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<b>Barkhatov Vyacheslav Borisovich</b>
Barkhatov Vyacheslav Borisovich


Vyacheslav Barkhatov joined the Omsk Axoft command in 2007 as the sales manager.

In 2008 headed Axoft local office.

In 2011 it was invited in the Moscow office to a position of the sales director of Axoft.

On December 2, 2019 the Axoft company announced change of the CEO (CEO). Vyacheslav Barkhatov who since 2011 took a position of the sales director in the company became Mikhail Pribochego's successor. The Axoft command headed by the CEO Vyacheslav Barkhatov will continue work on increase in efficiency and predictability of business, development of service opportunities of the company, development of the directions, key for the market: cyber security, Cloud, import substitution, IT infrastructure, practician of OpenSource and DevOps. Read more here.