem which received the name of a method of "Four Russians".

Till 2013 Arlazarov Vladimir Lvovich is the CEO of Cognitive Technologies company, the Russian integrator specializing in development of complete solutions in the field of electronic document management, electronic trading and enterprise management; the corresponding member of RAS, the member of the European academy of Sciences (since 2007). One of the leading world specialists in the field of optical character recognition (OCR).

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"And why professor should receive seven thousand? I am here a professor, and I do not receive so much. And not because I also head of the successful commercial organization. We have here at institute very many professors who receive significantly more too. A lot of things depend on professors  — the generation of those which receive seven thousand rubles, will die out soon. I feel sorry for them  — because among them there are many these scientists and we try to attract them whenever possible. If disturbed us less, we would attract more."