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Elena graduated from the Moscow state aviation institute, has degree of MBA at the Moscow international Higher school of business Mirbis in "Finance and the credit".


At different times it successfully worked in the financial block of the Russian and foreign banks.

From 1997 to 2006 Elena Kudlik went a way from the expert of department of calculations in money market and security market to the deputy finance director to ING Bank (Eurasia).

Worked about 10 years in board of DeltaCredit bank.

On November 27, 2019 the Board of Directors the Absolute of Bank accepted agreed decision about Elena Kudlik's election as board of bank. Before her candidate underwent approval in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. In the Absolute Bank as the vice chairman of the board she is responsible for work of divisions of the financial and economic block. Experience of its work in the financial sphere — over 20 years. Enters TOP 100 of chief financial officers of Russia.

We consistently strengthen a team of top managers managers with good practical experience in different segement of banking business — Tatyana Ushkova, the chairman of the board Absolyut Banka commented. — And in this regard we are glad that Elena Kudlik was included into Absolyut's government of Banka and headed the financial and economic block, very important for us.[1]