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<b>Gates Bill (Bill Gates)</b>
Gates Bill (Bill Gates)

Bill Gates (engl. Bill Gates) or William Henry Gates of III (William Henry Gates III)  is an outstanding American businessman, the philanthropist, the founder of Microsoft corporation. For 2013 owns 4.5% of stocks of Microsoft.

For the career in Microsoft held a position of the chief executive officer and chief program architect. Was the chairman of the board of directors of Microsoft later, however, since  June, 2008 does not take active part in company management. The brand of Microsoft is associated with Bill Gates so strongly that existence of corporation without it was difficult to be provided. From the moment of its foundation in  1975 Gates became its integral part, the undisputed leader and the most influential employee.

The career of Bill Gates who left Harvard for the sake of development of own business became the embodiment of the American dream. It is envied by millions  — according to poll of Deep Blue Insight Group, nearly a half of Americans would like to find himself on the spot of the head of Microsoft. And no wonder: Bill Gates for the first time appeared in the list of rich men of Forbes in 1986, every year climbing it is higher and higher. During the period from 1996 to 2007 was the richest person of the planet according to the Forbes magazine. Later repeatedly took the top line of the rating.

Some call Gates by the "world evil" which imposed to the world the laws of the competition and standards, others  — the benefactor who made the PC a mass product and laid the foundation of modern IT-Business. In the religious views Gates, most likely, the agnostic. When the correspondent of the The Times magazine asked whether he believes in God, Gates answered: "I have no facts testimonial of it".

Status and investments

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1955: Childhood and youth

Bill Gates was born  on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, the State of Washington, the USA in the family belonging to an upper middle class. His great-grandfather was the mayor of Seattle, the maternal grandfather  — the head of national bank of the USA, the father  is William Henry Gates of II (William Henry Gates II)  — the famous lawyer, and mother  — Mary Maxwell Gates  — the board member of First Interstate Bank and national council of United Way.

In the childhood Bill was strongly timid and unsociable, he was not interested in games of peers that caused concern of parents who, eventually, addressed the specialist. The experienced psychologist who checked the boy saw strong character behind vulnerability and told it to mother that it will not be able to change the son, the only exit which she can undertake  — to adapt most.

In 1965 in ten years Bill Gates, the son of respectable parents and the successor of their surnames, itself got to himself money for ice cream - won in cards. He lost extremely seldom. Behind poker the juvenile gambler got acquainted with other gambler - Paul Allen.

In eleven years Gates passionately wished to win a trip to Seattle Space Needle restaurant which was a prize in the competition organized by the local pastor. For this purpose it was necessary to learn Sermon on the Mount which included three chapters of the Gospel of Matthew. According to biographers Uolleys and Eriksson, Gates delivered a sermon perfectly. Later he will tell: "I can make everything what I will apply the intelligence to". According to Ann Stefens, the teacher from high school, Gates literally reproduced once a three-page monologue from the play by James Farber, having run his eyes once.

However, despite unique capabilities in mathematics and logic, Bill Gates did not show the leader capabilities inherent to his parents. They also could not assume that their son will become this "shark" of world business. Inquisitive and clever Bill missed at normal elementary school. When Gates was 13 years old, parents understood that capabilities of their son are answered by only exclusive education, and transferred it to Lakeside School private school.

In the childhood Bill Gates had a nickname "Con" — the swot, the botanist. It is interesting that later in to the operating system Windows (and to her - in DOS), it was impossible to create the folder with such name as Con - reserved since the time of a DOS word for the system Console device (for data entry is a keyboard, for data output - the monitor). For example, to display the text.txt file it was necessary to enter a command into DOS sopy test.txt con. To create the text.txt file by text entering from the keyboard, it was necessary to enter the copy con text.txt command and to begin to print tekht. So "nerd" Billy has no relation to the Con device in Windows and DOS.

When Bill Gates studied in the eighth grade, the Club of Mothers on the money gained from sale of school stuff purchased the ASR-33 teletype connected with the computer of General Electric on which the club also rented time for work of students. On this terminal, using a Basic language, Gates wrote the first program  — a game to a tic-tac-toe in which a rival was the computer. When leased time on the computer time was exhausted, he and several more students managed to get access to the PDP-10 mainframe belonging to Computer Center Corporation (CCC).

Future founders of Microsoft company 13-year-old Bill Gates and 15-year-old Paul Allen are connected to the PDP-10 computer, being in the University of Washington, by means of the teletype terminal at the Leyksayd school in Seattle in the 1968th year.
Future founders of Microsoft company 13-year-old Bill Gates and 15-year-old Paul Allen are connected to the PDP-10 computer, being in the University of Washington, by means of the teletype terminal at the Leyksayd school in Seattle in the 1968th year.

Soon, however, the corporation prohibited Gates and other students, including Paul Allen, to use the system for the fact that they found in it vulnerabilities and exploited them for personal reasons for prolongation of operating time. Soon after this Computer Center Corporation suggested Gates to find errors in the software in exchange for computer time. Instead of working via the teletype Gates arrived to office of the company and already there browsed the source codes started on a mainframe including programs in the FORTRAN, LISP languages and on machine code.

The first enterprise of Gates was founded together with Paul Allen in 1972. The company was called Traf-O-Data and the employee in it was only two - Paul Allen and Bill Gates. Within this office for municipality of Seattle the management program for traffic for a system based on the microprocessor of Intel 8008 was written. Traf-O-Data earned from it twenty thousand dollars. But though made for Allen's recognition by Traf-O-Data some profit, but in general business was not too successful. The partners pressed by price competition were forced to cover the enterprise. However what could break others for Allen and Gates became only a quite good lesson on the future.

In  1973 Gates graduated from school, having gained 1590 of 1600 points of the American SAT test for intelligence (it is equivalent to 170 points in the IQ test) and, following family tradition, arrived Harvard to study as the lawyer. There he got acquainted with Steve Ballmer. Being in Harvard, Gates remained same closed and unsociable that was not suitable for the selected profession at all. He seldom attended student's parties, except for those that passed at Ballmer.

1974: Young Gates's curriculum vitae

In April, 2013 in the computer museum of Seattle Gates's curriculum vitae which he wrote at the 18th summer age was shown.

Bill Gates's curriculum vitae of 1974

Follows from the document that then it was at the first year Harvard University, he is not married, weighed 130 pounds and it was ready to move for work to any place. It applied the salary in the amount of $15 thousand (in the USA traditionally the salary is specified in an annual size, i.e. a little more than $1 thousand a month is about earnings). A position which Geys was going to occupy: systems analyst or programmer.

1975: Beginning of Microsoft

The old friend Paul Allen convinced him that it is necessary to open new firm on production of the software, but Bill did not decide to give up study. Everything changed when Allen on the way to the friend purchased the January issue of the Popular Electronics magazine for  1975. There, on a cover, there was a picture of Altair-8800 (Altair 8800), the first computer for the mass buyer. With the magazine in hands it rushed to Bill: friends understood that the chance was provided to them. The market of home computers was born in the eyes, and on the eve of the future boom they urgently required the software. Gates called MITS, the company which created Altair at once and told that they with Paul develop interpretation of BASIC for their computer. They bluffed  — they at that moment had nothing. The company became interested in the offer, the president of MITS Ed Roberts made an appointment at which they had to show the interpreter. Gates with Allen had to work at a frantic pace, creating a program code and checking it on other computers  — for everything several weeks left. In day of the presentation the computer apprehended the program as native, and MITS wanted to purchase the rights to it at once. This day, on Gates's belief, the market of "software", computer software appeared. The Microsoft company where Bill and Paul employed the school friends was born. Within a year the hyphen was removed and  on November 26, 1976 the Microsoft company was registered.

The first five customers of Microsoft went bankrupt, but children did not despair and in  1979 returned to Seattle. That year Bill Gates was expelled from the university for absences and poor progress. In  1980 Microsoft received the order from IBM for creation of the BASIC interpreter for the own machine  — IBM PC. When representatives of Microsoft mentioned that they also need the operating system, Gates advised to address Digital Research, to the developer of the CP/M operating system which is widely used at that time however negotiations of IBM with Digital Research were not crowned with success. Several weeks later Gates suggested to use 86-DOS (QDOS), the operating system similar to CP/M created by Tim Paterson from Seattle Computer Products (SCP). Microsoft agreed with SCP that will be her exclusive partner in licensing and later became the individual owner of this operating system. After the operating system was adapted for PC, Microsoft renamed a system into PC DOS and sold the license for its use of IBM for $50 thousand with a request  assumed to save its copyright — in Microsoft that other computer makers will begin to clone IBM PC. In fact and it happened, and Microsoft became the largest player of the software market.

In 1985 Bill Gates submitted the first version of Windows
In 1985 Bill Gates submitted the first version of Windows

1986: Share placing at the exchange

In  1986 shares of Microsoft were for the first time sold at the exchange, and Bill Gates became suddenly the fantastic rich man. Gigabytes turned into billions of dollars. Studying in Harvard, he self-confidently told one professor that he will become a millionaire in 30 years. Actually he became a billionaire in 31 years.

The next year Microsoft presented the first version of Windows at the market, and in  1993 total sales of Windows in a month exceeded one million.

1995: Release of Windows 95

In  1995 appeared Windows 95, and in two weeks 7  million copies were sold. The software of Microsoft became so widely used that the company came into the view of the American antimonopoly committee which several times tried to initiate case on forced crushing of monopoly of Gates.

2000: Departure from the job of the head of Microsoft

Till 2000 Gates held a position of the chief executive officer of Microsoft, having delegated the powers in January, 2000 to Steve Ballmer.

In  2006 Bill Gates announced the intentions to resign the authority as the head of Microsoft corporation in  July, 2008, having switched the activity to charity.

Bill Gates at the CES 2008 exhibition
Bill Gates at the CES 2008 exhibition

In June, 2008 Gates departed from company management, having given duties of the software architect to Ray Ozzie, and function of the director of strategy and researches - to Craig Mundie.

2008: Company registration of bgC3

At the end of June, 2008 Gates departs from active company management, promising to be engaged in it one day a week. At the end of October, 2008, in the city of Kirkland (the State of Washington, the USA) Bill Gates registered the third company under the name "bgC3". According to regulating documents, the research center of Gates can be engaged as providing scientific and technology services, and to work in the field of analytics and researches and also to create and develop program and the hardware. However sources claim that the company does not get in one their these categories. The name of bgC3 probably means "Bill Gates Company Three" — "The third company of Bill Gates". Possibly, in bgC3 new technologies which will receive the direct road to Redmond or B&MGF will be created. Office bgC3 is already created and as those who already managed to visit it report, "is up to the top stuffed with technologies of Microsoft".

2011: An unfortunate holiday in Brazil

On April 19, 2011 Bill Gates and his friends were expelled from Brazil, AFP with reference to Federal Police of the country reported. The reason of discontent of the authorities was the fact that the crew has yachts on which they made walk, there was no work authorization. The yacht was delayed on the river of Rio-Negro (the largest inflow of Amazon) near the city of Manaus. In spite of the fact that Gates and his friends had all necessary documents as it should be - they legally arrived in Brazil on tourist visas, - the penalty was imposed on them, and the authorities asked them to leave the state within 3 days. Tourists did not begin to hesitate and left on the same day. The amount of the paid penalty is not reported. According to the agency, Gates not for the first time spends a vacation in a river basin of Amazon - it was here in 2007 and 2009.

2012: Windows 8 presentation

In October, 2012 Bill Gates submitted the new Windows 8 operating system to a video interview. He with enthusiasm told about new product capabilities and about what hopes are laid by Microsoft on Windows 8. "It is very important product. It keeps Windows to the world of touch screens and low-power devices: world of tablets and smartphones", - Gates says. – In a new product the company integrates different methods of an input in PC World".

2013: Minority shareholders insist on Gates's resignation from Board of Directors of Microsoft

In October, 2013 three major shareholders of Microsoft insist on resignation from Board of Directors of corporation of 57-year-old Bill Gates who holds the chair of the chairman of the board. Reuters with reference to the informed sources reports about it, without calling shareholders by name, but reporting that they locate about 5% of stocks of the company which cost is $277 billion today[1].

The specified shareholders were sure that Gates's stay at a position of the chairman of the board holds Microsoft from implementation of new strategy and in the future will limit possibilities of the new chief executive who will succeed Ballmer. Shareholders were dissatisfied that Gates is a part of the committee which is engaged in search of the successor of Ballmer.


Gates lost to the world chess champion in 80 seconds

In January, 2014 Bill Gates was invited for participation in the Norwegian-Swedish television talk show under the name "Skavlan" where to it suggested to play a game of chess of so-called "fast chess" with Magnus Carlsen (a complete name - Sven Magnus Een Carlsen).

Carlsen is a 23-year-old Norwegian chess player, the 16th chepion the world on chess (since 2013). One of the youngest grand masters of the world (there was the grand master on April 26, 2004 at the age of 13 years, the third in the list of the youngest grand masters of the world after Sergey Karjakin and Parimaryan Negi). In 13 years he drew against Garry Kasparov, and in the 2008th beat Vladimir Kramnik.

As a result Carlsen won a victory over Gates on the 9th to the batch course in only 80 seconds. It is the fastest public loss of Gates for all history of his karera.

Gates leaves a post of the chairman of the board of directors of Microsoft

In February, 2014 it became known that Bill Gates left a chair of the chairman of the board of directors of Microsoft. At the new CEO Satya Nadella the founder of the company will undertake a role of the technology adviser.

Video with Bill Gates's comment is posted on the page devoted to Satya Nadella's appointment. The first head of Microsoft says that he is glad to a request of the new CEO to find more time for the company. According to him, to a third of the time Bill Gates had to find for meetings with developers of products.


Regret about use of Ctrl-Alt-Del in Windows

In September, 2017 Bill Gates expressed a regret to the fact that Microsoft uses a three-button combination for a call of a task manager and reset of Windows. The cofounder of Microsoft wished that these functions could be performed one key.

In the first years of existence of Windows the IBM company which then did keyboards could not or did not want to implement a separate special key for the guaranteed interruption of work of the operating system. Therefore the decision to use Ctrl-Alt-Del was made.

Bill Gates regretted about use of Ctrl-Alt-Del in Windows
Bill Gates regretted about use of Ctrl-Alt-Del in Windows

During the presentation at the conference Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York. Bill Gates said that if he is able to replace Ctrl-Alt-Del with one button without risk and serious effects, he will surely make it.

This question was repeatedly brought up in conversations with Gates. In 2013 the entrepreneur told the following:

We could have one button. But the guy who developed keyboards in IBM did not want to give us it. That was wrong.

It is about the engineer of IBM David Bradley who worked on creation of IBM PC. In one of the interviews it said that the idea using Ctrl-Alt-Del came to it in five minutes, ten more left on implementation. Then Bradley was engaged in other tasks and did not return to the thought-up combination of buttons.

One of the reasons which induced the programmer of IBM to involve three buttons was the fact that the long combination allows to avoid stray keystroke and inadvertent reset of a system

Reset through Ctrl-Alt-Del at first was the BIOS function, but  Microsoft turned it  into  a program component of the Enhanced Mode mode in   Windows 3.0.

Late Microsoft hoped to sell Windows NT  to the U.S. Government which required existence of the Secure Attention Key (SAK) key  which  only the operating system could answer. This condition had to prevent simulation of the invitation to be registered  using a malicious code. The combination of Ctrl-Alt-Del turned into  SAK for Windows.[2]

Use of Android smartphone

In September, 2017 Bill Gates told what mobile phone he uses. The founder of Microsoft refused Windows device for benefit of the device on Android. Though he did not specify what model he uses, there is a high probability that it is about Samsung Galaxy S8.

I managed to use all Windows computers. As for phone which I have, I passed to Android recently — Gates in an interview to the Fox News Sunday edition reported.

— It turns out that not iPhone? — the correspondent of the edition Chris Wallace asked Gates.
— No, not iPhone — he answered.

Microsoft made a lot of attempts to be fixed in the market of smartphones and for this purpose even purchased Nokia in 2014. However work of the American company in the mobile industry was inefficient therefore she sold telephone business of Nokia and refused support operating system Windows Phone.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

As notes the edition Fortune, Bill Gates departed from the management of Microsoft long before errors in the market of smartphones which was allowed by Steve Ballmer holding at that time the CEO's post. His successor Satya Nadella switched attention to other technologies, including cloud services, voice assistants and virtual reality.

Though Gates  did not call exact model of the smartphone which he selected, the businessman  noted that  on  it there is "a large number of the software of Microsoft". The gadget from Samsung can be this device.

In March, 2017 was the flagman Samsung Galaxy S8 devices and S8+ Microsoft Edition equipped with the preset programs Microsoft Office OneDrive Cortana Outlook , etc. are released. These applications can be installed on any other Android smartphone, but release of such version of Galaxy S8 from software of Microsoft "from a box" can quite mean expansion of this initiative on other models in the future.

The output of the devices programmatically finished by Microsoft could induce Bill Gates to refuse Windows for benefit of Android.

According to the analyst of consulting company IHS Markit Ian Fogg, the current strategy of Microsoft is in that Microsoft applications were available in phones on Android and iPhone.

Earlier a priority was release as it is possible bigger number of smartphones based on Windows. Now a priority is sale of services, such as Office and Outlook. For this purpose it is necessary that these services appeared on all devices — the expert emphasized.

Gates also said in an interview of Fox News Sunday that the founder of Apple Steve Jobs was "an amazing genius". Despite it the cofounder of Microsoft is not going to use iPhone. Moreover, he prohibits the children to do the same.

In an interview of the British radio station Radio 4 in 2013 Bill Gates's spouse Melinda recognized that the head of family insists on total absence in the territory of their house of devices of Apple. She noted that their son and two daughters ask parents to purchase to them some "apple" gadget from time to time what the father answers with a strong refusal. According to Melinda Gates, instead of iPhone children used tubes running   Windows Phone 8, and instead of iPod — a Zune player which is removed from sale.[3]

According to researchers of IDC for the first quarter 2017, Android OS which was selected by Bill Gates it is installed on 85% of smartphones in the world. Share indicators of IOS and Windows Phone were measured 14.7% and 0.1% respectively.

Opinion on the impact of technical progress on inequality growth

In November, 2017 Bill Gates expressed opinion that inequality between people amplifies, and development of technologies will only aggravate a situation.

If we do not show care, technologies will emphasize a difference between the rich and the poor because if they are studied only at the prestigious universities, the gap between wealthy and poor people will be even more — Gates at the international forum Misk Global Forum in Riyadh (UAE) said during the speech.

Bill Gates: technologies will worsen inequality between the poor and the rich
Bill Gates: technologies will worsen inequality between the poor and the rich

According to the founder of Microsoft, education in information technology field should be available to most of people, and then technology achievements will bring the greatest benefit.

He also considers that the artificial intelligence can help "undertake all main problems", and "its advantages will nullify possible shortcomings".

Yes, robots can take away jobs from people, but as we release labor power, we can use it for other important purposes, such as education and care of elderly people... If less people are engaged at production, they will be able to work in the social sphere — the billionaire told.

Being one of key figures in information technology field, Bill Gates recognizes that development of technologies can cause the problems concerning, for example, personal data protection and also political advertizing and election campaigns.

Bill Gates and the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg earlier repeatedly spoke influence of the artificial intelligence (AI) on further development of humanity. They are uniform in opinion that AI "will help to make life better". Zuckerberg said that "it is very optimistic" looks at development of technologies, and Gates urged "not panic about it" and tax robots, notes CNBC TV channel.[4]


Payment of taxes and critic of tax policy Trump

In February, 2018 Bill Gates said that he pays taxes more than others, and criticized tax policy of the American president Donald Trump.

I paid more than $10 billion taxes — more, than someone, but the government should demand from people, like me, much higher payments — Gates in an interview of CNN reported.

He also noted that the tax reform undertaken by Trump in the USA much more profitable to wealthy people, than for the poor or representatives of the middle class.

Bill Gates wanted to pay more taxes
Bill Gates wanted to pay more taxes
It is not the progressive, but regressive revenue bill … It contradicts the general trend which we would like to see — gain of a social security system and higher taxes for the richest — the cofounder of Microsoft considers.

According to him, for all developed democracies it is important to pay attention to a problem of increase in inequality of incomes. By February, 2018 the sixth part of the population of the USA lives in unacceptable conditions therefore the authorities should think why the state will not offer these people the best work, the billionaire who offered on charity more than $40 billion told.

Donald Trump signed the law on tax reform at the end of 2017. It became the largest innovation in this area from 90th years of the 20th century. The law assumes simplification of a tax burden for any taxpayers, however first of all — for business, corporations and the enterprises. The updated taxation system threatens with significant increase in deficit of treasury, however authors of an initiative expect to compensate it by the accelerated development of the corporate sector and economy.

According to the American Institute for Policy Studies, the three of the richest people on the planet — Bill Gates,  the investor Warren Buffett and the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) — has a status which is more, than at the poorest half of the population of the USA than combined, i.e. 160 million people.[5]

Bill Gates accused cryptocurrencies of the death of people

At the end of February, 2018 Bill Gates warned about danger of cryptocurrencies which, according to the founder of Microsoft, are used for acquisition of the prohibited narcotic medicines and financing of other criminal activity therefore people die afterwards.

Now using cryptocurrencies buy fentanyl and other drugs so it is one of the few technologies which directly is the reason of death... I consider that the wave of speculation around ICO and cryptocurrencies bears risks in the long term — Gates reported, answering  questions of users on   the website Reddit within the Ask Me Anything session.

Bill Gates called cryptocurrency literally deadly
Bill Gates called cryptocurrency literally deadly

The businessman noted that he does not consider anonymity of cryptocurrencies "good characteristic", and added that he supports fight of the authorities against money muling, tax avoidance and financing of terrorism.

Bill Gates is not the first large entrepreneur who in a negative way responds from cryptocurrencies. Many businessmen call bitcoin, etc. the favourite tool of terrorists and  drug dealers. In  September, 2017 the CEO of JPMorgan Jamie Dimon  recognized  cryptocurrencies fraud and  said that  it is worth using them, "only if you  the drug dealer or the murderer".

The famous American investor Warren Buffett considers that the agiotage around cryptocurrencies will end with nothing good.

Concerning cryptocurrencies in general I can tell almost for certain that they are waited by the bad end — he told CNBC TV channel in January, 2018, having added that he refuses to invest in what "knows nothing about".

Some countries already opened the markets for  cryptocurrencies, but  in Russia  approach this question carefully. The Central Bank considers that to admit them to  trading still prematurely.[6]

Support of a system of modification of genes of CRISPR

In April, 2018 the founder of Microsoft company Bill Gates expressed support to the instrument of gene modification of CRISPR again. The billionaire considers that people can use similar developments for fight against diseases, increases in a livestock of the cattle and increase in productivity and also for opposition with the insects extending malaria. Read more here.

Bill Gates called bitcoin of one of the most speculative things

The founder of Microsoft Bill Gates openly criticized bitcoin, having said on May 7, 2018 in an interview to CNBC TV channel that the first cryptocurrency and ICO represent "some of the craziest and speculative things".

In terms of an asset class you make nothing therefore it is not necessary to expect that its price will grow. These are investments of investments — the theory of "the bigger fool" in pure form" — Gates is convinced.

According to the theory of "the bigger fool", money on securities is made irrespective of their quality as it is always possible to find "a bigger fool" and to resell them with profit. Such principle naturally leads to the collapse of similar speculative bubbles.

I think that the wave of speculation around ICO and cryptocurrencies represents extreme risk for those who invest dolgosrochno — he emphasized.

Gates also added that he "would zashortit bitcoin (sold short its rate, a comment of TAdviser) if there was an easy way it to make".

The founder of Microsoft was recognized that he and itself was earlier an owner of bitcoinsthe cryptocurrency to it was presented for birthday, however several years later he sold it.

It is remarkable that several years ago Bill Gates rather positively spoke of cryptocurrency. In particular, in November, 2014 the billionaire called bitcoin "revolutionary technology and the innovative solution in the modern market of Internet payments", and in several months the Microsoft corporation began to accept cryptocurrency for payment.[7]

Obtaining electronic citizenship of Estonia

On October 18, 2018 Bill Gates obtained electronic citizenship of Estonia. The cofounder of Microsoft visited the country to discuss a possibility of assistance to the African countries with the authorities. Read more here.

Bill Gates: as Paul Allen changed my life

In October, 2018 Bill Gates paid a tribute of respect to the late friend Paul Allen with whom he in 1975 founded Microsoft. In article published in the The Wall Street Journal newspaper, 62-year-old Gates remembered when he for the first time met Allen at high school and as their friendship changed Gates's life and also all technology world.

Acquaintance of future cofounders of Microsoft took place when Gates went to the seventh class, and Allen – to the ninth. They made friends and spent all the free time in work on various machines which could be created own hands.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1983
Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1983
We made friends thanks to the teletype which mothers of pupils purchased for school and which was used to connection to a remote mainframe, – Bill Gates remembers. – So far other pupils left the house to go to parties, we with Paul spent nights at the computers to laboratories in the University of Washington. Sounds a little strange, and so was actually, but it also allowed to accumulate experience. I am not sure that I would have enough courage to make it without Paul. I know that it would be not so cheerful.

According to Gates when many people knew nothing about personal computers yet, Paul Allen, being a school student, foretold that chips will become superpowerful and finally will lead to creation of absolutely new industry.

Gates and Allen stole passwords for cracking of the school system limiting time of their experiments with computers. Young idlers received severe penalty for it – it the whole summer was forbidden to be engaged in hobby. Being seniors, they created Traf-O-Data company and began to develop the counters considering road traffic.

We thought that we received excellent demonstration of opportunities of new devices. We created a prototype and worked on it. We imagined how we sell it through the whole country. But nobody wanted to buy cars, and we had to contract all this, – Gates reported, having noted that Traf-O-Data became their first joint project before creation of Microsoft.

Shortly before foundation of Microsoft, Paul Allen showed to Gates the magazine in which it was told about the new computer under the name Altair 8800, and told it: "It occurs without us!". Gates calls this moment the beginning of Microsoft company.

He says that at that time it was impossible to use the machine with the chip inside when the software was developed for it. It significantly complicated writing of the code for such processors. Then Paul Allen thought up to write the code which allowed to emulate these chips on more powerful computer, and then to port it on the equipment with less productive chip.

This break was important for many early progress of Microsoft, and in it Paul's merit, – Gates noted.

Paul Allen was a person with versatile mind and just was able to explain difficult things. Being already an adult, he wanted to advance projects of the "smart" cities, to develop researches of a brain and to put an end to illegal hunting for elephants. He also was generous and sympathetic — in the hometown of Seattle he donated money for shelters for the homeless and the sciences investigating a brain are continued by Gates.

Thanks to efforts on assistance to needy communities, Allen became one of the most recognizable figures in the northwest of the Pacific region. Allen was interested in a set of things and always wanted to share the interests with others therefore he founded several museums, including the museum of the armored equipment and military aircraft and also the museum of pop culture.

When I think of Paul, I remember the keen person who loved family and appreciated friends. He was a brilliant specialist and the person with open and generous soul. Paul deserved bigger, but he did not waste time granted to him. I very much will miss it, – Gates summed up.[8]


Bill Gates called the greatest error of Microsoft

In June, 2019 Bill Gates told about "the greatest mistake" which was made by Microsoft and the cofounder of this company. The businessman regrets that not Microsoft, but Google created the mobile operating system, most popular in the world — Android.

The biggest error during all the time was that I ineptly ran Microsoft therefore the company did not create Android — the standard platform for phones not from Apple. If Microsoft won, then it would be natural … There is a place exactly for one OS not from Apple. What does it cost? $400 billion which would pass from company G to company M — Bill Gates in a conversation with the cofounder and the CEO of Eventbrite Julia Hartz on the action organized by Village Global venture capital company said.

Microsoft developed the mobile platform since 2000, but the company could not take the leading position in the market
Microsoft developed the mobile platform since 2000, but the company could not take the leading position in the market

Gates considers that in the software market, especially in a segment of mobile platforms, "the winner receives everything": the company, the first made a qualitative product, becomes leading.

Microsoft had own mobile operating system which at peak was included into the three of the most popular. However the company refused development of this product because of the flat demand.

According to Gates, small distinctions in the software market are defining.

Therefore every evening you think: and what if I it fail? And eventually we failed something very important — the co-founder of Microsoft recognized.

He also added that he considers Microsoft "very strong company" which would be "leader" if not an error with Android. By June 24, 2019 Microsoft is the most expensive company in the world with market capitalization of $1.05 trillion Bill Gates is the second richest person in the world, the Forbes magazine estimates its fortune in $102.9 billion[9]

Bill Gates: the companies need to be created without days off

At the end of June, 2019 Bill Gates told that in the first days of existence Microsoft worked without days off and did not take a vacation. It is the inevitable victim which should be brought during creation of home company, the founder of software giant considers.

Gates together with other business leaders discussed this subject at a conference of Village Global venture fund during the public meeting with Julia Hartz, the CEO of Eventbrite company. Gates created Microsoft when he was 20 years old, and those years found for business all the time what it was able to afford. Before having a rest, it is necessary to be convinced that the company is on a right way to success, Gates emphasized.

Bill Gates told that in the first days of existence <!--LINK 0:113--> worked without days off and did not take a vacation
Bill Gates told that in the first days of existence Microsoft worked without days off and did not take a vacation

Though its habits changed later, Gates still considers that founders of startups should be ready to sacrifice days off and holidays. He recognized that everyone in a command can have "the distracting factors" — family or health. Gates told that by 30 years he relaxed a little and fell in love with holidays, but considers that all sacrifice was made not for nothing:

I have quite hard line – I am convinced that in the first years creators should devote to a startup all free time, especially if they are engaged in any engineering developments which still need to be realized.

However Gates noted that there is a danger of a mythologization of such approach – people often begin to worship the idea of heavy work for the sake of the work, and it is not necessary to do it. Besides, such principles suit not everyone.

Now I have much a rest. Twenty-year-old I would begin to hate me present — Gates noted. — Then I was sure that I will never fly differently than economy class. But now I have the personal airplane. So over time a lot of things change.[10]

Bill Gates: economists do not understand macroeconomic

In the middle of September, 2019 Bill Gates said that economists actually do not understand macroeconomic.

It is a pity that economists actually do not understand macroeconomic, - he noted in Quartz interview.

Bill Gates said that economists actually do not understand macroeconomic
Bill Gates said that economists actually do not understand macroeconomic

On a question that he meant, Gates continued:

The macroeconomic is not physics, here it is impossible to take specific data and to receive specific result. Whether interest rates will return to regulation and why will not return sometime? Too many factors influence an economic situation, we cannot predict it. Even today people still argue on what after all happened in 2008. What to tell about the future!

In a sense Gates is right: economists poorly understand macroeconomic. But in general nobody understands it. Any responsible economist easily is recognized in the ignorance. Unlike microeconomics which considers economy at the level of the separate enterprises and consumers the macroeconomic is designed to explain interaction of the different factors influencing economy in general. However, as Gates specified, the macroeconomic situation is difficult and constantly changes. Economists try to understand it, developing mathematical models for different factors, and check their accuracy, using last data.

But in macroeconomic millions of factors constantly influence at each other. Business cases are not comprehensive, however you should not claim that they are not necessary at all. Macroeconomic models allow politicians to understand how people and different factors can react to introduction of a new tax or obtaining new benefit. Researches of economists allowed to raise the income of the population, provided low predictable inflation and also reduced risk and uncertainty of an economic situation.[11]


Gates is married to Melinda Gates (Service jacket). They have three children  — Jennifer Katharine Gates, Rory John Gates and Phoebe Adele Gates. It is known that Bill Gates prohibits the children to use iPod Apple players and the iPhone smartphones.

At the end of  2005, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates were called the American magazine Time people of year.

At the end of 2012 children of the former head of Microsoft corporation Bill Gates want to have at themselves iPod players and other products of Apple, but receive only alternative options released by Microsoft from parents. In the Radio 4 Today program (the end of 2012) the leader asked Bill Gates's wife Melinda a question whether handled sometime the son and two daughters Geytsov a request to purchase them iPod, and she recognized that it really happened. But children are forbidden to use products of Apple.

Bill Gates\'s daughter
Bill Gates's daughter
"Really, children addressed to us with such requests, – Melinda Gates reported. – But they receive Windows technologies. The wealth of our family was created thanks to Microsoft, so why to us to invest in the competitor?"

After gain of opposition between Apple on the one hand and Google and Samsung with another, the Microsoft corporation expressed the intention to press Apple in the market of smartphones and tablet computers. Still reviews of the products Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 were filled with optimistic notes, but critics doubt capability of Microsoft to create more mature ecosystem of applications, than those that were already constructed by the companies earlier Apple and Google.


Gates loves machines, motor boats, a game in poker and the bridge. He is hazardous in work to a maniakalnost, and the passion to a competition carries away him more money.

B. Gates\'s doll in wax museum in San Francisco (USA)
B. Gates's doll in wax museum in San Francisco (USA)

In 2008 the Founder of Microsoft Bill Gates purchased the hunting ranch for 8.9 million USD. On 200 hectares of the earth at the Lake Irma-Leyk in the State of Wyoming the mansion nearly 1.4 thousand sq.m, the guest house on 5 bedrooms and also a hunting lodge of the legendary American hunter on bisons of Buffalo Bill which once possessed the ranch are located. The local monastery of carmelite order wanted to purchase the estate, however it did not manage to collect the necessary amount.

Author of books

1995: The Path to the Future

In  1995 Bill Gates wrote the book The Road Ahead in which stated the opinion of in what direction society in connection with information technology development moves. The book was written in collaboration with Nathan Myhrvold, the vice president of Microsoft, and the journalist Peter Rinearson. For seven weeks "The Path to the Future" won first place in the list of best-sellers of the New York Times newspaper. The book was published in the USA in Viking publishing house and held on in the list of best-sellers of the New York Times in total of 18 weeks. "The Path to the Future" was published more than in 20 countries. Only in China over 400 thousand copies were sold. In  1996 when the Microsoft corporation was reoriented on Internet technologies, Gates introduced considerable amendments in the book.

1999: Business at the Speed of Thought

In  1999 Bill Gates wrote the book "Business at the Speed of Thought" (Business @ to the Speed of Thought) which shows how information technologies can solve business challenges in absolutely new key. Especially it should be noted the fact that Gates's ideas will well be approved with the concept of lean production. In the book Bill Gates stated the principles of information lean logistics developed by him, relying on experience of its use in Microsoft corporation. It is necessary to refer to features of the book also that the author one of the first suggested to apply the principles of this new direction in management of business to all levels of the power, upgrade of an education system (pedagogical logistics) and health care. This book was published in 25 languages and is on sale more than in 60 countries of the world. "Business at the Speed of Thought" was highly appreciated by critics and it was entered in lists of best-sellers of the newspapers "New York Times", "America Today", Wall Street Journal and the Web server.

Books and movies about Gates

In the book "Janet Lowe. Bill Gates speaks" huge impact which Gates had on the world in sense of high technologies, economy and social aspirations is recognized. She tells about it as about beyond the years the developed "technician" who played the leading role in the changes happening to how we work, we play, we are treated, study and cope with an everyday routine. This book about that as as Bill Gates and what we can learn at him thinks. The book is constructed not in a chronological order, and more likely on separate subjects. "It can be loved or hated, but only not to ignore"  — writes the Forchun magazine under John Hough's edition.

Pirates of Silicon Valley (movie) (Pirates of Silicon Valley)  — the art documentary which is illegally made for television written and delivered by Martin Burke. In it the author compares tests and misfortunes of childhood friends: Steve Jobs (Ache Uayl) and Stephen Wozniak (Joy Slotnik) who, eventually, created Computer Apple; and students of Harvard: Bill Gates (Anthony Michael Zal), Steve Ballmer (John DiMaggio) and the friend on high school of Gates  — Paul Allen (Josh Hopkins) which will create Microsoft.

Gates in social networks

Account in Twitter

Since 2010 Gates keeps the microblog on Twitter where on the middle of 2013 at it already about 11.7 million subscribers. The majority of its posts is devoted to charity, he is engaged in this work as the cochairman of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which he created together with the wife.

Account in LinkedIn

In June, 2013 Bill Gates created the account[12] in social network for professionals of LinkedIn, however, unlike most of 200 million users of this website, he did not give a mark about job search. Instead Gates published a long post[13] about acquaintance to the millionaire Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) in 1991 and about what impact on it this meeting had.

According to Gates, Buffett helped it to change vital credo from earning money with philanthropy.

"It became clear that the unusual view of Warren of the world is equally effective as in fight against poverty and poverty, and in business creation", - Gates writes.

The founder of Microsoft in the profile at the same time characterizes himself as follows: "Insatiable reader. Inveterate traveler. Active blogger". For June 17, 2013 the number of his followers made about 120 thousand people.

LinkedIn was placed by the story by Gates about Buffett in the new section of LinkedIn Today where the most interesting posts of users and also other materials from network deserving attention will accumulate.