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<b>Zederfeld Magnus (Magnus Zederfeld)</b>
Zederfeld Magnus (Magnus Zederfeld)


Since 2008 works in Axis Communications company. Consistently was responsible for the organization of an effective system of sales in Northern Europe, formation and implementation of global strategy of work with distributors and directed business of Axis in Southeast Asia.

2019: The area director of Axis Communications on countries of Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS

In September, 2019 Magnus Zederfeld having more than 20 years' experience in the system of international sales and management of marketing is appointed to a position of the area director on countries of Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS. Released Anna Forsberg from this duty.

Key tasks of Zederfeld as the area director are large-scale expansion of business of the company in the region, strengthening of positions of Axis in the market of solutions for video surveillance, further development of a partner network and also the organization of cooperation with state bodies and the largest customers, told TAdviser in Axis on September 10, 2019.

Zederfeld intends to pay much attention on this post to further strengthening of command spirit of Axis as one of the most important components of development of strategic cooperation with partners of the company. Not less relevant Mr. Zederfeld considers promoting in the region of complete solutions of Axis including applications for video analytics, the systems of network audio for security and access control.

The offer to head business in the region of East Europe, Russia and the CIS — a great honor and responsibility to me — Magnus Zederfeld, the area director of Axis Communications on countries of Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS commented on the appointment. — I will explain why. Market research, work experience of Axis in the region in previous years, the growing financial performance — all this says that business in these countries has serious potential, is capable to show high growth rates and dynamics of development of a partner network. I consider that this market is ready to innovations, so — to use of all range of the innovative technologies of Axis. I calculate what these conditions and the highest qualification of engineers, managers and sellers of Axis and partners will allow us to make jump in development of our global business.