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+ Musayev Magomed
Musayev Magomed


Magomed Musayev was born in 1963 in Dagestan.

The Kommersant edition called Magomet Musayev the son-in-law of the former head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov.

In 2004 — 2009 Magomed Musayev was the CEO of JSC GAO Vserossiysky vystavochny center.

In 2010 — 2011 — the Chairman of the Committee of the innovative development and exhibition and congress activity of Moscow.

He was the responsible secretary of National organizing committee for promotion of the candidacy of the Russian Federation as organizer EXPO-2010. Participated in process of reconstruction of VDNH and construction of its new exhibition complex.

In 2011 Magomed Musayev created global venture alliance Global Venture Alliance. According to Magomed Musayev, GVA invested fifty technology companies, manages assets of more than $100 million and cooperates with the leading funds of Silicon Valley.

2018: Purchase of the Forbes Russia edition

In August, 2018 the businessman Magomed Musayev became the new owner of the Russian Forbes instead of ACMG media group of Alexander Fedotov. Officially transaction amount did not appear, but in Telegram channels appeared digit of $7 million and debt repayment in the amount of 90 million rubles.

As Magomed Musayev claims, he is personally familiar with shareholders and the management of the American Forbes Media and the owner of ACMG Alexander Fedotov.

Magomed Musayev in a column of RBC:

"I with bitterness endured the last crisis period in development of the magazine connected with loss of mutual understanding between edition and the owner not only as the detached onlooker, but also with constantly growing understanding of problems for the global Forbes brand which are born by this situation. At some point to one it became clear not to me that the situation reached a deadlock that the way out of crisis would be to save unity of the Forbes brand and strong journalistic collective. The owner without conflict of interest who will be able to guarantee independent editorial policy was necessary for the project. The American Forbes Media saw me such person, and crisis of the last months in the magazine accelerated my reflections. I am sincerely grateful to Alexander Fedotov for the fact that during the transaction he managed to deliver the interests of the magazine above personal ambitions, and to the president of Forbes Media Peter Khanga and CEO Forbes Media to Michael Federli — for the operational decision on prolongation of the Russian license till 2023 that made economic sense of this investment for me acceptable. The term of the former license expired at the end of 2019. So we achieved the key goal — saved the Forbes brand and collective together".

Magomed Musayev writes that Rus Media made own investments in purchase "AS" which issues the Forbes and OK magazines! He is interested only Forbes therefore OK! in the nearest future it will be sold, it continues.

"I as the entrepreneur, of course, do not trust in an investment payback through profitability from the paper version of the magazine. Even very good magazine will economically balance around zero, and it is only sign of time. But I as the entrepreneur believe in development of the multimedia Forbes platform. I believe in congress and exhibition business, I trust in new Forbes Club as club of investors, I believe in development of the digital-direction, I trust in analytics and consulting under the Forbes brand, I trust in the products connected with educational transformation, both online and offline. As these opportunities to balance, strategy will answer".