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Bashkeev Alexey Aleksandrovich



Alexey graduated from MEPhI, has degree of Candidate of Physics and Mathematics.


Alexey Bashkeev works in Yandex since 2009 and is responsible for development of systems of storage and data processing, building tools and analytics. Under the leadership of Alexey the general infrastructure which all services of Yandex, including Yandex use was created . Cloud.

2020: Head of Yandex. Clouds

On June 29, 2020 Yandex announced appointment of Yandex as the head . Alexey Bashkeev's clouds. Jan Leshchinsky who was responsible for development of the Cloud from start of the project in 2017 will return to the USA to family and the next several months will continue to advise the company. Operating officer of Yandex. Clouds there is Oleg Koverznev, he will continue to be responsible for business development of the Cloud. The department of infrastructure of Yandex which was directed by Alexey Bashkeev integrates with the Yandex command. Clouds. The combined team will be engaged in development of a public cloud platform and internal infrastructure tasks.

The cloud under the leadership of Yang grew in full business: we see explicit demand for our cloud products from large and medium business of all industries. In two years the command showed excellent results, having started on the platform of 29 services in storage areas and data processings, tools for development and machine learning. Without deep understanding by Yang of technologies and a vector of development of global market of it would not occur — Tigran Hudaverdyan, the group managing director of the companies of Yandex commented on changes. — Alexey, the head of the integrated direction, participated in creation of the platform from the very beginning, is deeply plunged into development, is perfectly familiar with a command. Under its management we will continue to create and develop public cloud services within a uniform ecosystem and also we will be able gradually to unify the infrastructure and technologies used in different projects of Yandex. Services of Yandex. Clouds gain popularity and in Yandex, in our own projects: Yandex. A practical work, Edadil, and other services already translated an essential part of the infrastructure there. I believe that this trend will proceed and in the future.