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<b>Kurumatani Nobuaki (Nobuaki Kurumatani)</b>
Kurumatani Nobuaki (Nobuaki Kurumatani)

Nobuaki Kurumatani is a graduate of the University of Tokyo. The most part of the career it worked in banking sector.

2018: Appointment of Toshiba as the head

On February 14, 2018 Nobuaki Kurumatani is appointed the CEO of Toshiba. He will also head Board of Directors of the Japanese corporation.

Nobuaki Kurumatani became the head of Toshiba instead of  Satoshi Tsunakawa who at the same time will save a position of the president and will take still a position of the operating officer. Tsunakawa stayed on a post of the CEO of Toshiba only one and a half years.

Staff changes at such highest level will become effective on April 1, 2018, however formally shareholders of Toshiba still should approve them.

The new chairman of the board of directors as the chief executive officer will be responsible for growth strategies in the average and long term and also for public relations, says the company.

Before appointment as the CEO of Toshiba of Nobuaki Kurumatani was the president of the Japanese representative office of the European private investment company CVC Capital Partners. Even earlier he was the vice president of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking — one of the main creditors of Toshiba who often have a strong impact on management decisions of corporation is marked out by Reuters agency.

The last years were difficult for Toshiba, but I am sure that having overcome all difficulties, the company will become stronger. It has the long and impressing story of creation of new technologies and their transformations into mass businesses. I consider that my most important duty is in recovering this culture and to integrate all resources of management to focus on revival of Toshiba... I will concentrate all the experience and I will direct all the efforts to Toshiba Group reorganization, having recovered and having strengthened a financial basis — 60-year-old Nobuaki Kurumatani said.[1]