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Pripachkin Yury Igorevich


Was born on October 12, 1960 in Moscow.

Graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute as "radio engineer". Doctor of Engineering.

  • 1983 — 1985 — worked at one of MAI departments.

  • 1985 — 1990 — served as the officer in Armed Forces of the USSR.

  • After dismissal from army worked as the deputy CEO of Management of Perspective Technologies Ltd.

  • In 1992 became the president of Euroasian Financial and Industrial Corporation Ltd

  • 1992-1993 - vice chairman of the board, member of exchange committee of the Moscow commodity exchange

  • 1992 – one of founders of Moscow Telecommunications Corporation of COMCOR

  • 1992 – 2006 – President, CEO, Chairman of the board of directors of JSC COMCOR (trademark of AKADO Telecom)

  • Since 2001 – the President of Association of cable television of Russia

  • Since January, 2002 - the CEO of JSC Moscow Telecommunications Corporation (Comcor).

  • In September, 2017 it became known that the founder of Akado Yury Pripachkin who sold the share in the company in the summer 2017 focused on activity in the field of blockchain technologies. So, at the end of August he became the president of the new Russian Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (RACB), RBC writes. In addition, he invests in the business connected with creation of infrastructure for development of these technologies. According to the edition, in projects where Pripachkin participates, about $10 million were already invested. The businessman did not begin to specify details, however told that he will not return to the telecom industry any more.


The co-owner of AKADO Group in which 100% belong to Renova Media Enterprises (RME). Renova Industries Ltd. controls 58% of RME, and CMCR Management Ltd. Yury Pripachkin - 42%.

  • In 2010 on Akado there were other applicants — CenterTelecom (it is controlled by Svyazinvest) and MegaFon. With the first shareholders of Akado discussed the transaction in September, 2010. It was supposed what will pay $1.07 billion for all company "CenterTelecom". But the CEO of holding of that time Evgeny Yurchenko considered the price overestimated. And on January 31, 2011 Boards of Directors of three companies of Svyazinvest approved purchase of 71.8% of "National telecommunications" (NTK). But the source in Svyazinvest assures that purchase of NTK does not exclude the transaction with Akado. Pripachkin says that negotiations with holding were not resumed.

MegaFon conducted negotiations on purchase of Akado in 2010 too. In June he estimated the operator at $700 million, and in September, according to sources in Svyazinvest, increased the offer to the amount comparable to assessment of state holding.

  • In February, 2011 it became known that the Renova company of Victor Vekselberg acquired 7% of shares of the Moscow operator of cable TV and broadband access in the Internet of Akado at the CEO of the company Yury Pripachkin. The transaction could cost Vekselberg $56-77 million.

After the transaction Pripachkin possesses 42% of Akado, and Vekselberg's Renova — 58%. Pripachkin does not disclose the amount and details of the transaction. But earlier this week he announced that he considers objective assessment of all company in $1.2 billion according to him, estimated Akado Svyazinvest at this amount.

Perhaps, Pripachkin expected money from the broken transaction with Svyazinvest, the analyst of VTB Capital Victor Klimovich assumes, and then found the buyer on behalf of Vekselberg. But, on the other hand, shareholders of Akado can thus try to convince the potential buyer that seriously treat assessment of the company, he argues. The last similar transactions passed till 8-11 indicators of EBITDA, Klimovich says. Then 7% could cost 56-77 million.


Author more than 50 scientific works and publications.


  • The winner of an award of Lenin Komsomol in science and technology (1989)

  • Academician of the International academy of informatization

  • On October 12, 2010 - for a big personal deposit in implementation of federal and regional programs of development of communication and informatization and in connection with anniversary the order of the Minister to I.O. Shchegoleva Yury Igorevich Pripachkin gives an honorary title – "The master of communication".

The rank "Master of Communication" is given to the highly professional workers of an information technology sphere and communication for progress in improvement of an infocommunication complex of the country, implementation of federal and regional programs of development of communication and informatization working in the specified area 15 and more years.

Family and hobbies

  • Master of Sports of the USSR in rugby.
  • Married. Three children.
  • Was a member of the Moscow English club