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<b>Ivanova Elena </b>
Ivanova Elena


Elena Ivanova was born in Moscow.

Graduated from school No. 875 in 1994. Studied in MSU, at sociological faculty.

Worked as the public relations manager in SAP CIS.

In 2005 its professional way to EOS Group companies began. In January, 2005 Elena Ivanova began to work in EOS Group at a position of the marketing manager. In March, 2008 became the head of department. In February, 2013 in the company management of marketing which was headed by Elena was created.

2019: Elena Ivanova, the marketing director of EOS Group died

On August 6, 2019 suddenly Elena Ivanova, the marketing director of EOS Group company died. Messages about it appeared on the website of EOS Group and on its personal Facebook page. One of close people of Elena Ivanova in Facebook writes in comments that she died in Greece because of sudden heart trouble. Could not save it.

It is difficult to believe and all who knew Elena as the talented head and the radiant person infecting with the optimism and energy of all colleagues and friends cannot reconcile to this irreplaceable loss, - commented on a tragic incident in EOS Group. - For each of us Elena was much bigger, than the professional marketing specialist and the experienced chief.

Added to the companies that it is difficult to revaluate Elena's contribution to success of EOS Group. As the specialist, she had at the same time extensive experience and a special intuition, capability to see on several steps forward and also willingly shared the knowledge with colleagues and partners. As the head, Elena accurately built work on result, saving at the same time almost family atmosphere and helping each of employees to develop as the professional.

Also in EOS Group said that Elena was surprisingly benevolent and open person ready to support at the most necessary moment.

Desire to make everything "perfectly well" was the main line of Elena, without feeling sorry for either forces, or energy on any projects in which participated. It it set a high level for all employees which needs to correspond, says on the website of EOS Group.

TAdviser Interview

In 2014 Elena Ivanova in an interview of TAdviser told about key new products in a line of solutions "EOS GROUP", perspectives ECM- and EDMS- solutions in the Russian market.

In 2016 Elena Ivanova in an interview of TAdviser told about drivers of the Russian market EDMS/ ECM- systems, demand of mobile applications and attention to a usability and ease of use.

In 2017 in an interview of TAdviser she told about developments and projects for a public sector, the interest of customers in mobility and the factors constraining transition of officials to electronic document management.


Elena was fond of bicycle, trips, rest by the sea, a mobilografiya.