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+ Mintz Boris Iosifovich

Mintz Boris Iosifovich is the chairman of the board of directors of O1 Group specializing in investments into various sectors of the economy, including the real estate, finance and the industry; former co-owner, president and chairman of the board of directors of FC Otkrytiye; former CEO of REN-TV Media Holding LLC, main beneficiary of O1 Properties investment company, former chairman of executive committee of software Union of Right Forces, board member of RUIE.


Boris Mintz's family for July, 2019 was owners of three estates and  four hotels in  Great Britain, a residential skyscraper in  Israel, 21 real estate in  Russia  and also 92 offshores of different jurisdictions and  15 Russian companies.

In the County of Surrey Mintsev (to whom it is specific and  through what structures  —  it is not specified) belongs to family the estate Sammervinds which in  2016 vystavlyalrm  for  sale for £13.5 million, and   was sold  in  2017 for £9.5 million. As realtors specified, the house in  which expensive repair is made stands on   section of 0.58 hectares. The total area of the mansion  — over 5 thousand sq.m. In  it six bedrooms, the premises for storage of wine, the indoor pool and  own home theater.

Near  Sammervinds  Mintsev have one more estate  — Montague House. The area of the mansion  — 4.26 thousand square meters. In  it six bedrooms, 5 living rooms, the pool, the area of the land plot  — 0.44 hectares. Montagyu House was estimated at £13.9 million.

In  Scotland Mintsam belongs the LethendyTower lock. In  it eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms and  the pool. Near  the house there is a tennis court and  the golf course. In 2016 an object was estimated at £4.6 million.


Was born on July 24, 1958 in Ivanovo, Moldova, in family of the military engineer.

1980 - graduated from the Ivanovo state university majoring in "Theoretical physics".

Candidate of Technical Sciences. Associate professor.

1983: The associate professor in the Ivanovo textile academy

1983-1990 - the assistant, the associate professor of the higher mathematics of the Ivanovo textile academy.

1989 - the deputy of Ivanovskoye of city council.

1990: Deputy head of administration of Ivanovo

1990-1994 - the deputy head of administration of the city of Ivanovo (supervised questions of privatization).

1993 – the head of Association of chairmen of committees and funds of the cities of Russia.

1994: The head of department in Mingosimuschestvo

1994-1996 - the head of department on regional policy, privatization and differentiation of property Mingosmushchestva of the Russian Federation.

1996 - the head of department on ensuring activity of Council for local government under the President of the Russian Federation.

1997: The head of department of the Russian President concerning local government

1997 - the head of department of the Russian President concerning local government and at the same time the deputy secretary of Council for local government of the Russian Federation.

1998 - in the government commission on reforming of housing and communal services in the Russian Federation.

2000: Chairman of executive committee of a batch Union of Right Forces

2000 - by the decree of the Acting Russian President it is dismissed the head of department concerning local government.

2000 - it was elected the president of Association of chairmen of committees and funds of the cities of Russia, the chairman of the board of Fund of support of democratic unity.

2000-2001 - the chairman of executive committee of software Union of Right Forces.

2001 - it is chosen in federal political council of software Union of Right Forces.

2001 - resigned as the chairman of executive committee of software Union of Right Forces with motivation "in connection with a job change".

2004 - it is re-elected about the structure of Federal political council of software Union of Right Forces.

2004 - the secretary of presidium of political council of software Union of Right Forces on regional policy.

2005 - headed financial and budget committee of software Union of Right Forces.

Board member of RUIE.

Boris Mintz after the XIX congress of RUIE: Not all businessmen support Putin

2001: CEO of REN-TV

2001-2003 - the CEO of REN-TV Media Holding LLC.

2003 - the chairman of the board of directors of JSC VEO-Otkrytiye (the share broker).

2003 – the CEO of the Investment East European company.

2001-2003 - the chairman of the board of directors of universal polygraphic company Almaz-Press Ltd.

2004: Creator and head of FC Otkrytiye

2004 - created FC Otkrytiye.

2004 - 2013 - the chairman of the board of directors of FC Otkrytiye.

2010: Creation of O1 Properties

2010 - redeemed the Horus Capital company owning five business centers from the businessman Sergey Gordeev.

2010 - created O1 Properties company for the investment management in a commercial real estate.

2013: Status assessment in $900 million

Takes the 120th place in the rating of the Russian-language version of Forbes "The richest businessmen of Russia — 2013". Boris Mintz's fortune is estimated in 900 million dollars[1].

Is the owner of O1 Group - chastnry the holding company specializing in investments into different sectors of economy, including the real estate, the industry and the financial sector.

Real Estate: O1 Properties investment company.

Pension insurance: NPF Telecom Union, NPF Stalfond.

Industry: GCC BOR.


Emigration to Britain

The businessman and the state councilor of 1 class Boris Mintz who fell under sanctions of the USA left Russia and went to London together with three sons, Vedomosti reports on May 28, 2018.

It is supposed that Mintz left because of financial problems which arose at his O1 Group company (controls assets in the field of the real estate and finance). Its debt to the Moscow credit bank makes 25 billion rubles. Also the entrepreneur suffered losses because of sanitation of Otkrytiye bank which shareholder he was: losses were about 12 billion rubles.

Analysts consider that Mintz could cope with credit loading if not sanctions from the USA. He was placed on American the sanctions list along with Oleg Deripaska as the person approximate to the president Russia To Vladimir Putin, according to U.S. authorities.

Having stopped being the resident of the Russian Federation, Mintz can retain control over the assets using different offshores.

According to the Forbes magazine for the 2017th year, Mintz's status reached $1.3 billion: he took the 72nd place in the list of the richest businessmen of Russia. Besides, Boris Mintz is the founder of "The museum of the Russian impressionism" created on money of private patrons.

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Boris Mintz told about the way to success and also about how the Otkrytiye finance corporation was created

How to create large business. Success secrets from Boris Mintz

O1 Properties passes from Boris Mintz to the Cyprian Riverstretch Trading & Investmens of Pavel Vashchenko

In September, 2018 the O1 Properties broadcast of Cyprus company Riverstretch Trading & Investmens Limited which at the beginning of July acquired 70% of shares of the company of a class A and 58% of stocks of a class B was complete.[2]

In the reporting of funds which are obliged to reveal beneficial owners it is specified that RT&I Pavel Vashchenko (90%) and Valery Mikhaylov (10%) control.

The O1 Properties broadcast and FG Future occurred within settlement of obligations of O1 Group to the Moscow credit bank, the press service of O1 of Properties specified.


The declaration in search and arrest in absentia

At the end of January, 2020 the Investigative Committee put on the international wanted list Boris Mintz on the case of waste. Trust and Otkrytiye banks demand from it $700 million.

Investigators asked court to arrest in absentia the entrepreneur and his sons in Russia. Mintz got passports of several states and at this time lives with sons in London.

Charge of fraud for $700 million

At the beginning of August, 2020 ex-owners B&N Bank and "Opening" were accused of fraud for $700 million. The former owner Growth bank and the majority shareholder of B&N Bank Mikail Shishkhanov, the ex-chairman of the board "FC Otkritie" Vadim Belyaev and the major shareholder of FC Otkritie bank Evgeny Dankevich became codefendants in the claim banks "Trust" and Opening which is considered in the High Court London. In more detail here.


"I am a lark, I get up hours at 6-7 in the morning and I play chess on the Internet with someone from Khabarovsk or from Irkutsk, a nickname at me Fedya" — Boris Mintz says about himself.

[3] collects painting[3].

Likes to travel with the wife by the machine around the provinces of Italy and France.

Likes to cook, to hunt ducks[4].

Dream - to create network of restaurants in Moscow[4].

Interesting Facts

  • Won the all-Union tender "Teacher Eyes of Students".

  • Boris Mintz's apartment is executed in style ardeko, the wife Marina[3] was engaged in design[3].

  • The loudest transaction — purchase of business center "Forest Plaza" in Moscow (49000 sq.m).

  • Plays in the stock market, periodically buys up securities to feel in a client role.

  • 2010 - purchased at senator Sergey Gordeev Horus Capital company (five business centers in Moscow with a total area of 190,000 sq.m). Transaction amount — $200 million. Together with the real estate Mintz had to undertake also $600 million debts to banks.

Thanks and certificates of honor

  • Gratitude of the Russian President for the merits before the state connected with end of the first stage of check privatization.

  • Gratitude for active participation in preparation of the Message of the Russian President to Federal Assembly of 1998.

  • Gratitude of the Head of the municipality – Shilovsky of the municipal district for active and fruitful sotrudnichestv support and development of the social sphere of the Shilovsky municipal district.

  • The certificate of honor of the Head of the municipality – Shilovsky of the municipal district for fruitful and informative social partnership, attention and support to the Shilovsky municipal district.

Marital Status

Married. Three sons.