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Belyaev Vadim Stanislavovich

Belyaev Vadim Stanislavovich is a president and the board member of JSC FC Otkrytiye. The owner of the Internet portal about the culture of[1].


Capital assets of Vadim Belyaev are concentrated:

  • finance and investments (JSC FC Otkrytiye, about 40% of stocks belong)[2];
  • information technologies (


Takes the 150th place in the rating of the Russian-language version of Forbes "The richest businessmen of Russia - 2011". Vadim Belyaev's fortune is estimated in 600 million dollars[3].


Was born on May 28, 1966 in Moscow, Russia.


1989 - graduated from the Moscow institute of radio engineering, electronics and automatic equipment in Elektrofizik.

1993 - came to Financial academy at the Government of the Russian Federation on faculty "Bank and Insurance Case".

1995 - defended the thesis in bank and insurance matter in Financial academy at the Government of the Russian Federation.


October, 1993 - July, 1996 - the vice chairman of the board of CB Moscow Petrochemical Bank.

1997-2001 - the CEO of JSC VEO-Invest.

September, 2001 - February, 2007 - the broker house headed "Opening".

February, 2007 - the CEO of JSC FC Otkrytiye[4].

Business secrets: Vadim Belyaev

2009 - purchased Russian Bank for Development.

Vadim Belyaev about acquisition of Russian Bank for Development

Interesting Facts

  • 2008 - entered rating TOP-10 "1000 most professional managers of Russia", financial sector.

  • 2010 - entered into the three of the most professional heads of the Russian financial companies in the rating of "1000 best managers of Russia".

  • Was a sponsor of the Accident group[5].

  • General sponsor of setting "Quicker, than rabbits" ("Quartet I")[6].

  • Financed release of books of Mikhail Zhvanetsky, shooting of movies "Chapiteau show" [7] with Pyotr Mamonov and "About what men speak".

  • Was the leader on radio "Echo of Moscow" of a weekly author's broadcast "School of the Investor". Listens to classical jazz and the Russian rock.

  • The project participant Snob since December, 2008.

Awards and titles

2004 - it is awarded the Highest Public award - an award "For revival of Russia. The 21st century" for the outstanding merits promoting strengthening of economic power, greatness and prosperity of Russia.

It is three times awarded ranks "Investment Banker of Year" (2006, 2008, 2009).


Roman history, tennis.

  • Books: Zhvanetsky and Sheckley;
  • TV programs: NBA, NHL and fantastic fighters.

Marital Status

It is divorced, four children.