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Kruglov Konstantin Igorevich


Chief executive of Data-Centric Alliance

Worked at a post of the chief executive of DCA (Data-Centric Alliance).

Director of experimental products of "Yandex"

As of August, 2018 — the director of experimental products of "Yandex". Was an ideologist and the project manager of a smart column " Yandex.station " based on the virtual AI assistant Alice.

Senior managing director of Sberbank

In February, 2019 Konstantin Kruglov, the professional more than with 20-year experience in the field of IT, held a post of the senior managing director - directors of the department of data management (SberData) of Sberbank.

As representatives of Sberbank told TAdviser, Konstantin Kruglov passed a way from With ++ the developer to the head of large IT projects: it was service station (the director of technologies) of investment bank, the visionary and the leader in the commands developing products in the Big Data areas, artificial intelligence, Speech Recognition and so forth.

Among other significant projects of Konstantin — the DataCloud service allowing to analyze audience of clients on the basis of data on their digital activity. Service combines the depersonalized profiles of clients of the company with their profiles in Network, analyzes behavior using machine learning technologies and helps to reveal interest of the client in this or that product, to estimate a risk degree of issuance of credit, to create the personified offer on the insurance plan and many other things.

— development in bank of digital engineering culture — it is necessary for implementation of an important task that in a command heads magnets appeared and developed. They can create the atmosphere which will attract talented professionals in our command. Arrival of such famous IT professional to Sberbank once again confirms that we move in the right direction — David Rafalovsky, the executive vice president, service station Sberbank Group, the head of the Technologies block commented on appointment.