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Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is President of Russia.


  • Was born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad.

  • In 1975 graduated from law department of the Leningrad state university. On distribution it was directed to work in the state security agencies. Candidate of Economic Sciences. Knows German also English languages.

Evening Leningrad newspaper, on May 4, 1976
  • In 1985-1990 worked in the GDR.

Vladimir Putin with parents before departure to Germany, 1985.
  • Since 1990 - the assistant to the rector of the Leningrad state university on international issues, then - the adviser to the chairman of the Leningrad city council.

1991: The Chairman of the Committee on external relations of the government of St. Petersburg

Since June, 1991 - the Chairman of the Committee on external relations of the mayor's office of St. Petersburg

The publication in the yellow newspaper "Megapolis-express" of April 8, 1992 No. 15, p. 19, possibly custom character
Vladimir Putin interestingly put on from the very beginning of career

1994: The first deputy chairman of the government of St. Petersburg

Along with a position of the Chairman of the Committee on external relations since 1994 - the First Deputy Prime Minister of St. Petersburg.

During the visit of the British prince Charles to St. Petersburg, May, 1994.
Image:Путин Владимир и Анатолий Собчак.jpg
Anatoly Turchak, Vladimir Putin and Anatoly Sobchak during the match of Football Club Zenit. St. Petersburg. the 1990th.
  • Since August, 1996 - the deputy manager of affairs of the President of the Russian Federation.

  • Since March, 1997 - the Deputy Chief of the Russian President's Executive Office, the chief of the Main Control Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation.

1998: The first deputy head of Presidential Administration

  • Since May, 1998 - the First Deputy Chief of the Russian President's Executive Office.

The former head of administration of Boris Yeltsin Valentin Yumashev in 2019 told Dozhd TV channel as candidates for successor to the president Yeltsin were selected.

  • In total in the candidate list to the place of Yeltsin there were about ten people. Vladimir Putin's candidacy was proposed by Anatoly Chubais and Alexey Kudrin (then held a post of the chief of the Main Control Directorate of Presidential Administration).

  • Already several months later Yumasheva it became clear that Putin is "very strong figure". According to him, Putin "had a fine analysis and the sensible ideas", it "absolutely precisely formulated everything".

  • As the successor Vladimir Putin began to be perceived in 1998 after held a position of the first deputy head of administration.

  • In July, 1998 it is appointed the Director of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, at the same time - since March, 1999 - the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.


1999: Prime Minister and deputy. President of Russia

Since August, 1999 - the Russian Prime Minister.

Since December 31, 1999 - the Acting president of the Russian Federation.

Yeltsin gives to Putin the handle which signed his decree on resignation, 1999.

2000: President of Russia

On March 26, 2000 it is elected the President of the Russian Federation. Entered a position on May 7, 2000.

On March 14, 2004 it is elected the President of the Russian Federation for the second term.

2008: Russian Prime Minister

On May 8, 2008 the Decree of the Russian President it is appointed the Russian Prime Minister.

2012: President of Russia

In 2012 it is elected the Russian President for the third time.

2018: The shaman's campaign from Yakutia

In 2018 for the fourth time it is elected the President of Russia.

The shaman who in March, 2019 went on foot from Yakutia to Moscow that "expel the demon from Putin" in September delayed and delivered in a madhouse. Next day it was released. Addressed speaks well and even to Yakutsk free of charge returned by the airplane. Duration of a way would take 2 years. "Only" 5 months were succeeded to pass.

The shaman Gabyshev called the Russian President by generation of powers of darkness with which the shaman can cope only. In two last months he managed to bring together group of supporters, to organize a meeting in Chita, to organize protests in Ulan-Ude and to face "patriotic shamans" who criticized the colleague for "violation of the principles of Shamanism".

Way of the Yakut shaman which went "expel the demon from Putin".

Policy in the field of development of ICT

Main article: The politician Vladimir Putin in development of ICT

Income and property

2019: Full-year income of 8.6 million rubles

The president Vladimir Putin submitted the income statement for 2019.

According to the declaration, for 2018  Putin earned 8.648 million rubles. The president two apartments (77 and 153.7 sq.m), a garage and the garage place (on 18 sq.m) and also two cars — GAZ-M21, Niva — and the Scythian trailer were owned.

Picnic in Siberia with the Minister of Defence S. Shoygu

2018: Income of 8.6 million rub

Vladimir Putin's income in 2018 was 8.648 million rubles against 18.7 million rubles in 2017.

The president still owns at this time the 77-meter apartment and a garage. In use he has one more apartment in 153.7 square meters and the garage place. Putin also has cars GAZ-M21, Niva and the Scythian trailer.

In 2015-2016 the president earned about 8.9 million rubles annually. The jump of its income in 2017 is connected with sale of the land plot of 1500 square meters.


From defects with Lyudmila Putina to whom the president was married within 30 years it has two daughters — Maria and Ekaterina 1985 and 1986 year of birth respectively.

Vladimir Putin and Lyudmila Shkrebneva's wedding. Leningrad. USSR. 1983.