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<b>Lory Mike (Mike Lawrie)</b>
Lory Mike (Mike Lawrie)


2019: Charges of the "intimidating" and "poisonous" management style

At the beginning of February, 2019 the former executive vice president DXC Technology Stephen Hilton accused the CEO of the company Mike Laurie of frauds which deprived of Hilton of $20 million a severance pay.

Hilton submitted a claim to District court of the USA, requiring indemnification in the amount of $14.3 million. It accused Laurie of the "intimidating" and "poisonous" management style which extols obedience over fair team work. A claim was submitted in several weeks after the declaration of sale of Luxoft of company DCX.

According to Hilton, Laurie often broke border between the professional and personal relations. He in detail described on 36 pages of the claim all nuances of the relations with the head who dismissed him in July, 2018 "without reasonable excuse" and without the severance pay corresponding to a position.

Hilton claims that repeatedly witnessed how Laurie offended the subordinates in the oral form and made business decisions not on the basis of performance indicators, and proceeding from the personal attitude towards loyal and obedient employees.

Company DXC was created in 2017 as a result of merge of CSC and division of HP of Enterprise Services not without active participation of Stephen Hilton. Among other its achievements on a post of the executive vice president of DXC there was a program of operational extraction of data under the name DXC Bionix which made cardinal changes in managements of IT transactions. This initiative allowed the company "lay off the number of employees by 8000 people in 2018, and the general economy made $445 million a year", it is told the claim. Nevertheless allegedly inefficient distribution of company funds was the cause for Hilton's dismissal.

The representative of DXC in a conversation with the CRN edition refused to comment on case, having noted only that the claim "does not make sense" and that the company intends to protect the interests.[1]