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Bezos Jef (Jeff Bezos)

Jeffrey Bezos is the American entrepreneur. One of the richest people of the world. Founder of online store. The company underwent the IPO in 1997. Finances the Blue Origin project — start of private spaceships.


For 2020 the central element of the empire of Jeff Bezos are 16% of the stocks However, in addition, there is a set of other investments. ⠀⠀ Amazon makes acquisitions and investments which are connected with core business of the company and its future ambitions. It includes acquisition:

  • Whole Foods (13.7 billion dollars in 2017),
  • (1.2 billion dollars in 2009),
  • PillPack (1 billion dollars in 2018),
  • (970 million dollars in 2014) and
  • Kiva Systems (780 million dollars in 2012).

Bezos Expeditions manages venture investments of Jeff Bezos. The division invested money in:

  • Twitter,
  • Domo,
  • Juno Therapeutics,
  • Workday,
  • General Fusion,
  • Rethink Robotics,
  • Business Insider,
  • MakerBot и
  • Stack Overflow. ⠀


  • Nash Holdings is the private company belonging to Bezos which purchased The Washington Post for 250 million dollars.


1994: Registration of bookstore

The financial analyst Jeff Bezos working in D.E. Shaw investment fund paid attention to the interesting moment: the number of Internet users for previous year increased by 2300%. A bit later, during the automobile trip, it thought up the business plan of online store selling books. And, having borrowed money friends and relatives, started actions which resulted in the stunning success: for short time his company became the largest retail seller on the Internet.

The history of Amazon company began in 1994 when Jeff Bezos registered small book online store The summer of that year was well remembered also to it, and his employees. In the warm July evenings they gathered in the close warehouse and were engaged in packaging of books for sending to buyers. In 14 years Bezos's little shop turned into the largest Internet hypermarket on the planet.

In 1998 in assortment there were musical disks and DVD, and in a year the shop began to sell electronics, toys, household goods and the software.

Bezos in 1999

Crisis of Internet business of the beginning of the 2000th came unexpectedly. Thousands of entrepreneurs went bankrupt, and on backs of survivors burned out a brand — "unprofitable". Those years was called for fun by Amazon.scrap and Amazon.Bach. At this time Internet trade was left even by such heavyweights as Wal-Mart and Target. But Bezos decided to stand up to the end. Also was not mistaken. He understood that crisis not only strikes notable blow to business, but also clears away space for development, having eliminated many competitors.

615 million people, visited the site in 2008. In a year they purchased various goods almost for 15 billion dollars. The net profit of the company at the same time was 476 million.

In 2008 Amazon took the 171st place in the rating of the Fortune magazine with income in 14.8 billion dollars, having moved ahead on 66 positions in comparison with 2007. The profitability of stocks of the company in 2007 was 134.8%. Amazon even overtook Apple which was in the lead on average profitability of actions within ten years at this time. And Bezos became fabulously rich. Some experts estimate its fortune in 8.2 billion dollars at this time. But unlike many Internet investors he does not hurry to sell the business and to rest on laurels.


Status of $47.8 billion

In the rating of the richest businessmen of the IT industry which published the Forbes magazine at the beginning of August, 2015 Jeff Bezos is in the third place with a status in the amount of $47.8 billion.

Status of $47 billion

At the end of September, 2015 the Forbes magazine published the next edition of the rating of the richest Americans. Five businessmen concerning the technology industry entered into top ten. On the fourth position Jeff Bezos who thanks to growth of quotations of the company headed by it could increase considerably the fortune (to $47 billion) was located and to move at once to 11 steps up.


Status — $66 billion

In August, 2016 the Forbes magazine provided the rating of the richest businessmen in the field of the information technologies (IT). Jeff Bezos with a status in $66 billion was at the second place.

Consultations for the Pentagon

In 2016 the head Jeff Bezos was a part of the Advisory board on innovations in the defense sphere at the U.S. Department of Defense. Together with colleagues among whom there is also Eric Schmidt he is engaged in studying of opportunities and perspectives of application in defense industry of technologies from the private sector[1].

In addition to Bezos, the astrophysicist and TV host Neil deGrasse Tyson and Jennifer Pahlka who founded the Code for America organization for fight against digital inequality between private and state sectors became the new member of council.

The advisory board was created in March, 2016. It consists of 15 people, representatives of the private technology companies, the universities and schools. A task of council — a transfer of technologies and technology the practician from the private sector in state, namely to the defense sphere.

Status — $70.7 billion

In October, 2016 the Forbes magazine published the updated rating of 400 richest people in the USA. Jeff Bezos who thanks to growth of quotations of his company in a year increased a fortune for $20 billion rose by the second line after Gates (to $70.7 billion).


The richest person on the planet

On July 27, 2017 the cofounder of Microsoft Bill Gates stopped being the richest person on the planet. The founder and the head of Amazon Internet corporation Jeff Bezos was ahead of him.

According to Bloomberg with reference to own index of billionaires (Bloomberg Billionaires Index) which is updated daily on the basis of assessment of the assets belonging to entrepreneurs Bezos's status exceeded on July 27, 2017 $90 billion whereas Gates's indicator falls short of this mark a little. In the rating of the richest businessmen made by the agency Gates lost leadership for the first time since 2013.

Dynamics of change of statuses of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, data of Bloomberg

At the beginning of 2017 Jeff Bezos was the fourth in the extent of wealth. By July 27 the fortune of the businessman was increased for $24.5 billion that allowed it to escape on the first place.

According to Forbes, Bill Gates lost a rank of the richest person on Earth for the first time in 7 years. At the same time Jeff Bezos became in 30 years only the sixth person who was in the lead by the status size on a global scale. Estimate Bezos and Gates's statuses in 90.6 at Forbes and 90.1 billion dollars respectively by July 27, 2017.

Capital asset of Bezos is the share in online retailer Amazon (it possesses 17% of stocks). Capitalization of the company surely increases in recent months — since the beginning of 2017 it grew by $146 billion and exceeded $500 billion (in the USA three more companies with such cost — Alphabet, Apple and Microsoft) on July 26, 2017.

Rise in quotations of Amazon is caused by progress of the company in the markets of e-commerce and cloud services. Besides, as notes Bloomberg, analysts and investors monitor how the business connected with Amazon Prime — the program for regular customers with an annual membership fee of $99 develops. Subscribers of this service receive discounts for loading of music and video, but at the same time they, as a rule, spend more users who are not participating in Amazon Prime.[2]

[[Image:как росло состояние Джеффа Безоса.png|840px|Как росло состояние Джеффа Безоса по сравнению с другими миллиардерами с момента выхода Amazon на IPO[3]

Status in $100 billion

At the end of November, 2017 Jeff Bezos's status reached $100.3 billion after growth of stock of Amazon company more than for 2% owing to sales of "Black Friday".

According to data of analysts of Adobe Analytics, all in a year — from the 2016th — the volume of online purchases in "Black Friday" grew by 18.4%, and investors stake on the fact that the company will receive a huge profit share from online sales during the festive period.

The boundary of $100 billion obeyed one person for the first time since 1999 when the status of the cofounder of Microsoft Bill Gates reached the same point. Bill Gates, whose status by the end of November, 2017 makes $86.8 billion (data of Bloomberg Billionaires Index), would have an indicator in $150 billion if did not offer more than 700 million stocks of Microsoft and $2.9 billion cash and other assets on charity since 1996, notes Bloomberg news agency.

Unlike Gates who was the richest person in the world so far Bezos did not exceed his status in October of the 2017th, or American investor Warren Buffett — the third richest person of the planet with $78.9 billion, the founder of Amazon gave rather small part of the status on charity. The billionaire reported in April the 2017th that is sold every year by $1 billion shares of Amazon for financing of the space business of Blue Origin.

For 2017 (to the middle of November) Bezos's status grew by $32.6 billion - it is record increase in a status among all billionaires of daily rating of 500 richest people of the world of Bloomberg Billionaires Index. In only one week — from November 20 to November 26, 2017 — the profit of Amazon company increased by 5%.[4]

Growth of a status by $34.2 billion

At the end of December, 2017 it became known of increase by $1 trillion a status of 500 richest people in the world. The status of the richest person in the world – the founder  of online retailer Amazon  Jeff Bezos – increased in 2017 by $34.2 billion.


The richest person in the history

According to data of rating of billionaires of Bloomberg Billionaires Index, on January 8, 2018 net equity of the founder  of Amazon  Jeff Bezos  reached a point of  $105.1 billion that was promoted by considerable jump in prices of stocks of the company which market value grew almost by 57% in 12 last months.   In 5 weeks since the American Thanksgiving Day (on November 23, 2017) 89% of all  online sales among the chief festive retailers in the USA fell to the share of, and for the first week 2018 of a stock  of the company  grew by 6.6%.

Jeff Bezos

Such jump finally threw Bezos's status above the historic high reached by the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates in 1999. Bezos exceeded Gates status in October, 2017 with net capital in  $93.8 billion, and in a month its status for the first time passed for a mark of  $100 billion during a season of large sales and the Black Friday.

Bloomberg notes that 62-year-old Bill Gates would own a status in  $150 billion if he saved at himself assets which gave on charity to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation fund — the largest private charitable foundation of the planet. According to the analysis of publicly divulged Gates's donations, from 1996 to 2017 it distributed nearly 700 million stocks  of Microsoft  and  $2.9 billion cash and other assets. For the beginning of 2018 Gates's status makes  $93.3 billion.

Dynamics of growth of a status of Jeff Bezos, data of Bloomberg Billionaires Index

In comparison with Bill Gates, charitable donations of Jeff Bezos are much more modest. Bezos together with the wife MacKenzie   $15 million the Alma Mater — to Princeton University — in 2011 offered and also tens of millions of dollars were given to the Research oncological center of Fred Hutchinson in Seattle (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center).[5]

Walk with the robot dog

In March, 2018 Jeff Bezos laid out in the Twitter- the blog the photo in which the founder Amazon walks with robot- a dog SpotMini from  the company Boston Dynamics.

Beru the new dog on walk at the MARS 2018 conference — Bezos wrote.

The head of Amazon walked with a dog robot in California

 About 7.2 thousand users of the microblog already shared the picture with the new pet of the entrepreneur (by 11 a.m. Moscow time on March 23, 2018).

Thus, Jeff Bezos decided to show the last achievements in  SpotMini development area  — the quadruped robot weighing 25 kg and 91 cm high from  claws manipulators instead of the head can lift objects and  open doors.

Bezos's subscribers for fun said that the head of Amazon should be afraid of his new pet as the dog bears to the mechanical monster from series "Black Mirror" a strong resemblance: in an episode of the fourth season of Metalhead the heroine all series tried to escape from the robot dog.

Boston Dynamic calls SpotMini "the quick robot capable to handle objects, to climb up steps, to move at offices, in houses and on the street".

Jeff Bezos shows considerable interest in robotics long ago. At the MARS 2018 conference it provided to guests and other devices. In particular, it was the robot supplier who follows the boss everywhere and also the drone flying over the head.

Bezos tested a robotic space suit 4.3 meters high of production of South Korean company Hankook Mirae for the MARS 2017 conferences. The entrepreneur then compared himself to the heroine of the movie Alien.

MARS is an annual conference in the field of technologies of the future which is held annually by Amazon. On an action on the input only on which invitation, is represented by new developments in the field of space exploration, machine learning, automation and robotics.[6]

Earnings in $1.68 million on a post of the head of Amazon

The founder and the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos at the end of 2017 earned about $1.68 million from the post. Salary in the amount of $ 81,840 and $1.6 million in a payment type for security of the head entered this amount. Bloomberg notes that the compensation packet of Bezos does not change since 2012. Read more here.

The mansion for $35 million a photo

On April 22, 2018 the The Washingtonian edition published floor-by-floor plans of the house of 2500 quadrant meters purchased by the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos in 2016 in Washington.

Jeff Bezos paid $23 million cash for the former Museum of textiles in the prestigious Region of Kalorama. The mansion consisting of two houses of the 1900th years was already one of the biggest houses in Washington, however in 2017 Bezos was accepted to reconstruction and expansion of the house, having paid builders $12 million – thus the total cost of the mansion reaches $35 million.

The former Museum of textiles which is remade to the apartment house of Bezos

The Washingtonian submitted the official request for the publication of drawings to local office of planning and construction: the ballroom, five ladders, two elevators, a collection of wines and the cellar for whisky - only some of conveniences of the rebuilt mansion.

The mansion actually consists of two buildings: one of them call "Poup's house" as John Russell Poup acted as his architect, the author of a memorial to the president Thomas Jefferson, call the second "the forest house". The mansion is located in close proximity to the house of family of the former USA Barack Obama president worth $5.3 million and also near Ivanka Trump and Jared Kouchner's dwellings.

According to The Washingtonian, Bezos and his wife of Mackenzie are going to use one of buildings – four-storeyed "Poup's house" – under living rooms with all conveniences necessary for the billionaire inventor, and the second – "the forest house" – for acceptance of guests and different entertainments. Two buildings are connected by the covered transition.

Plan of the mansion of Bezos

The project on reconstruction of the mansion executed by architectural bureau Barnes Vanze includes 191 new doors (many of which are made of mahogany or are decorated with bronze), 25 bathrooms, 11 bedrooms, five living rooms/salons, five ladders, three kitchens, two libraries / an office, two rooms for trainings, two elevators, a sunbed - and the huge ballroom.

According to drawings, the lower floor of "Poup's house" will be taken generally away under the main premises. In addition in the house the spacious cellar for whisky with a set of special cabinets and also a collection of wines will be located. Also there is a spacious room for rest about cocktail bar, the big kitchen and the elevator. On upper floors also several bedrooms in one of which there is own fireplace will be located several big wardrobe. In general in "Poup's house" ten bathrooms and also gym, the television hall and family kitchen corner will be located (in addition to the big kitchen on a lower floor).

Jeff Bezos paid $23 million cash for the former Museum of textiles in the prestigious Region of Kalorama

The big "forest house" which was located in the neighbourhood will serve as Bezos's headquarters in Washington. In addition to rooms for guests will be located the platform for preparation of a grill, the premises for storage of furniture, wardrobe for personnel, kitchen for parties and several cocktail bars there. The huge marble ladder welcomes guests in the main lobby before they are able to pass into the ballroom occupying nearly 1500 square feet. In the ballroom bar, the Ionic columns with carved jewelry from a floor to a ceiling, a marble fireplace and balconies with figured shod grids will be located. On the second floor will pass 36-foot gallery and also the sunbed ("the garden room"), two terraces and the living room will find the place. Above four bedrooms for guests and bathrooms and also housing for personnel will be located. Behind houses the extensive garden with two fountains, the garden pavilion and an arbor is located.

Plan of the mansion of Bezos

It is already the fifth house purchased by Jeff Bezos. The head of Amazon also owns the real estate in states Washington, Texas, California and on Manhattan.[7]

Style in clothes and budget analogs

In 2017 Jeff Bezos changed style, having turned on in the clothes more strict clothes. Favourite brands of the head of Amazon are not called, but it is known that can be purchased in exchange: Zara leather jacket ($89.90), BRAVO shoes oxfords ($35) and classical dark Gap jeans ($36).

Jeff Bezos in 2017 selected strict style

Bezos with a status of $150 billion became the richest person of modern history

On July 16, 2018 Jeff Bezos's status exceeded $150 billion therefore the founder and the head of Amazon became the richest person of modern history.

Such data are provided in the index of billionaires of Bloomberg Billionaires Index which is updated daily on the basis of assessment of the assets belonging to entrepreneurs.

Dynamics of state change of Jeff Bezos, data of Bloomberg Billionaires Index

Even when accounting dollar exchange rate and inflation Bezos's wealth appeared above the record set in 1999 by the cofounder of Microsoft Bill Gates — $149 billion. For July 7, 2018 Jeff Bezos's fortune was estimated in $142 billion.

Jeff Bezos  wins first place and in other rating of the richest people of the planet — Forbes The World's Billionaires. According to Forbes, the businessman possesses $149.7 billion by July 16.

For comparison, in 2017 the World Bank estimated the GDP size of Bulgaria at par of purchasing power at $143.85 billion. Bezos's status is more, than GDP of Georgia, Mongolia, Estonia and Armenia combined.

As notes Bloomberg, Bezos "became richer, than somebody on the earth, at least, since 1982 when Forbes  for the first time published the rating of the richest people".

Bezos possesses 16% of stocks of Amazon. About 95% of its status depend on the share value of this company which market capitalization made on July 16, 2018 about $887 billion.

Bezos's status throws down a challenge to the richest family of the planet — the dynasty Uoltonov owning the world's largest supermarket chain Walmart. Successors of the founder of the business empire Sam Walton held the first place of rating of 25 richest families of the planet with a cumulative status of $151.5 billion.

Gates's status could also be higher than $150 billion if he spent one charity less. Since 1996 he offered nearly 700 million stocks of Microsoft and $2.9 billion money.[8]

Bezos's parents who took shares of Amazon in 1995 have a status in $30 billion

At the end of July, 2018 it became known that 23 years ago Jeff Bezos's parents invested in stocks of Amazon and now their fortune is estimated in $30 billion.

In 1995 Jeff Bezos addressed for investments the mother and the stepfather. Jackie and Mike Bezos purchased securities of Amazon for the amount about $245 thousand though Jeff warned parents that they can easily lose this money — the probability of it approached 70%. Their status does not reveal since 1999. It is known only that from 2001 to 2016 they transferred 595 thousand stocks in Bezos Family Foundation — fund which specializes in support of educational initiatives.

Jackie Bezos is mother of the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos

Now, judging by calculations of analysts, Jackie and Mike Bezos are among the richest people on the planet, and their status grows as stocks of Amazon rise in price, and market capitalization of Internet giant approaches $1 trillion. At the same time Jeff Bezos is the richest person with a status more than $150 billion, and his company costs about $877 billion. According to calculations of analysts of Bloomberg, Bezos's parents can be richer, than the cofounder of Microsoft Paul Allen, the investor Karl Icahn, the founder of Dell Michael Dell, the founder of Tesla Motors Elon Musk and Steve Jobs's wife.

According to the most conservative estimates, even if Bezosa sold all the shares at the minimum price during the period since the end of 1999 on 2018, they would receive $100 million. If Bezosa adhered to a rate of the transactions made by them till 1999 they would have stocks of Amazon for the amount about $9.9 billion. In case Bezosa did not sell the share after 1999 — namely many analysts hold such opinion — that the share of parents of Jeff Bezos in Amazon company can be estimated at $29.6 billion. Return of investments in that case would make 12 million percent, and the transaction of 1995 can be considered as the most successful in the history. However Bezosa, Amazon and Bezos Family Foundation refused to comment on guesses of analysts.

Other relatives of Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos and Christina Puor, also hold shares in Amazon.[9]

Transfer of $2 billion for charity

On September 13, 2018 Jeff Bezos announced creation of charitable foundation. The initiative under the name Bezos Day One Fund is intended for financing of the non-profit organizations helping the homeless and also for foundation of preparatory preschool institutions for children from families with low income. Bezos explained that he is ready to invest for a start in new fund about $2 billion Read more here.

Investments into nuclear fusion

On October 30, 2018 it became known that Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson directed to the sphere of nuclear fusion which the late Stephen Hawking called the most promising technology of mankind. The richest people of the planet are ready to invest money in the startups developing commercial the thermonuclear reactor on the basis of synthesis, but not splitting of atoms. Read more here.

Investments into the developer of an alternative to the Mata Li-ion batteries

In December, 2018 it became known that the innovation Malta project which was a part of secret laboratory of the X Google corporation earlier is selected in the independent company. The startup was supported by investors billionaires among whom there is a founder of Microsoft Bill Gates and the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos. Malta will allocate the received funds for further development of the storage system of the energy capable to become in the future an alternative to Li-ion power storages. Read more here.

As Bezos earns and spends money

For the end of December, 2018 Jeff Bezos is the richest person in modern history — his condition is estimated by $156 billion. Bezos's wealth is so high that, according to Business Insider calculations, to spend $88,000 for the head of Amazon all the same of $1 for the average American. And though Jeff Bezos intends to spend all the status for the mankind benefit, it can occur not as the others think, notes the edition.

The main source of a considerable status of Bezos is Amazon. It founded the company in 1994 and about 16% are the CEO and the largest shareholder from shares (for December, 2018). In process of growth of quotations of Amazon also the fortune of her leader is increased. From the moment of initial public offering of Amazon in 1997 their cost jumped by 97,000% by the end of the 2018th.

Jeff Bezos

Amazon turned into a brand which participates practically in all aspects of life. The company grew thanks to profitable acquisitions and investments. Purchases of online store of the Zappos footwear for $1.2 billion and retailer Whole Foods for $13.7 billion became sign transactions.

Jeff Bezos is one of the largest land owners of the USA. Him the house in Medina, the State of Washington, worth $25 million which territory occupies 5.3 acres belongs. Bezos's estate is located in the neighbourhood with the house of the second richest person of the world – Bill Gates. To Bezos also the District of Columbia, in the neighbourhood with Obama and Ivanka Trump's houses owns a townhouse worth $23 million in Washington.

Besides, it has a mansion worth $25 million to Beverly Hills and three apartments in New York for the total amount of $17 million. At last, the ranch of 30,000 acres in Van Horn, the State of Texas which forms base for his company on Blue Origin space research became the largest purchase of the real estate for Bezos.

In addition to the real estate, Bezos possesses the Gulfstream airplane worth $65 million. Unlike the peers billionaires, Bezos infrequently does public charity work, but he made big donations for Mary's Place – the organizations which support the homeless population of Seattle and also the TheDream.US organization which supports the people protected by the law DREAM which provides eases in migration policy by legalization of the immigrants who got to the USA minors and at least two years studied in college or served in army.

However Bezos publicly finances different projects and invests in them means. In 2013 Bezos financed and Apollo 12" from a bottom of the Atlantic Ocean headed an expedition on raising of one of rocket engines of a mission ". At the beginning of 2018 Bezos selected $42 million for construction of the mechanical clock expected 10 thousand years of work through The Long Now Foundation fund. Hours should become the character of long-term planning and a reminder on the future of mankind.

Bezos also made a number of investments and purchases through own venture capital company Bezos Expeditions. He personally invested in Google, Uber, Airbnb and many other technology companies and purchased the The Washington Post newspaper for $250 million. But the Blue Origin company researching space became its most ambitious enterprise.

Bezos spends $1 billion a year for financing of this large-scale project of an exit of the person in space and colonizations of the Solar system. And he is going to use all the wealth for financing of projects on space exploration. Bezos considers that it is his major deposit to the future of mankind. He hopes that Blue Origin will increase production efficiency and will help people to avoid civilization stagnation.[10]


History of a divorce worth $39 billion

On January 9, 2019 54-year-old Jeff Bezos announced a divorce with the 48-year-old wife Mackenzie with whom lived 25 years. The richest person on the planet did not state the reason of this solution.

We want that people knew about how our life proceeds. As our family and close friends already knows, after the long period of revaluation of love and time parting we decided to divorce and continue the joint life, having remained friends. We had a wonderful life as married pair, and ahead at us has a bright future, as at parents, friends, partners in different projects... Names can be different, but we will remain family and true friends, said in Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos's joint statement which was published on the official page of the head of Amazon on social network Twitter.

Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos

In 2018 spouses Bezos created joint charitable foundation which received the name Day One Fund. He is engaged in creation of modern kindergartens for children from  socially unprotected families. Despite parting Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos will continue joint work over this project.

As notes CNBC TV channel, Mackenzie Bezos, also known on writing of novels, is often mentioned in the history of Amazon company — it supported Jeff when that decided to leave Wall Street and to focus on e-commerce.

They got acquainted at work in a hedge fund in New York. Mackenzie took the first step, having invited Jeff to a lunch. In three months after acquaintance they announced an engagement and soon got married.

After the declaration of a divorce of the founder and the head of Amazon of a stock of the company fell in price a little, but then won back this recession.

By January 9, 2019 Jeff Bezos remains the richest person on Earth with a status in the amount of nearly $140 billion. In 2017-2018 the businessman became richer more than in $60 billion[11]

In July, 2019 the judge of the Washington district King signed the act of annulment of marriage. At Mackenzie's divorce refused to apply for shares in the The Washington Post newspaper and the space company of Bezos Blue Origin. You will not call publishing business a lung, and Blue Origin is unprofitable – Bezos Jef annually invests in it about $1 billion. From 16% of the stocks of Amazon belonging to Bezos, Mackenzie will take away a quarter. At the same time the ex-husband has right to vote its packet.

As a result Jeff Bezos had 12% of stocks of online retailer worth nearly $115 billion. It saved a title of the first-ever rich man, without having given itself(himself) to overtake Bill Gates with his $107 billion (the truth if the founder of Microsoft did not spend tens of billions for charity, he would be an undisputed leader).

4% of stocks of Amazon which departed Mackenzie are estimated at $39 billion. She took the 22nd place in the list of the richest people of the world according to Bloomberg and became the third among the richest women. She only concedes to the successor of the empire of L'Oréal Francoisa Bettancour-Myers (nearly $50 billion) and the only daughter of the founder of Walmart supermarkets Alyce Walton (about $44 billion). The closest competitor, the granddaughter of the founder of Mars Jacqueline Mars, owns $24 billion, and the richest woman of China Jan Huiyan – $22 billion.

Mackenzie will take away only 25% of a status of Jeff Bezos, but deserves a half – without it there would be no Amazon – approximately with such heading there was Business Insider. As Warren Buffett and Cheryl Sendberg spoke, the most important solution which you can make is to select whom to marry. Buffett somehow recognized that he without the first wife Suzy who died in 2004 would not earn a status[12].

Intimate correspondence with the mistress got to a public access

On February 1, 2019 Jeff Bezos initiated investigation concerning leakage of its intimate correspondence which was published in National Enquirer. The people employed by the founder of Amazon interrogated the brother of the woman whom it meets, the Daily Beast newspaper reports.

Just before the publication Enquirer Bezos and his wife of Mackenzie announced that they are going to dissolve the marriage lasting 25 years. The reason of a divorce the new beloved of Bezos, the former TV host from Los Angeles, Lauren Sanchez is considered. The immediate environment of Bezos, including the security guard Gavin de Becker, confirmed that that already interrogated the brother of the beloved Michael Sanchez.

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez

From common stories about private life of stars this news is distinguished by the political background. The president Donald Trump regularly attacks Bezos on the Twitter blog and calls the Washington Post newspaper which is owned by Bezos, Amazon of Washington Post, hinting at an absolute power of the head of corporation. In 2018 Enquirer recognized that it used the reputation and influence to influence elections of 2016, and after the publication of intimate correspondence of Bezos there was a question whether the editorial office of the edition wishes to rehabilitate itself in the opinion of Trump after a shaft of critiques about it.

Michael Sanchez publicly supports Trump and as pishetthe Beast, is "a personal and business partner" of Roger Stone, Carter Paige and Scotty Neil Hughes, the Trump's partners. In the letter to Los Angeles Times Sanchez called himself "the gay, the Latin American, the house owner in the Western Hollywood and the convinced Trump's supporter". It is unknown who exactly sent to Enquirer intimate correspondence of Bezos, but Michael Sanchez who is actively supporting Trump in social networks had both a motivation, and access to confidential information on the sister's smartphone.[13]

Status of $125 billion

Jeff Bezos about a status in $125 billion (Bloomberg Billionaires Index) remained the richest person on Earth. The Forbes magazine estimated Bezos's fortune in 164.8 billion and included in it a status of family members – the founder of Amazon in June officially divorced and gave to the ex-wife 4% of the company with a market value of $38 billion.


War with Trump

In the middle of February, 2020 it became known that Jeff Bezos wants to interrogate the president USA Donald Trump and to learn whether he interposed personally in the matter on the cloud tender Pentagon for $10 billion. The army contract for this amount received not Amazon, and Microsoft which creates cloud infrastructure for the Pentagon under the name JEDI now. Amazon considers that Trump could interfere with the state transactions for the sake of personal benefit. In more detail here.

Purchase of the mansion in Beverly Hills for record $165 million

On February 12, 2020 it became known of purchase of the mansion by Jeff Bezos in Beverly Hills (the State of California, the USA) for $165 million. It is the record transaction of purchase and sale of the real estate in Los Angeles and its suburbs.

According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Bezos purchased the estate at the media mogul David Geffen without participation of real estate agents. The area of the land plot on which there is a house is about 3.6 hectares. In the same place terraces, gardens, several guest houses, the tennis court and the golf course are located.

It became known of purchase of the mansion by Jeff Bezos in Beverly Hills (the State of California, the USA) for $165 million
I would tell that it is one of the most beautiful houses in the world, not to mention Los Angeles — the local realtor Curt Rappoport told WSJ.

According to the edition, the mansion was designed in the 1930th years for the president of Warner Brothers Jack Warner. David Geffen purchased an object in 1990 for $47.5 million. Then this purchase also became the most large deal with the residential real estate near Los Angeles.

Along with the estate Bezos's company Bezos Expeditions for $90 million purchased one more section in Los Angeles which is earlier belonging to the cofounder of Microsoft Paul Allen. The company called this purchase investment.

Besides, earlier in 2020 the head of Amazon Bezos purchased three apartments in New York for $80 million, their total area exceeds 1500 sq.m.

By February 13, 2020 Jeff Bezos is the richest person on the planet: the Forbes magazine estimates its fortune in $131.3 billion. At the same time the indicator could be higher if not sale of shares of Amazon.

During the period from January 31 to February 6, 2020 Bezos sold about 2 million securities of Amazon which at that time cost in total $4.1 billion. So large share for the 7-day period was sold by no other company executive from the index of billionaires of Bloomberg which is kept since 2012.[14]

Status of $182 billion

In July, 2029 the status of the richest person of the world — heads of Amazon company — Jeff Bezos updated a historical record again, having reached 182.6 billion dollars.

Such situation is observed against the background of the continuing growth of share value of Amazon — according to the results of Thursday they grew by 2.7%, to record 3081.11 dollars apiece, and capitalization of the company rose to 1.54 trillion dollars.

Bezos possesses 11.1% of stocks of Amazon, and he heads the rating of the richest people of Forbes since 2017.

In May, 2020 the consulting company for small business of Comparisun published the forecast according to which Bezos has every chance to become the first whose status will exceed one trillion dollars, in 2026.