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Paul Gardner Paul_Allen is a souchereditel of Microsoft, company which together with Bill Gates Paul_Allen founded in 1975.


Was born on January 21, 1953 in Seattle, the USA.

1968: Acquaintance to Bill Gates

In school days Paul Allen was famous for a game in poker. As the legend says, behind a game in poker he also got acquainted with the future friend, the partner and the colleague — Bill Gates. There was it in 1968. By the way, card play allowed friends to get the money necessary for payment of work for a computer.

Future founders of Microsoft company 13-year-old Bill Gates and 15-year-old Paul Allen are connected to the PDP-10 computer, being in the University of Washington, by means of the teletype terminal at the Leyksayd school in Seattle in the 1968th year.

In 1971 Paul Allen entered the Washington state university. Later the administration of the university simply refused to issue to Allen the certificate until mother of future billionaire who is present at a ceremony paid a debt in 200 dollars during the operating time used by her offspring on a computer.

1975: Co-founder of Microsoft

In 1975 there was a significant event – Allen and Gates for the first time used the name of Microsoft.

Gates and Allen - founders of Microsoft

In the source code of the interpreter of the Basic language created by them by request of MITS, friends turned on also such line: 'Microsoft BASIC: Bill Gates wrote a lot of stuff; Paul Allen wrote some other stuff'. As Bill Gates was recognized later, they with Paul long suffered, inventing the name for the new company. Outcorporated Inc. or Unlimited Ltd. it was too faceless, 'Allen and Gates' looked like law firm. Something else was required. And this 'another' was – the name came from the basic and, at first, the only activity of partners – creation of the software (SOFTware) for microcomputers (MICROcomputer). Late writing of the name changed – Microsoft and the area of interest of the company for passed quarter of the century too a little extended.

In joint business Paul Allen was engaged in the technical ideas and advanced developments, to Gates closer there were negotiations, contracts and other business communication. And still friends resolved the main issues together – occasionally as Gates was recognized later, disputes continued for 6-8 hours in succession. Possibly, Allen's thirst for science to the detriment of commerce became the reason that later the companies created by him independently could not achieve that success which Microsoft achieved. And this with the fact that Paul Allen's companies represented and present the programs implementing original and in own way the revolutionary ideas at the market. However, it will be then, and for Allen and Gates's joint child hour of triumph came in 1980. Then IBM addressed not too large and not the especially known company Microsoft with the offer to adapt several programming languages for their use on the IBM PC personal computer which had to appear in the market in 1981.

1982: Cancer and leaving management of Microsoft

In 1982 intense and to a limit the Allen's life saturated with work abruptly changed suddenly. Being in Paris, during Europe tour for the purpose of advertizing of some products of Microsoft, Allen felt badly. The unclear cone on a neck became the reason. A floor found at itself something similar earlier, but wrote off the strange feelings and deterioration in a status for fatigue. This time case took too serious turn. It was necessary to return to Seattle where doctors made the depressing diagnosis – a Hodgkin's disease, one of cancer forms. 22 months of radiotheraphy yielded the results. The disease receded, but Allen changed. As he was recognized later: 'In 30 years, having faced face to face death, you understand that it would be quite good to be engaged also in affairs on which earlier there was never time'.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1983

Allen in a stock had 2 years – if during this time the disease does not recrudesce, treatment can be considered successful if it is not present... At first Paul still continued to fulfill the duties in Microsoft, but in 1983 he left the company, having reserved a considerable share block and the place in Board of Directors.

Bil Gates and Paule Alain
Paul Allen not bad played the guitar, being at the same time a big fan of rock music and the Pink Floyd group

2000: Leaving Board of Directors of Microsoft

At the end of 2000, Paul Allen finally left board of Board of Directors of Microsoft, having reserved a position of the chief consultant for strategy, Bill Gates will hardly undergo near himself as the adviser someone else, except Allen, friendship with whom continues the fourth decade. Allen explains the step with the fact that it needs more time for own business projects and work in charitable organizations.

Allen was known that he spares no expense for parties. At many impressions of the celebration of Christmas of 2005 when on the Allen yacht organized for the friends a celebration with the invited guests remained: legendary rock artist Johnny Cash and rap star Usher.

According to Forbes Allen took the 32nd place among the richest people of the planet. Due to the financial crisis 2008-2009 of its status decreased from 16 billion to 10.5 billion USD. Before recession Allen took the 12th place.

At this time Paul Allen in an interview to the British newspaper The Sunday Times fell with criticism upon the heads of the companies who are main competitors of software corporation. Allen considers that the slogan Google "Don't be evil" ("Be not angry") is selected exactly the opposite. As the company can be guided by such slogan if it "is pushed with elbows and shows the teeth" in aspiration in any manner to expand business, the founder of Microsoft is perplexed.

"I every time grin when I see people who are ready to do anything to find new sources of income, to turn any thing into income. And they still say that they do good", - Allen speaks of Google corporation which founders are Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

In turn Apple Steve Jobs Allen called the founder and the head "maniac". The website The Guardian which transfers his words, does not explain what meant. However most of readers for certain will agree that Jobs really is a maniac of the case. Earlier Allen called success of Apple "improbable".

2011: Start of the space project

On December 13, 2011 Paul Allen announced plans of rather new commercial spaceship from which start of other devices will be performed.

In this private space race he joins the company of vigorous people: To Elon Musk from PayPal and to Jeff Bezos from They will try to fill with joint efforts the emptiness formed after end of the program of space shuttles by the U.S. Government.

Musk's company, Space Exploration Technologies which was going to send the Dragon capsule for joining with the International Space Station in February, 2012 also had to prepare capsules and carrier rockets for the project of Allen which is called Stratolaunch, and Bezos to construct the private spaceship.

Earlier Paul Allen subsidized creation of the first private SpaceShipOne spaceship which sustained 2 successful civil space starts.

Allen cooperates with the space pioneer Burt Rutan who worked with the magnate in 2004 to get $10 million an award for the first weeds the private space suborbital ship. According to Allen, his giant airplane and the system of an output of the spaceship into an orbit will take "the next big step: business in the form of the private space platform".

The wingspan of this airplane had to be 380 feet (~ 132 m) - more long, than the football field and more widely, than at the biggest Spruce Goose airplane of Howard Hughes. A new system, according to Allen, had to change considerably a possibility of an exit of people in space and it "will keep America in vanguard of mastering of space".

It was supposed that from a board of this vessel the space capsules equipped with the carrier rocket which will take the spacecraft into an orbit will be launched. This method saves means and does not use rocket fuel for a separation from the earth. In the spaceship there can be about six people.

"When I was small, the space program of America was the aspiration character to stars, - Allen told, having mentioned the love to science fiction and the first steps of the person in space. - For me hobby for space will never end. I never ceased to dream of everything that there is possible".


According to him, for those people who are attracted by difficult technical issues, space - an endpoint of efforts.

"It also the most extreme adventure. All of us grew up, absorbing science fiction, considering Mercury and Gemini, Apollo and other space shuttles. And now we have an opportunity to take part in reaching the following level", - he told.

In the statement of reply of NASA welcomed the Allen's aspirations to space business, having noted that its plan "has the potential for implementation in the future of more competitive, timely and cheap exit to a low earth orbit".

Unlike competitors, the Allen's company it does not rely upon the start capital provided to NASA which stimulates private companies to develop delivery of astronauts, loads to a low earth orbit and the ISS. The space agency which terminated the program of space shuttles at the beginning of 2011 is going to shift the most part of routine work for private companies, and itself will focus on more fixed studying by the person of asteroids, the Moon and even Mars.

The Allen's company sees profit on receiving money from space tourists and start of small communication satellites, orders NASA and the Ministry of Defence. At a press conference the former head of NASA Michael Griffin, the board member of Stratolaunch reported about it.

2012: Cracking of the account in Citibank

The American is accused of theft of identity from the co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen and also attempt to crack Allen account in Citibank and to withdraw from it money.

According to the documents transferred at the end of March, 2012 to District court of the USA across the State of Pennsylvania, 30-year-old Brandon Price from Pittsburgh represented Allen by phone and convinced the employee of the bank to send it the debit card of Allen and an account number. Then Price tried to perform using this card illegal transaction for the amount of $15 thousand.

The history of frauds of Price at the same time strikes with failure to act from solid bank. On January 9, 2012 Price called a client service of Citibank and asked employees of the bank to replace the address to which the Allen's account was tied, from Seattle with Pittsburgh and also to tie the new phone number to the account that those successfully and made. On January 12 Price called bank again and, having provided by Allen, said that he lost the debit card, but does not want to report its theft therefore he asks bank to send it the new card to the address in Pittsburgh using a mail service of UPS.

When the card was delivered directly to Price's threshold one day later, it activated it by phone. After that he paid the card of $658 the credit account opened on own name in small Kansas bank and then tried to make transfer to the amount of $15 thousand through the system of Western Union. In the afternoon later Price also used the card to pay off in shop of video games for the amount of $278, it left $1 more in shop of family purchases. Cameras in these shops recorded Price's actions, and only on March 2, 2012 he was arrested on a charge of bank frauds.

If Price's guilt is proved, threatens him up to 30 years of imprisonment. Yet information how Price got access to identifying information which opened for him access to management of someone else's bank account is not disclosed.

2013: Purchase of the mansion in Silicon Valley

In November, 2013 it became known that Paul Allen, the owner of Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trail Blazers companies, purchased the luxurious mansion in Silicon Valley, California, the USA.

The area of the house is 22 thousand sq. feet, it is located in the city of Aterton, the portal reported about it. According to journalists of the edition, initially the house was put up for sale at the price of $31.8 million, but Allen managed to reduce the price to $27 million.

Let's add that Paul Allen locates the real estate worldwide, but this object could be required by him purely from the practical point of view: near Palo Alto in April, 2013 the office was opened by the venture company Vulcan Capital belonging to it.

Aterton – quite popular Californian town among IT billionaires.Eric Schmidt houses from Google, the head of HP Meg Whitman and Mark Hurd from Oracle are here too located.

The house purchased by Allen absolutely new: in 2013 it was constructed by Pacific Peninsula Group. The total area of section on which it is located is nearly 2 acres. The house distinguishes light, modern design. In the mansion the kitchen and six bedrooms were located the capacious sizes.

Besides, in the house there is a home theater, a Spa center and seven fireplaces and also four toilet rooms. In close proximity to the house there are a patio and the place for a barbecue, the pool. And also the guest house with two bedrooms and kitchen and a garage on five parking places.


Detection of cancer - a nekhodzhkinsky lymphoma; doctors build optimistic forecasts

On October 1, 2018 Paul Allen reported that to him diagnosed again cancer in this connection it began repeated treatment. According to the cofounder of Microsoft, doctors give optimistic forecasts. Before he managed to leave from death in fight against an oncological disease twice.

It is a little news of personal character: recently I learned that the lymphoma which is not a Hodgkin's disease with which I struggled in 2009 returned. During this time changed in medicine much... I appreciate the got support and I expect it further while I resist to this call, said in the Allen's statement published on the website of his Vulcan company.

Paul Allen - one of founders of Microsoft

As the 65-year-old entrepreneur noted, the team of doctors began treatment of an oncological disease and is configured on "good results" in fight against it. Allen is going to monitor further work of the companies (among them - Vulcan founded in 1986 for management of a multi-billion investment portfolio of Allen), however for the period of treatment will entrust their management to managers.

According to the made Forbes of rating of the richest people on the planet for 2018, Paul Allen takes the 44th place in the world, having a status in $20.5 billion. The businessman saves a share in Microsoft, develops own projects, actively does public work and charity work. In 2018 it offered $30 million for development in Seattle of the project of construction of time and permanent houses for homeless and needy families. Besides, the entrepreneur sponsors scientific research and founded the Museum of science fiction in Seattle (the State of Washington, the USA).

At the end of September, 2018 the The Sun edition announced Paul Allen's plans to purchase the London Arsenal Football Club from the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. According to the edition, the co-founder of Microsoft already discussed a possibility of the transaction with the football agent Pinkhas Zakhavi who is also a close friend of mister Abramovich. How many the American entrepreneur is ready to pay for football club, was not specified.

The Nekhodzhkinsky lymphoma is a big group of malignant new growths which develop from lymphocytes. If it is simpler to tell, these are the cancer tumors affecting lymph nodes. More than 30 types of this pathology are selected.

The Nekhodzhkinsky lymphoma takes the sixth place on death rate among malignant tumors. According to the statistics, women are ill it in the ratio 10:100000 people a year, and men – 14:100000. This malignant disease belongs to neoplastic heterogeneous group and if to compare it with limfogranulematozy, then patients with this diagnosis recover only in 25% of cases.

On October 1, 2018 scientists 70-year-old James Ellison (USA) and 76-year-old to Tasuk Hondzyo (Japan) got the Nobel Prize for opening in the field of immunology which helped to create new effective methods of cancer therapy, including a nekhodzhkinsky lymphoma.

In 1976 to Paul Allen diagnosed Hodgkin's lymphoma then he underwent the most extreme methods of cancer therapy which were in medicine at that time. Risky methods were applied to patients who did not have other options. They usually turn on huge doses of radiation for destruction of malignancies then in case of failure bone marrow transplantation follows. Allen then survived, and in 2009 at him found a nekhodzhkinsy lymphoma against which it was also succeeded to win by means of chemotherapy. Allen promised that he will use the best efforts that and this time to cope with a cancer disease.[1]

Death from cancer

On October 15, 2018 it became known of Paule's death of Allen after fight against a cancer disease. The cofounder of Microsoft was 66 years old.

With a deep regret we announce the death of our founder Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, the outstanding technical specialist, philanthropist, coordinator of work with community, the active fighter for conservation, the musician and the fan of art. Mister Allen died Monday afternoon, on October 15, 2018, of complications of a nekhodzhkinsky lymphoma in Seattle, said in the statement of Vulcan company which was founded by Allen.

According to the CEO of Vulcan Bill Hilf, Paul Alenn had a remarkable intelligence and passion to solve some of the most complex problems in the world, belief in innovative thinking and new approaches.

The founder of Microsoft Paul Allen died from cancer at the age of 66 years
All of us who had honor to work with Paul feel inexpressible loss today — he reported.

Bill Gates who together with Allen stood at the origins of Microsoft, said that "it breaks heart in connection with the death of one of the oldest and most dear friends".

Floor was this partner and the friend from our first days at Lakeside school to our partnership in creation of Microsoft and some general charitable projects for these years — he told in an interview to CNBC TV channel.

The CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella called Allen "quiet and persistent" the person" who changed the world.

It was underestimated in Seattle — the founder of the local news website and the Seattle Weekly newspaper David Brewster says. — It was closed and preferred a privacy.

Paul Allen's sister Jody reported that her brother was a wonderful person in everything. The family and friends were happy from his wit, warmth, generosity and deep care, Jody added.[2]

Bill Gates: as Paul Allen changed my life

In October, 2018 Bill Gates paid a tribute of respect to the late friend Paul Allen with whom he in 1975 founded Microsoft. In article published in the The Wall Street Journal newspaper, 62-year-old Gates remembered when he for the first time met Allen at elementary school and as their friendship changed Gates's life and also all technology world. Read more here.


Affording sometimes extravagant acts, Allen is not alien to charity, and, partly, the reason is in the disease endured by Paul. The person who visited on the brink of disaster differently treats money, realizing that in life there are also other values. Allen donates considerable funds to the hospitals and scientific funds occupied with fight against AIDS and cancer. He finances the Shakespearean festival in Oregon, and in 1988 gave one million to the University of Washington to the organization of the library of Allen called so in memory of his father who once managed university library. From the middle of the 90th years when the American Congress refused financing of the program of search of extraterrestrial civilizations of SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), Allen renders financial support to the astronomers occupied with hard search of brothers in reason. The Allen philanthropy extends also to museum institutions.

2017: 30 million dollars for the homeless

Soosnovatel of Microsoft, the philanthropist Paul Allen will offer 30 million dollars for construction of houses for homeless residents of Seattle. 5 million more dollars will be selected by the city administration. There will be enough amount to construct and operate buildings, it is told on[3] website[4].

Volumes of construction are not specified, however it is known that now more than 1.5 thousand families expecting housing and also about 3.5 thousand homeless students, students at public schools of Seattle live in the city.

It is supposed that the charitable project will cover all construction costs of housing for these people.


Cinema, books, guitar, chess, scuba diving.

  • Allen owns 3 professional sports commands. Seattle Seahawks (American soccer), Portland Trail Blazers (basketball) and Seattle Soundesr FC (traditional soccer).
  • Allen spent 2 million USD for construction in Seattle of a sports complex known as Rose Quarter.

Collection of pictures for $750 million

At the end of March, 2018 the cost of a collection of pictures of Paul Allen and also about sale to one of them became known. The cofounder of Microsoft  sold at an exhibition of arts Art Basel in Hong Kong an abstract picture of Willem de Kooning "Without name XII" for $35 million. The work was purchased by the private collector.   

Willem de Kooning's picture "Without name XII"

Allen — one of the most famous and reserved collectors of painting in the world. According to the Forbes magazine, cost of its collection makes about $750 million. She turns on works by such masters as Claude Monet, Pierre August of Renoir, Roy Liechtenstein and Jasper Jones.

The sold de Kooning's work — a picture of 1975, it belongs to the period when the most valuable works by the expressionist were created. The picture originally belonged to Levi Gorvi's gallery with representations in New York and London, and then was sold at an auction in 1987 for $517 thousand Allen purchased it in 2001, the price was not disclosed.

According to data of Artnet, the buyer conducted negotiations on purchase of a picture before the exhibition and made the decision to purchase it within several hours after preliminary VIP-viewing. As a rule, Art Basel provides more information on private buyers, for example, specifies the region from where it is, however this time these data did not reveal.

Each several months the world's largest collectors of works of art meet on Art Basel to purchase or sell the most expensive pictures in the world, sculptures and installations. Already almost Art Basel passes half a century in the Swiss city of Basel, however a few years ago it covered also the USA (Florida) and Asian region (Hong Kong). China is the second in value market of works of art after the USA as it is specified in the report published by South China Morning Post.

Picture "Without Name XXV" (1977) sold in 2016 for $66.3 million[5] is considered the most expensive work by de Kooning]


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