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+ Nikiforov Nikolay Anatolyevich


Was born on June 24, 1982 in Kazan.

1997-2004: An entrepreneurship at school and university

Nikolai Nikiforov showed interest in information technologies from school. In 1997 "the first, than we began to be engaged, – offered school students Internet access", he told the Sekret Firmy magazine in 2005: "Ourselves laid a local network at school, bought wholesale at providers traffic and began to sell it to school students. Were engaged in it from ninth on the eleventh class".

In 1999 Nikiforov with the partner "decided to invest" in Internet and business and opened the portal (Kazan Portal).

Found investors and began to untwist the website, having filled it with information and entertaining contents (news, the phonebook, the city poster, currency rates, etc.), - Secret of Firm wrote. - To increase attendance of the portal, held draws of prizes, agreeing with the city companies about providing prizes in exchange for advertizing on the website.

In two years after opening "The Kazan portal" began to make profit, and in 2005 its audience reached 40 thousand people, Nikiforov said, calling the project the leader in attendance in the Internet market of Tatarstan.

Timur Yakubov was Nikiforov's partner in "The Kazan portal". Together with it Nikolai Nikiforov in the same time worked as the programmer in scientific research institute of mathematics and mechanics of Chebotaryov at the Kazan state university where on economics department[1] at the same time studied[1].

In 2004 Nikolai Nikiforov graduated from economics department of the Kazan State University (1999-2004). Knows English.

2004-2005: Work in business in Tatarstan

In 2004, continuing to work on "The Kazan portal", Nikolai Nikiforov became the Deputy CEO of Modern Internet Technologies company which was created in 2002 at the initiative of the government of Tatarstan. The enterprise owns the business informational portal and is a developer of present versions of the websites of the republican ministries and the government (all of them are executed on one template and in uniform style).

In 2005 during the visit to Kazan the president Vladimir Putin studied with the electronic trading system of Tatarstan which as it was reported, was also created by "Modern Internet technologies".

From the moment of foundation in 2002 and still (May, 2012) the CEO of "Modern Internet technologies" is Dmitry Yurtayev. His father - Alexander Yurtayev - from 1998 to 2011 held a post of the head of information and analytical management of the office of the cabinet of Tatarstan, and in January, 2011 became the chief of similar management in Administration of the President of the republic.

When in August, 2005 the government of Tatarstan decided to start closely creation of the electronic government and created for this purpose the special working group, Alexander Yurtayev held a post of the chief designer of a system. In the same month 23-year-old Nikolai Nikiforov was appointed the adviser for IT of the prime minister of the republic Rustam Minnikhanov.

2005-2012: Civil service in Tatarstan

The further career of Nikiforov was inseparably linked with authorities. In 2006 he becomes the director of the Center of information technologies of Tatarstan (the non-profit organization founded by the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic for development of government information systems and electronic state services). This enterprise was created for this purpose, "that in it under control of the state to provide a certain scope baseline of the most important services", Nikiforov spoke earlier. The main like those services he called a telecommunications system and service of a data processing center.

In February, 2009 Nikolai Nikiforov was included in the first hundred talent pool of the president Russia Dmitry Medvedev. The list, according to Medvedev, represents "a uniform public database about the best specialists at three levels: municipal, regional and federal". As Nikiforov in an interview to the Kazan press spoke, hit in the first hundred talent pool allowed it "to progress seriously regarding the professional moments in To Moscow… It was the important status point which allowed to solve important problems much more simply. Different doors began to open easier".

Since April 22, 2010 - the Deputy prime minister of the Republic of Tatarstan - the minister of informatization and communication of the Republic of Tatarstan. The youngest member of the government in the republic.

Nikiforov's team during operation in Tatarstan

Progress of informatization of Tatarstan is known all over the country, and they are connected generally with Nikolai Nikiforov's figure. At the same time, contractors of key IT projects are less noticeable. At the same time, if to look narrowly at contractors, it is possible to see that Nikiforov's support were those people with whom he began the first steps in business.

About the developer of the websites of the ministries and the governments of Tatarstan – Modern Internet Technologies company which is directed by Dmitry Yurtayev, - it was told above. The same person is related to other IT contractor of the government of Tatarstan. According to Contour-Focus service, it owns 38% of shares in the Kazan company "Workflow systems", the developer EDMS "Practice". Based on this system uniform interdepartmental EDMS of Tatarstan functions. And for quite some time now EDMS "Practice" is implemented also in the Government of Moscow.

Timur Yakubov, Nikolai Nikiforov's ex-partner in "The Kazan portal" and the former colleague programmer in Scientific Research Institute Chebotaryova directs Workflow systems company. It is also the owner of a 38% share in the company. Another 25% of Workflow systems belong to the Kazan IT park created by the ministry of informatization and communication together with the Ministry of Land and Property Relations of the republic.

In addition, Timur Yakubov is the head and the 100-ny owner of GLONASS+112 company which develops software for the program of the government of the same name of Tatarstan for deployment of GLONASS. Since 2010 Tatarstan is one of pilot regions on implementation of the Russian navigation system in activity of public services. At the moment with the corresponding equipment it is equipped 3.2 thousand cars of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Health.

One more contractor of Tatarstan on implementation of GLONASS is the Avtodoria company. The system created by it using the cameras united in network, will recognize license plates of cars and determines their speed, identifying violators on long sections of the road. In April, 2012 the president of the republic Rustam Minnikhanov told about a system Avtodoria to the Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov and suggested to consider the possibility of its use in other Russian regions.

Owners Avtodoria are Centre-Service companies (60%) and Startobaz (40%). Timur Yakubov was a co-owner of the last till January, 2012. Since April 13 among her founders, by data Circuit of Focus, Svetlana Nikiforova, Nikolai Nikiforov's spouse holding now a post of the managing partner of the company appeared. Till a marriage Svetlana directed the Kazan IT park, worked as the development director of the Kazan system integrator "Tatavant" and the Deputy CEO of the Elektroshchit company which is engaged in production of electric equipment.

Timur Akhmerov, whose name, according to a source of CNews, can also "appear somewhere nearby" with Nikolai Nikiforov, is a shareholder and the head of the Tatarstan company "BARS Group". The republican system of budget accounting and the reporting, the system of efficiency evaluation of municipal management, the Electronic Kindergarten system, etc. works at solutions of BARS Group.

The last of called a source of CNews probable team members of Nikolai Nikiforov is Vitaly Slizen and Ravil Ziganshin – respectively the CEO and the chairman of the board of directors of Inoventika group (renders cloud services).

Slizen was one of top managers of MTT earlier, headed department in the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications (in times when Leonid Reiman was the minister), directed Synterra operator. Ziganshin is an honored builder of Tatarstan, the CEO of PSO Kazan construction company, the deputy of the State Council of Tatarstan. According to the website "Inoventiki", one of its shareholders is the Startobaza company mentioned above.

The member of the Government commission on information technology implementation in activity of state bodies and local government authorities

N. Nikiforov about electronic services of Tatarstan

In stay by the minister of Tatarstan Nikiforov, according to the official declaration in 2011 received about 300 thousand rubles a month (3.6 million rubles a year), in 2010 its salary was a little more than 200 thousand rubles, and in the 2009th, before arrival to the government of Tatarstan — 25 thousand rubles (0.3 million a year)[2].

Participation in the working groups

  • The government commission on information technology implementation in activity of state bodies and local government authorities (Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 6, 2010 No. 60);
  • Working group on coordination of implementation of the complex project "Electronic Government of the Republic of Tatarstan" (Order of the Cabinet of RT No. 1242-r of 8/12/2005);
  • Republican commission on development of TV and radio broadcasting and transition to digital technologies (Resolution of the Cabinet of RT of 9/6/2006 No. 451);
  • The working group on optimization of cartographic and information and analytical activities in the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan (The order of the Cabinet of RT of 9/18/2006 No. 1402-r);
  • Interdepartmental commission on information security of the Security council of the Republic of Tatarstan (Decree of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan of 5/18/2006 No. UP-179);
  • The working group within implementation of a pilot project "A geographic information system of the land and property inventory on the example of the Nizhnekamsk municipal district" (The order of the Cabinet of RT No. 115-r of 2/5/2007);
  • Board and scientific and technical council of the Ministry of informatization and communication of the Republic of Tatarstan (Resolution of the Cabinet of RT No. 390 of 8/4/2005);
  • Thematic subgroup No. 8 of Government Commission on Administrative Reform (Annex to the Protocol of the Commission of August 24, 2007 No. 67 Section XII of item 17);
  • Republican council for informatization (Order of the Cabinet of RT of 2/26/2008 No. 302-r);
  • The working group on preparation of offers on creation in the Republic of Tatarstan of the supercomputer center (The order of the Cabinet of RT No. 363-r of 3/22/2008);
  • Board of Management of civil registration of the Cabinet of the Republic of Tatarstan (Resolution of the Cabinet of RT of 3/27/2008 No. 192);
  • Working group on development of the program of quality improvement of the public and municipal services (Order of the Cabinet of RT No. 805-r of 5/29/2008);
  • The working group for the purpose of streamlining of interdepartmental interaction, development of offers on consolidation of systems state. cadastral registration and registration of the rights to real estate and transactions with it (Order of the Cabinet of RT 1240-p of 7/25/2008);
  • Subgroup on preparation of offers regarding integration of automated information systems of the working group on preparation of offers on transfer of function of the Federal Registration Service, Roskartografiya and Rosnedvizhimosti in one federal executive authority (the order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation of 9/17/2008 No. 280);
  • The working group for solving of tasks, defined in the signed letter of intent concerning creation of the development center of software solutions of IBM (The order of the Cabinet of RT No. 1612-r of 9/22/2008);
  • The working group on coordination of implementation of a pilot project on providing a call of the emergency operational services through uniform room 112 at road accident on the highway M-7 "Volga" (The order of the Cabinet of RT No. 1970-r of 11/12/2008);
  • Working group on strategic computer technologies and software of Presidential Commission for Modernization and Technological Development of Russia's Economy;
  • The commission on development and implementation of the comprehensive state program of development of an education system in the Republic of Tatarstan for 2010-2015 (The order of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan No. 119 of 5/20/2009);
  • The working group on information technologies and communications of Council under the President of the Russian Federation for development of physical culture and sport, the highest achievements, preparation and holding the XXII Olympic winter Games and the XI Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi, the World summer Universiade of 2013 in Kazan;
  • The working group on creation of regional branch of the federal state unitary enterprise "Presidential Library of B.N. Yeltsin" in the Republic of Tatarstan (The order of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan of 2/1/2010 No. 48).


Appointment as the Minister of Communications of the Russian Federation

On May 21, 2012 Nikolai Nikiforov is appointed the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

Attempt of increase in the salary from 240 thousand rub to 2.5 million rub a month

In October, 2012 it became known that the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Nikolai Nikiforov suggested to optimize staff of under control department. For October, 2012 in it 329 regular officials and 124 consultants who get paid for the services too work. At the same time, according to the management, "the current level of staff of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications does not correspond to the level of tasks which face us". Nikiforov wants already in the first quarter 2013 to lower number of employees practically twice — to 205 people.

Secondly, the minister wanted to increase annual wage fund. At this time it made 298.6 million rubles. Nikiforov suggested to add to him 309.6 million rubles. Thus, the general moneybox could increase to 608 million rubles.

At the same time the total "net" salary received on hands of the employees who remained after reduction had to be 468 million rubles. However Nikiforov suggested to make distribution of this amount extremely uneven: only five people ― the minister and his four deputies should receive almost fifth part of this money. On them 84 million rubles of "net" salary is necessary. Nikiforov's earnings in this situation will grow from present 240 thousand rubles a month to 2.5 million rubles a month (30 million rubles a year). Two deputies will receive on 1.3 million rubles instead of 190 thousand rubles a month, two more ― on 950 thousand rubles instead of 172 thousand rubles[3].

For comparison: the official income of Vladimir Putin for 2011 was 3.6 million rubles, the Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko — 17 million rubles, the Finance Minister Anton Siluanov — 11.4 million rubles.

The official salary of his predecessor, and nowadays the Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation and opponent Nikiforov of Igor Shchegolev on a post of the head of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications in 2011 was 240 thousand rubles a month (2.9 million rubles a year). Shchegolev along with Rashid Nurgaliyev was the most low-paid of ministers. Since 2009 Shchegolev renting apartment became a homeowner in the capital only by 2010.

Annual income of 3.72 million rub

The Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Nikolai Nikiforov earned 3.72 million rubles for 2012, follows from information on the income of members of the government published on the White House website. His wife is the owner of Startobaza management company Svetlana Nikiforova - earned 1.18 million rubles in a year.

The minister and his spouse jointly own the apartment of 139 sq.m. Also the minister together with the wife and one of sons (all at Nikiforov two son and the daughter) at the end of 2012 leased the building of 247 sq.m.

Svetlana Nikiforova also owns other apartment of 44 sq.m., a share in the amount of 3/8 in the apartment of 60 sq.m., the machine Audi Q5 (its cost in a basic complete set is 1.73 million rubles) and the parking place of 15 sq.m.

One of sons Nikolai Nikiforov also has in free use an apartment of 160 sq.m., and the daughter has an apartment of 85 sq.m[4].

2013: Annual income of 3.57 million rub

The Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Nikolai Nikiforov earned in 2013 3.57 million rubles that it is slightly less, than for 2012 / (3.72 million rubles). The average monthly income of the minister in 2013 was about 300 thousand [5]

The income of the spouse of the minister - Svetlana Nikiforova - was 6 million rubles. It is five times more than earnings for a year before last (1.18 million rubles). Svetlana Nikiforova heads Startobaza management company (invests in IT startups). In terms of a month its income in 2013 was 500 thousand rubles.

Nikiforova in a year also had the second machine – the electric vehicle Tesla Model S - in addition to already being available for it Audi Q5. Spouses in a joint property have an apartment of 140.8 sq.m. and – in joint use – the building of 246.7 sq.m. Also Svetlana Nikiforoy in complete property has an apartment of 44.3 sq.m., the parking place of 14.9 sq.m. and – in share property (3/8) - the apartment of 59.8 sq.m. (all this real estate was declared and a year ago).

One of two sons Nikolai Nikiforov has in use an apartment of 160 sq.m., other son together with the minister uses the above-mentioned building. And the daughter of the minister has the apartment of 97.5 sq.m. in use.

November, 2013, a performance on Vesti24 channel


Team building of "Kazan iteshnik"

In June, 2014 the CNews edition included Nikolai Nikiforov in number of participants of the Kazan Iteshnik command.

Registration of the blog

In August, 2014 the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Nikolai Nikiforov was registered in Roskomnadzor as the popular blogger, the representative of department Vadim Ampelonsky told Vedomosti. According to him, now in the register of bloggers three records. The first registered community "Typical Yekaterinburg" on social network VKontakte. And at the second and third number blogs by Nikiforov — his accounts in Twitter and Instagram are written. On Twitter at Nikiforov of 92,900 subscribers, in Instagram —[6].

Registration became necessary after entry into force of the so-called law on bloggers. This law obliges them to be registered in Roskomnadzor and also to observe practically the same laws, as journalists — to publish only reliable information, to observe the legislation on extremism, a pre-election campaign, etc. The blogger is obliged to submit the application to Roskomnadzor not anyway but only if department asks it about it. It is about blogs whose attendance exceeds 3000 users a day. However, actually under operation of the law only social and political blogs get: the special bylaw Roskomnadzor exempted from a duty to observe this law of bloggers who write about culture, art, technologies, etc.

New card of "Kazan iteshnik"

In December, 2014 the CNews edition publishes the second version of the card of "The Kazan iteshnik" - Nikolai Nikiforov's colleagues in development of the state informatization in Russia.

2016: VAK refused to deprive of Nikolai Nikiforov of an academic degree

The Highest Certifying Commission (HCC) decided to save an academic degree of the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Nikolai Nikiforov of whose thesis Dissernet complained. Earlier dissertation council recommended not it to deprive of degree[7].

Deprive of Nikiforov of an academic degree experts of Dissernet appealed to VAK after in 2014 checked the master's thesis of the minister for plagiarism and detected in it the "large-scale incorrect loans" from other scientific works which are not issued in the form of quotes and without links to authors of researches.

In particular, our experts in work of the minister on the subject "The Innovation Management Model Information Flows in the field of Rendering the Public Electronic Services on the example of the Republic of Tatarstan" of coincidence to the thesis Alexander Sosnovsky "The innovation management model information flows in health care" and the book by Alexander Yurtayev "Creation and use of the innovative technologies in public administration". At the same time as the opponent the research supervisor of the thesis of Sosnovsky Galina Suldina spoke at Nikiforov's protection, and Yurtayev himself was the research supervisor of the thesis of the minister.


N. Nikiforov is the owner of 14 domains of Innopolis

The Minister of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov possesses 30 domains, including — the websites with the name of the Russia's first IT city of Innopolis. Nikiforov in May, 2017 explained to the RBC magazine that he thus protects the addresses from cybersquatters[8]

As found out the RBC magazine, in April, 2015 on the mail ten websites with the name innopolis on different domains were registered:,,, and even (data of WhoIs service). These portals do not work at the moment. The owner of the website in all cases is designated as Nikolay Nikiforov. On also, for example, the portal which conducts on the page of the minister of VKontakte is written. One of the websites — — at first was written on Nikiforov's mail on the domain of state authorities, and then is transferred to its personal e-mail on "Yandex".

Total return with the spouse - 68.8 million rub

The income of Nikolai Nikiforov and his spouse Svetlana Nikiforova at the end of 2017 was 68.8 million rubles from which the most part - 63 million rubles - fell on the income of the spouse. At this time she owns the Startobaza company investing in different IT projects.


Performance on TAdviser IT Government Day

The Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Nikolai Nikiforov made a speech at opening of the TAdviser IT Government Day 2018 conference. He noted that the digital economy became this trend caused by top-level unique political support. Characterizing a situation in general, the minister stated signs of technology revolution within which the number of Internet users in the country for last several years increased from 46% up to 75% and continues to grow, including in the most remote regions. This factor accelerates processes of digital transformation, Nikiforov emphasized.

Nikolai Nikiforov, Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation

The main difference of a new era of digital economy from a previous period of informatization, Nikolai Nikiforov considers, change of approaches to IT is. Digital economy, the speaker explained, is how data are created, collected and processed and as a set of new technologies is for this purpose applied. At the same time not all them them still even exist as the solutions completed in the technology relation, namely – the analysis of Big Data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality. Also it is not only about use of new technologies in a state administration, but also in all industries of the national economy. Among other, Nikiforov noted, it is required to correct regulatory legal acts to remove the barriers which remained in them and really to begin process of digital transformation in all industries. In more detail about a performance of Nikolai Nikiforov and other experts at the IT Government Day conference - here.

Dismissal from the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications

In May, 2018 Nikolai Nikiforov from a duty of the Minister of Communications was released by Konstantin Noskov who was earlier heading the Russian Government Analytical Centre.

Founder and CEO of Diginavis and Development of Innopolis companies

As detected TAdviser, on June 5, 2018 in Innopolis two companies - Diginavis LLC and Razvitiye Innopolisa LLC, the head and which only owner is the ex-Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Nikolai Nikiforov were registered.

The ex-Minister of Communications Nikiforov created in Innopolis the companies for development of technology projects

Nikiforov at the TsIPR conference in June explained TAdviser that both of these companies will be engaged in "technology projects in a broad spectrum of areas". For example, the artificial intelligence, robotics, a blockchain, biotechnologies and even space technologies, listed the ex-minister.

These companies are registered in Innopolis to create here jobs, to pay the decent salary, to pay taxes and to develop our country, - he said in a conversation with TAdviser.

How many people will work in these companies, Nikolai Nikiforov could not specify yet. "There is so much how many it will be necessary for success", he noted.

Co-owner Innopolis of Arkhitekt

In August, 2018 the Development of Innopolis company for 100% belonging to Nikolai Nikiforov became the owner of 50% of Innopolis Arkhitekt company. Read more here.


Participation in personnel business is Resource LLC

In January, 2019 in Innopolis the new company – Resource LLC was registered. Acted as her founders Tatyana Yurkina who possesses 75% of authorized capital, and Development of Innopolis company which only owner is the former Minister of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov. Through Development of Innopolis he owns 25% of Resource LLC. Read more here.

Co-owner of Zen.Car service

In April, 2019 the Diginavis company belonging to Nikolai Nikiforov became cofounder Zenkar, Zen.Car managing an online service. According to Contour-Focus base, it possesses 50% in authorized capital Zenkar now. Read more here.

Creation of command center by the movement of UAVs together with Rostec

In July, 2019 Rostec and Nikolai Nikiforov founded the "Center of the Organization of the Movement of Pilotless Vehicles" joint venture (DPC of BTS) registered in Innopolis. Read more here.


  • It is awarded data protection with the medal "For Strengthening of the State System" (FSTEC Russia Order No. 164-l/s of December 10, 2009)
  • It is awarded with the medal "For the Commonwealth for Rescue" (The order of the Minister of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief of the Russian Federation No. 12-K of January 19, 2010)
  • It is awarded with a medal "In Commemoration of the 1000th Anniversary of Kazan" (The decree of the President of the Russian Federation of June 30, 2005)
  • Entered the "People of 2015 in the Russian IT Industry" list made by the TAdviser edition. It includes the top managers and officials, according to the editorial, who had the most considerable impact on development of the Russian IT sphere, or caused a stir in successful implementation of the most ambitious IT projects.



He is married to Svetlana Nikiforova (on a photo). Brings up the daughter and two sons.

In 2017 Svetlana Nikiforova's investment company Startobaz got profit about 1 billion rubles. Read more here.


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