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+ Kasperskaya Natalya Ivanovna
Kasperskaya Natalya Ivanovna

Kasperskaya (Union) Natalya Ivanovna  is the CEO of InfoWatch company  — developer of the systems of confidential information protection from internal threats. More than 10 years was the head of Kaspersky Lab.


Natalya Ivanovna Shtutser (later Kasperskaya) was born  on February 5, 1966. Parents is typical representatives of "the technical intellectuals". The only child was born to those measures late: the father was 46 years old, mothers — 30. Parents is engineers, worked at the "closed" institutes, are eternally busy.

In youth played sports, played rather long time in basketball in sports school. Skied in Moscow area in the winter, and was fond of swimming in the summer. Still collected marks, icons and the Soviet coins, drew portraits of the acquaintances and sang in school chorus.

In one of an interview Natalya Kasperskaya told that she dreamed to become a veterinarian:

"I very much liked to potter with animals. I even seriously thought were begun to select such profession, but when passed into high school, at me absolutely insuperable problems with chemistry. And as I have parents - "technicians", the special alternative also was not. To me, naturally, advised to go to technical college".

The last two school years studied in a physical mat to school at MAI, then entered the Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering (MIEE) on faculty of applied mathematics.

1986: Acquaintance to Evgeny Kaspersky

Students Natalya Shtutser and Evgeny Kaspersky got acquainted in 20 years. in Holiday house where Natalya went together with the institute girlfriend. She selected it at once. 'It is very non-standard. By the nature – the leader … In the company there was a love quadrangle – generally, everything is uncommon'.

In half a year they got married. Soon Natalya went on maternity leave, for six years having become the housewife, raised two sons.

Natalya gave birth to the first child, the son Maxim, in the late eighties. At this time studied at institute on the 5th rate, and behind preparation for the diploma the birth of the son and the first year of his life passed almost quickly. Did not take an academic leave, with Maxim mother and the grandmother helped much.

In  1989 graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering (MIEE) in Applied mathematics. Has degree of the bachelor of business of the Open University of Great Britain. Worked as the research associate in the Central scientific design office in Moscow.

In the early nineties Natalya's husband Evgeny Kaspersky worked in the anti-virus project of STC of KAMI - the company created by his being teacher from the Higher school of KGB Alexey Remizov.

In  1994 came to work to STC of Kami where headed the anti-virus AVP project.

1997: Co-founder of Kaspersky Lab

In 1997 Natalya convinced the husband to found the company and to make a surname a brand. The founding father was engaged in a technical part. Natalya Kasperskaya became the CEO of Kaspersky Lab and was engaged in sales, the personnel and an exit to international markets.

In Kaspersky Lab six people initially worked, but gradually it expanded to the international group with head office in Moscow, ten foreign representations and the state more than 500 people. On type questions: "In what success of the company?", "Who made for success more?", etc. Natalya was responsible for the life tens of times. The company appeared in very necessary time in the right place, it is very successful – there was just market growth, i.e. the market was still new, this the first. The second – in Russia it was in general untouched, i.e. Kasperskiye, in fact, were pioneers in this sense in the field of the software. The third – what competitors did not know too where to go, i.e. all wandered blindly and made in the same way many mistakes. All were on an equal footing.

In one of conversations Evgeny Kaspersky, noticed that Natalya's biography  — as if the road to the embodiment of "the American dream". "Having stayed several years with children", came to work to Kami and from the modest seller in department of "software and a hard" in 6 years turned into the head of the known and perspective company.

1998: A divorce with Evgeny Kaspersky

Natalya and Evgeny Kasperskiye divorced in 1998.

- Discrepancy of interests with Kaspersky, and existence of joint business became the reason of a divorce both. I think that Kaspersky not really was pleasant to have the wife above by provision. And though in words he did not aim to become a manager, on a character warehouse, it likes more the wife who is in a role slave. I then did not have wisdom to restrain the arrogance. It led to disorder.

2001: Marriage with Igor Ashmanov

In 2001 Natalya married Igor Ashmanov. It is interesting that the thought on the organization of Infowatch company was put forward by Igor Ashmanov: if there is Antispam, so why not to turn it and not to begin to control outgoing corporate information.

2007: Owner and CEO of InfoWatch

In the summer  of 2007 it was elected to a post of the chairman of the board of directors of Kaspersky Lab.

In  October, 2007 Natalya Kasperskaya became the CEO of the company and the only owner of InfoWatch, the developer of the systems of confidential information protection from internal threats.

2011: Sale of a part of a share in Kaspersky Lab

On January 20, 2011 it became known that the American private equity fund of General Atlantic purchased a large share block of Kaspersky Lab. It is a case of an input of the professional institutional investor, the first in the history of the anti-virus developer, in the company.

The parties do not open the size of the share in Kaspersky Lab purchased by Americans, a paid amount, but report what upon completion of the transaction of General Atlantic will become the second in value shareholder of Laboratory. Evgeny Kaspersky having a controlling stake will remain the largest shareholder of the company.

Part of the stocks transferred to General Atlantic fund belonged to one of former shareholders of the company earlier, other part which Evgeny Buyakin called "symbolical" was released in addition. According to CNews, acted as the main seller of actions the co-founder and the chairman of the board of directors of Laboratory Natalya Kasperskaya. Evgeny Kaspersky's actions did not participate in the transaction.

Natalya Kasperskaya told CNews that the share of the new investor in Laboratory will make "less", than 20%. According to her, it saved an essential part of stocks of the company, and it has no plans to leave a chair of the chairman of the board of directors, "if only shareholders do not make other decision".

She is going to make proceeds in own projects. This is the developer of solutions on protection against leakages of Infowatch, Nanosemantika company which is engaged in semantic analysis of a written language, and the Kribrum project which studies reputation of the companies by the analysis of their references on the Internet and other mediasreda.

General Atlantic was an initiator of the transaction: his chief executive John Bernstein says that the fund was engaged in search of the producer of protective solutions for investment long ago and "addressed to Kaspersky Lab with the offer on cooperation about a year ago".

At the request of CNews capitalization of Kaspersky was estimated by the chairman of the board of Finam Vladislav Kochetkov who believes that all company costs $1.5 billion at presumable revenue in 2010 to $540 million now.

Sergey Belousov, the founder of Runa Capital fund and the chief executive of Parallels, also considers that "most likely, revenue of Kaspersky Lab is more than $500 million". He found it difficult to estimate capitalization of the company as Kaspersky "very well grows, and its profitability is unknown". According to Belousov, Laboratory "is more ground" not on profitability, and on growth which strongly influences its cost.

Proceeding from different estimates of capitalization and a share of the sold papers, the upper limit of the means obtained at sale of shares can fluctuate over a wide range from $200 to $300 million.

2011: Kidnapping of the son Ivan

April 19, 2011. April morning in Hong Kong was issued remarkable. The day before at Natalya Kasperskaya there took place successful negotiations with the potential Chinese partner who suggested to spend the next day on its yacht. On a soft wave walked by sea and at three o'clock the course from port dropped an anchor in the beautiful bay. After bathing Natalya Kasperskaya took phone. "Strange — she turned back to the spouse Igor Ashmanov. — Ten passed calls, and all from the head of the security service". Natalya clicked a response call and heard terrible: "Vanya was stolen".

Ivan Kaspersky, Evgeny Kaspersky and Natalya Kasperskaya's son is kidnapped near the office of Infowatch company belonging to his mother. According to Lifenews thieves demanded 3 million euros from Ivan's parents of the redemption. Ivan works in Natalya Kasperskaya's company as the programmer.

File:Касперский Иван Евгеньевич.jpg

Evgeny Kaspersky this morning was in London — prepared for a performance at the international exhibition on information security. Having heard requirements of thieves, he refused further negotiations with them and readdressed them to the head of the security service.

At ten o'clock mornings across Moscow the yacht with Kasperska and Ashmanov onboard already was well under way to Hong Kong, assistants changed air tickets. Early in the morning the next day spouses were in Moscow. Every other day Evgeny Kaspersky arrived and lodged in one of hotels under the strengthened protection. Viscous days of waiting on Petrovka, 38 — Thursday, Friday, Saturday began. First Kasperskaya had doubts in opportunities of militiamen to find and return the son, but acquaintances from intelligence agencies convinced her of need of the address to security officers.

Thieves talked only to Natalya. She and Ashmanov sat in the room with field investigators, and Kaspersky nervously paced along the corridor. For freedom Ivana required €3 million banknotes for €500 that for field investigators became the first occasion to doubt professionalism of criminals — the small volume of the redemption, the requirement of large notes which are simpler for marking and to find quicker. Besides, thieves often called — several times a day — and rather long talked, two-three minutes. One of requirements — the girl Ivana should transfer money. Kasperskaya convinced thieves that it the girl's parents will not allow. Then agreed that money will be transferred by Ashmanov, but it did not suit Kaspersky. V rezultate and Evgeny Kaspersky, and Natalya Kasperskaya with Ashmanov collected €3 million by notes for €500 and again began to wait.

As it became known later, kidnappers of the 20-year-old son Evgeny and Natalya Kasperskikh law enforcement authorities called Savelyev' family consisting of the head of family Nikolay (1949), his spouse Lyudmila (1947) and their son Nikolay (1981). Except Savelyev' family two friends of Nikolay Jr. of 29-30 years everyone entered into group of thieves.

Thieves are known that they are Muscovites, very much cared for dogs - two pets of breed burbul. Eyewitnesses claim that the mistress of family was absorbed by cares of the canine friends. At the same time neighbors never in Savelyev' couple noticed thirst of a profit - they never showed off. The father of family went by old "Lexus", his son - by ancient "Mercedes", lived is rather poor though tried to be engaged in business, the MK newspaper[1] reported[1].

According to a source of the agency, desire to be calculated the received redemption for the credits made in one of banks became motive of crime of Savelyev and their friends.

Malefactors looked for the potential victim for obtaining the redemption on the Internet. Their choice fell on Ivan Kaspersky after they detected on his page VKontakte his house and working addresses.

At the same time, according to the Kommersant newspaper stealing was organized by repeatedly judged "professional criminal", and malefactors monitored several months the young man, selecting the scheme for crime commission.

Interlocutors of the LifeNews edition told that stealing was performed "nonprofessionally". Around 8:15 a.m. Ivan was photographed by surveillance cameras in the Strogino subway, next to the work location, and about 9 in the morning thieves forced it to call the family and to transfer conditions about the redemption in 3 million euros.

The second testimony of nonprofessionalism of criminals law enforcement authorities called keeping of the captive in the same house in a garden partnership Grove near Sergiyev Posad where they lived.

  • In the evening on April 21, 2011 the LifeNews edition reported that the redemption which amount does not reveal was paid to Ivan Kaspersky's kidnappers. After release of the captive sources in law enforcement agencies said that media were misinformed to calm thieves.

In an interview of RSN Natalya Kasperskaya told that her son was not tortured and kept in handcuffs locked in a bath. Thieves constantly changed phone numbers from which made calls with the requirement of the redemption. While law enforcement agencies were engaged in release of the young man, she and her spouse "sat on Petrovka in the separate room and waited for a call of the thief". In the last day the criminal did not contact, and I. Kaspersky's parents learned that everything ended, how information appeared in media.

"On Sunday, for Easter we still waited for a call, but already saw that field investigators even more often confer without our participation, they obviously prepared for something — Ashmanov tells. — It is very dangerous moment when disperse a vector: operas should seize thieves, and to parents — that the kidnapped child was returned live and safe". After a lunch field investigators said that calls will not be any more, found thieves and caught, now go for Ivan to whom already nothing threatens. Transaction ended in the late afternoon. Ivan was released. Five participants of stealing are delayed (three are members of one family), four of them are under arrest now, the investigation is carried on. Evgeny and Natalya Kasperskaya with Ashmanov were invited in an office of the head of department, congratulated and suggested to celebrate a happy event vodka with largely cut sausage and cheese. Mother met Ivan only at 4 o'clock in the morning, before took readings from him.

  • According to official information of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, Ivan Kaspersky was released from hands of thieves only on Sunday April 24, 2011. By this time its location was already born by the working mobile phone. Information on it was published by the official representative of the capital Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Victor Biryukov. According to law enforcement authorities, Ivan Kaspersky's status "satisfactory".

According to official information of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, release was performed as a result of military operation of staff of FSB, Moscow criminal investigation department and special troops. Transaction near Sergiyev Posad "took place without uniform shot".

The appointment for transfer of the redemption was made to thieves in Moscow where Savelyev' family in full strength and one of their accomplices went. Cars on which they went were stopped for verification of documents, and malefactors were delayed.

At the same time other group of capture entered on the territory of garden economy where the captive contained. Ivan Kaspersky was detected in the building of a bath where he was protected by one more accomplice of family of Savelyev.

At the same time the source of Interfax in law enforcement agencies reported that thieves "were promised by money, however in date of transmission of a part of the required amount at first the intermediary, and then some more assisting offenders was delayed".

In total during transaction of security officers five expected thieves were delayed. Law enforcement authorities did not reveal names of detainees, but reported that among them there is a possible organizer of crime. According to the representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Vladimir Markin, upon Ivan Kaspersky's kidnapping criminal case under the articles "kidnapping" and "racketing" was brought.

Natalya Kasperskaya, in the profile on Facebook thanked those who performed operation on release of her son.

"Moscow Criminal Investigation Department officers should put a monument! FSB was great helped too. Thanks to all who supported us in this tough time!", - she wrote.
  • Evgeny Kaspersky wrote in the blog:

"The company quickly grew in one of the largest world vendors, but I remained in good old times when all people were brothers".

According to him, when kidnapping Ivan's criminals used open data from social networks, he urged parents to monitor that children did not publish in the Internet of superfluous.

Everything is not so simple, Ashmanov considers, on social networks Ivan specified the old address, this house is demolished long ago.

"I am sure that all information for contractors was collected by customers, perhaps, even someone from the, but further capture of thieves the investigation did not go — Ashmanov complains. — Did not begin to dig also towards the employee of the FSO who was delayed together with this gang".

And there is nobody to dig more. Kasperskiye after Ivan's release appealed to the Minister of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliyev to award seven officers who were directly involved in release of their son. Awarded peculiar. All seven field investigators did not undergo recertification, Ashmanov says. On Petrovka, 38 refused to answer all questions Forbes connected with kidnapping and redirected to the Investigative Committee of Russia. The request was left without answer there[1].

Ashmanov did not exclude that not the redemption was an ultimate goal of bandits at all.

"I think that wanted to pressure Evgeny Kaspersky or Natalya, shareholders of Kaspersky Lab — he argues. — Perhaps, we did not hear true requirements".

2012: Purchase of 16% in the German anti-virus company G Data

On October 15, 2012 it became known that Natalya Kasperskaya owning InfoWatch holding acquired 16.8% of shares of the German anti-virus company G Data Software AG.

Shares were taken at several former minority shareholders, in particular, at the Berlin venture investment company. On October 23 at annual shareholder meeting GData Natalya Kasperskaya will be elected in Board of Directors of the German company.

The beginning was necessary to Natalya Kasperskaya's cooperation and G Data in 1996 when the co-founder of the German company Kai Figge offered Natalya partnership at the CeBIT exhibition in Hanover. Then Natalya headed anti-virus company "Kaspersky Lab", and two producers of antiviruses agreed about technology cooperation.

As Natalya Kasperskaya said, for many years she watched G Data and believes that she "deserves bigger international success". "For several years of G Data made serious technology breakthrough. As the board member of G Data company I will be engaged in strengthening of the highest reputation of the company in international market and also I want to introduce the knowledge and work experience in the anti-virus industry in the company", - Natalya noted.

As commented on TAdviser in the press service of InfoWatch, the company looked towards the European companies long ago, and this acquisition is entered in plans for a prodvideniye in this market. And, it not the last acquisition, however in the press service refused more detailed comments. Further plans for increase in a packet in G data are also unknown, as well as about acquisition value.

2015: Foundation of farm

As found out TAdviser, in the fall of 2015 Natalya Kasperskaya founded country farm "Green wing nut". The farm is in Moscow area, in beautifull places of the Serpukhov district, Natalya Kasperskaya confirmed to TAdviser. In more detail - in the separate article.

2017: Head of Committee on information security

On August 2, 2017 the president of the InfoWatch group (G) Natalya Kasperskaya is selected by the head of the Committee on information security created in Association of software developers "Domestic Software". The committee is created within program implementation "Digital economy of the Russian Federation" which defines the purposes, tasks, the directions and terms of implementation of the main measures of state policy for creation of necessary conditions for development in Russia of digital economy.

2018: Natalya Kasperskaya became the owner of Neklis-bank

In February, 2018 the CEO of InfoWatch group Natalya Kasperskaya told about how she by force became the owner of Neklis-bank. According to her, the transaction is carried out not from good life: credit institution — "a big headache". Read more here.

2020: Loss of hundreds of millions of rubles because of revocation of license of bank

In January, 2020 it became known that Natalya Kasperskaya  lost several hundred millions of rubles because of revocation of license of Neklis-bank. The president of InfoWatch group told about it in a conversation with Kommersant.

According to her, the mentioned losses include a deposit and also funds which were deposited within recapitalization.

Natalya Kasperskaya lost hundreds of millions because of revocation of license of bank
I carried out still recapitalization because management convinced me that for preserving of the universal license it is necessary to carry out recapitalization. At the end of 2018 I granted still the sum for bringing the capital to 1 billion rubles — Kasperskaya reported.

According to her, within two years she tried to deal with problems in Neklis-bank and understood why "the Central Bank so ruthlessly mows small banks". As a result Kasperskaya as she claims, sent to the regulator the report in which she asked to help to deal with a situation in credit institution. About it she wrote on the page on social network Facebook.

After inspection which the Bank of Russia carried out in October, 2019 in Neklis-bank "considerable violations" and "a set of the unremovable problems... having long-term history" were revealed, she added.

Natalya Kasperskogo says that she will not take any actions in connection with revocation of license of Neklis-bank and reminded that she is not related to the financial sphere, and called it "an unfortunate campaign to the bank area".

Commenting on TASS a situation, Kasperskaya reported that from it now "nothing is required".[2]

I am affected party, as well as any bank depositor. I lost a lot of money. It put the Central Bank now. The temporary administration will be appointed, the Deposit Insurance Agency will come and will deal with assets — the entrepreneur told news agency.


Natalya Ivanovna has two children from first marriage and two from the second. Natalya Kasperskaya repeatedly said that four children - it is not much. And, if there would be an opportunity earlier, she would give rise still.

Natalya Kasperskaya with sons Ivan (above) and Maxim

The daughter Masha was born on March 5, 2009, the weight of the girl was 4 kg, growth - 55 cm.

After the publication of the message on the website ITpedia that on February 5 Natalya Kasperskaya celebrates the birthday readers had an idea something to present to dear master of IT market of Russia. Being limited in means, they decided to present a name list for the fourth child of Natalya. Authentically it was not known for whom Natalya  — the girl or the boy waits. Therefore spontaneously began to enter a name list both women's, and men's. There can be it randomness, but a name Maria which was received as a result by the child, was in the list of readers of ITpedia long before day of her birth.

  • Traian  — real imperial Roman name conformable with professional interests of Natalya Ivanovna
  • Klava  — no comments
  • Bagomir  — the bringing world in software, filled with bugs
  • Optimizandr  — it is conformable with "optimizer" (a kind of activity of the husband of Natalya  — Igor Ashmanov)
  • Aypiona  — is the assumption that the IPO  — the desired purpose of Natalya
  • Aytislav  — Glory to information technologies
  • Insayderina  — it is conformable with professional interests of Natalya
  • Virusily  — derivative of a name Vasily and the words "virus"
  • Yuesbina  — from USB  — the main tool of insiders with whom Natalya Ivanovna struggles
  • Avira  — the antivirus name quite suitable for a name of the person
  • The folder  — the folder  — the person with this name is doomed to become the good father
  • Ekzeniya  — from expansion of the executable file exe
  • Kav  — for the son  — from KAV  — the Kaspersky Antivirus
  • Kis  — for the daughter  — from KIS  — the Kaspersky Internet of the Security guard
  • Kasperit  — for the son  — in abbreviated form from a surname and IT
  • Mashka!  — just Maria, without binding to IT and a profession.
  • Igorevn's Runet  — it is sonorous
  • Verusoid  — derivative of a name Belief and the words "virus"
  • Ivanka - derivative of the Middle name, the Name and the Surname of Natalya Ivanovna who is very respected by me
  • Skayper - the derivative of the Skype program and also meaning free communication with the whole world without borders
  • Bluetooth or Bluetooth - you understand from what the name
  • Konnektin - derivative of Constantine and connection
  • Immunita - with strong immunity
  • Kamputador and Kamputadora - the Spanish names of computers having something in common with the Toreador


Is fond of playing a guitar, mountain skiing, tourism, reading professional literature, likes to travel to the companies of friends and children. Is fluent English and German in languages.


  • About Evgeny Kasperskom as about the manager - Kaspersky is not a head. He is engaged in other activity having a little general with a formal position "CEO". As Evgeny is a core shareholder of the company, can appoint himself to any desirable position.

  • About crisis in Kaspersky Lab - Unfortunately, for the last 4 years the Laboratory quite strongly focused the product portfolio (upon) in the field of protection for Windows … The problem is that modern technologies quickly enough develop – there are new platforms under which or there are no viruses, or they are very rare. For them new types of protection are necessary … Other threat to the market are free antiviruses which though gradually, but win the increasing popularity … The third problem to which I would pay attention are the so-called targeted attacks. I.e. the attacks pursuing a specific purpose. For example, the special Trojans written under the systems of Alfa-Bank. Against such threats antiviruses are powerless. New solutions are necessary. I do not exclude that they will come not from old players of the market, and from beginners … In due time I convinced Kaspersky, etc. shareholders that it is necessary to attract an extraneous capital just for the purpose of purchase of businesses and technologies in new interesting areas. We even managed to attract the investor, but, unfortunately, Kaspersky blocked the idea of development by absorption … Frankly speaking, I do not see drivers of new growth in the company which would give to LK the chance integrally grow quicker than the market. And consequently, the growth rate of business will decrease and further.
  • About own employment - Generally I am engaged in affairs of the company. 2-3 more times a week arise questions on the Kribrum project - it is such project on automatic monitoring of social networks, InfoWatch has in it a solid share. On the third place there is Nanosemantika - the company which works in the field of artificial intelligence. It is still known for the "mass" project – Now we quite strongly change it and by summer we are going to roll out something absolutely new. And, for example, all my time the CeBIT exhibition took the last week … I have pair more of small projects, but I take significantly less personal part in them.
  • About the teachers - the Head Kami – Alexey Borisovich Remizov - I consider the first teacher of business. Huge influence on my formation as businessman (or businesswoman??) :) my second husband Igor Ashmanov who has a number of businesses in the field of high technologies rendered.
  • About the woman president of Russia - we have how many women in the government. Two ministers yes the vice speaker, it apart from a lot of officials a rank are lower. Perhaps, and the woman will become the following president. Just for this purpose should (more precisely, the worthy candidate should) to appear. So far such politicians on our horizon are not visible.
  • About a meeting with Vladimir Putin - Only three weeks ago several representatives of IT community of software developers (software) met the prime minister in the Novosibirsk Campus and proposed a number of measures for stimulation of domestic software development. The prime minister accepted our offers, and, as far as I know, the corresponding instructions are already given to the ministries. In particular, we suggested to enter the obligatory reporting of the state departments and state companies on volume of the purchased domestic and import software. Proposed some measures for support of patenting by the state abroad and also an opportunity to the enterprises of the hi-tech sector to invest money in development without risk to be closed by the tax inspection for losses. Concerning these two points the prime minister promised to think. There were also some more offers – on stimulation of export of hi-tech products, on development of the gaining independence organizations and so forth. Accepted these offers of premieres and gave instructions to responsible ministers.
  • About morals in business - it is necessary to Do business, being guided by certain high moral values, just because differently does not work. If you want to achieve serious results, then it is necessary to follow the principles of honor and honesty". "it is very important for it that the command worked. One person can make nothing at all! I understand something better, in something  — it is worse, in something I do not understand anything at all  — and here it is important to be able to listen to opinion of others.