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<b>Ivanov Alexey Mikhaylovich</b>
Ivanov Alexey Mikhaylovich


Alexey Ivanov was born on June 15, 1960 in Bashkiria.

In 1982 graduated from the highest naval school of radio electronics of A.S. Popov in software of automated control systems; the engineering operational and tactical, automated management systems.

In 1991 - military academy of communication Decorated with the Order of the Red Banner of the Order of Lenin of S.M. Budenny.

From 1977 to 2001 served in Armed forces of the USSR and Russia. Graduated from service in a rank of the captain of 1 rank.

2001-2016: Work in the IT companies

Since 2001 worked at different positions in the Russian IT companies.

In 2005 got a job in Technoserv where as of 2007 headed department on work with the energy industry.

Scales of the projects implemented by Technoserv cannot leave indifferent, and competences of specialists cause sincere respect not only in colleagues in the company, but also through the whole country. Technoserv is a unique live organism with the history, traditions, culture which grows, develops, gets stronger from year to year, - Ivanov in the corporate brochure devoted to the 15 anniversary of Technoserv[1] noted]

In 2009 worked as the deputy commercial director in the Respekt company entering into Optima Group[2].

In 2011-2012 held a position of the associate director of Scientific Research Institute Voskhod where was responsible for development of the state system of production, registration and control of passport and visa documents of new generation (GS PVDNP)[3].

Scientific Research Institute Voskhod executed this project together with Technoserv. Engineering infrastructure of DPC for Voskhod was built by Optima.

We thank Optima Services for creation of really modern and reliable DPC, - Alexey Ivanov said. – For us it was especially relevant that in this project advanced technologies which could provide an otkazoustochivost and clearness of work of the center were used. All this is executed at the high level[4]

2016: Transition to RPF

In 2016 Ivanov became the adviser to the chairman of the board of the Pension fund, and on April 3, 2017 entered a position of the vice chairman of the board of the Pension fund.

On this post he supervised questions of information technologies, telecommunications, the personified accounting, information security, provision of services in electronic form.

The pension fund, as of 2016, was the largest state customer among federal agencies by the IT budget sizes.

In a new position Alexey Ivanov replaced Nikolay Elistratov working in RPF since 2010.

Elistratov told about the main directions of informatization in an interview of TAdviser in October, 2016.

Key IT contractors of the Pension fund - the company Redsis, Magellan and "CompuTel of systems management" as of April, 2017, according to TAdviser, were in process of merge. Credited the transaction Promsvyazbank, belonging to owners of Technoserv (the cm is more detailed).

On a panel discussion within TAdviser SummIT on May 31, 2017 Alexey Ivanov told about approaches of the organization to experiments with new technologies. About his performance on TAdviser SummIT - in the separate article.

In November, 2018 Alexey Ivanov acted on TAdviser SummIT again:

The separate article of TAdviser is devoted to issues of informatization of RPF.

2019: Arrest for corruption protection Technoserv


On July 10, 2019 Alexey Ivanov was delayed by law enforcement officers on suspicion of taking of a bribe (Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), reported to TAdviser two sources. According to one of them, detention was preceded by seizure of documents in RPF and also at offices of his IT contractors - in the companies "Technoserv" and Redsis.

One of interlocutors of TAdviser says that detention happened before the declaration of the tender for development of a key information system of the Pension fund - [1] the single state information system of social security (SSISSS). Contract volume, according to him, could be about 1.5 billion rubles.

The Pension fund told TAdviser that necessary assistance is rendered investigating bodies. The fund operates normally.

Technoserv considers that carrying out investigative actions at offices of the company is connected with activity of a team of the former chairman of the board of the company Alexey Ananyev.

In our opinion, carrying out investigative actions at offices of Technoserv is caused by injurious management style of the former management. In the past it brought Technoserv to critical condition therefore it was necessary to discharge the owner from management, and law enforcement agencies make investigation. New management in every possible way cooperates with them for the purpose of establishing order and stabilization of a situation in the company, - told TAdviser in Technoserv

In Redsis say that on July 10, 2019 to them law enforcement agencies made the inquiry relating to conducting business activities by the company. In response to the arrived request Redsis provided all necessary documents.

Let's specify that to Redsis LLC company at authorities neither to, nor after receipt of a request of claims is not present, - the representative Redsis reported TAdviser. - The company operated normally and continues to work.

Earlier in 2019 sources of TAdviser said that Ivanov was going to leave the post in RPF.

The second defendant in the case - the head of department of work with state agencies of Technoserv company Alexey Kopeykin

On July 11, 2019 TAdviser also knew of criminal proceedings concerning the director of the department of work with state agencies of Technoserv Alexey Kopeykin. He is suspected of mediation at bribery (Part 4 of Article 291.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

During pretrial investigation it is established that for commission of especially serious crimes against the government and the interests of public service by Ivanov M.A., Kopeykin A.M. and other unidentified persons used servers and office equipment located in office spaces in the commercial organization "Redsis" to the address: Moscow, Rochdelskaya St., 15, building 43, said in the resolution on carrying out a search of July 9, 2019 signed by the Head of the investigation team of the Main Investigation Department of Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation captain of justice Maskaltsov G. V.

The investigator decided to carry out a search at office "Redsis" to find and withdraw the objects and documents important for criminal case.

Kopeykin as of July, 2019 was an employee of Technoserv, his acquaintance confirmed to TAdviser. "Ivanov M.A.", whose name appears in the resolution, this is the vice chairman of the board of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation Ivanov Alexey Mikhaylovich, told a source. It connected an error in initials with the fact that the document prepared in a hurry.

Alexey Kopeykin was delayed by law enforcement agencies on the same day, as Alexey Ivanov.

Ivanov and Kopeykin were brought to the central office ICR in Tekhnichesky Lane. There the captain of justice Grigory Maskaltsov announced to persons involved in investigation that they are suspects.

Recognition of fault and resignation

On July 12 it became known that Alexey Ivanov admitted the guilt and resigned from a post of the deputy head of the Pension fund. The responsible secretary of Public monitoring commission of Moscow Ivan Melnikov told about this TAdviser.

The deputy head of RPF Alexey Ivanov delayed on suspicion of taking of a bribe is held in the two person cell of IVS North-Eastern Administrative District, - Melnikov reported. - He told us that he does not complain of conditions of keeping

The TASS agency reported later that Ivanov admitted guilt in taking of a bribe for protection of Technoserv company in the amount of 4.4 million rubles. On July 12 in Basmanny Court of Moscow the investigator reported about it.

Ivanov wrote surrender on the case of taking of a bribe in the amount of not less than 4 million 400 thousand rubles, - the investigator told. - The investigation Ivanova for a period of up to September 9 asks to arrest

The representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor Sergey Demidov reported that right after detention Alexey Ivanov issued surrender, opened the mechanism of the committed crimes, having exposed both himself, and the other persons participating in the corruption scheme the Kommersant newspaper reported.

Alexey Ivanov in court. Photo source: TASS
Alexey Ivanov in court. Photo source: TASS
I all life served our country, carried out tasks during military service on the fleet in a rank of the captain of the I rank. I took part in development of the most difficult state information systems, including Elections state automated system and new electronic system of issue of international passports. At present I am 60 years old, the wife 60 years too, this is not the really healthy woman. My parents are bed patients — Ivanov said, having explained thus the request to appoint to him softer measure of restraint

Court's decision on arrest

The prosecutor asked to imprison Ivanov under house arrest in connection with recognition of fault by it. His suspect could see off in the house in Balashikha situated near Moscow. The investigator insisted on detention.

The judge Natalya Dudar made the decision to arrest Ivanov till September 9, having said that the official can abscond or prevent it.

Alexey Ivanov is sent to the pre-trial detention center. Photo source: TASS
Alexey Ivanov is sent to the pre-trial detention center. Photo source: TASS

Earlier the investigation asked to send Ivanov to the pre-trial detention center of Lefortovo.

In the same day, on July 12, 2019, Basmanny Court of Moscow sent under arrest of the director of the department of work with state structures of Technoserv Management company Alexey Kopeykin, Interfax reported. Read more here.

As the corruption scheme was arranged

According to the investigators, in 2017 the bank card of Promsvyazbank issued addressed to the employee of Technoserv Alexey Kopeykin was transferred to Alexey Ivanov. Monthly within nearly two years Technoserv transfered 200 thousand rubles to this card. In total, thus, 4.4 million rubles were paid.

Ivanov reported the investigation that from its party it were not bribes, and fraud as he did not render services to Technoserv for this money.

Alexey Ivanov monthly received 200 thousand rubles on the bank card from Technoserv. Photo source: Kommersant
Alexey Ivanov monthly received 200 thousand rubles on the bank card from Technoserv. Photo source: Kommersant

According to whose instruction money was transferred, officially it is not set, Kommersant specifies. The investigation, however, does not exclude that it was the ex-co-owner of "Promsvyazbank" Alexey Ananyev who was earlier heading Technoserv group and discharged of the management at the end of 2018.

Ananyev, according to a source of TAdviser, left Russia several months ago and lives in Austria.

Kopeykin's protection insists on his innocence as "he did not know what happens to his bank card".

The source of TAdviser believes what knew several people about the corruption scheme. Part of them, first of all, former employees of Technoserv, could be interested in its disclosure since they work in the competing companies now and competes to Technoserv in tenders of other state departments. But there are interested parties both in RPF, and in other departments, persons interested to strengthen influence on large financial flows around IT systems of fund, the source is sure.


Mountain and water ski.


He is married, brings up two daughters[5].


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