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Was engaged in creation of processes in IT commands in DoDo Pizza, and since 2017 was an initiator of process experiments with frameworks of LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) and LeSS Huge.

In February, 2020 Anton Bevzyuk is appointed to a position of the head of development flexible the practician who is under direct supervision of the chairman of the board of Raiffeisenbank. Creation of the self-organized commands, gain of community of Scrum-masters, dissemination of culture of Agile in product commands will be priorities of Anton in this position. Behind Anton's shoulders 20 years' experience of the developer and 10 years' experience of training in different flexible methodologies that allowed to integrate theoretical aspects of training with their real life application in engineering practicians of extreme programming.

In comparison with other banks, in Raiffeisenbank Agile-culture is already quite well developed, and it is shown, first of all, in real work on products. In bank there is a strong Scrum-community which well understands and separates Agile philosophy. I am glad to join a command of Raiffeisenbank and I calculate that my experience will help to strengthen a role of Scrum-community and to form the successful self-organized product teams where it is necessary — Anton Bevzyuk, the head of development flexible the practician of Raiffeisenbank noted.