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Balayev Alexander



Appointment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as the Chief information officer

Alexander Balayev is appointed the head of the department of IT, communication and data protection in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The decree on its appointment was signed on February 8, 2018 by the President Russia Vladimir Putin. The same document to Balayev gave the special rank of the major general of internal service.[1]

The position held by Balayev became vacant at the end of August, 2018 when also presidential decree from the post dismissed the lieutenant general of internal service Sergey Lyashenko. He worked on him since April, 2015, having accepted reins of government from Alexander Makhonov who was main IT shnikom the Ministry of Internal Affairs since November, 2012, and headed Mostelecom operator and the Electronic Moscow program earlier.

After Lyashenko's leaving Alexander Balayev was that person who was delivered to it on replacement, but is initial only as the acting as the head of Department. In this quality it appeared in public documents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs already at least at the beginning of October, 2018. Thus, now there was an official fixing of completeness of powers to it on management of IT in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Before arrival to Department of IT of communication and data protection Balayev was the acting as the chief of federal state institution "'Special Equipment and Communication' Scientific and Production Association" Ministry of Internal Affairs. Even earlier he within several years, since July, 2011, was the first deputy chief of Bureau of special technical events of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (so-called "Management 'K'", one of activities of which is fight against crimes in the field of computer technologies).