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Semerikov Andrey Nikolaevich


Was born on May 26, 1967 in Perm.


In 1989 graduated from the Perm polytechnical institute majoring in "The electric drive and automation of plants and technology complexes".


In 1993 it is appointed the CEO of Komtels Ltd.

In 1996-1999 headed Elsvyaz Ltd.

From 2001 to 2006 – the CEO of ER Group Ltd, ER-Telecom Ltd.

Since 2006 – the CEO of ER-Telecom Holding Ltd.

2018: Termination of powers of the CEO "ER-Telecom of Holding"

In October, 2018 Board of Directors "ER-Telecom of Holding" made the decision on the termination of powers of the CEO Andrey Semerikov in connection with his transition to a position of the vice-chairman of Board of Directors. On October 4 reported about it to TAdviser in "ER-Telecom Holding".

On a post of the CEO of the company Andrey Semerikov worked 17 years. Management of operating activities of holding belonged to its duties.

As specified in "ER-Telecom Holding", duties of the CEO passed to the president of the company Andrey Kuzyaev.

We thank Andrey Semerikov for brilliantly done work on a post of the CEO of the company. For these years outstanding business results were reached, the company reached federal level. Andrey Nikolaevich remains as a part of Board of Directors. The company will continue to develop according to the accepted strategy and to strengthen positions in the market — the president of JSC ER-Telecom Holding Andrey Kuzyaev commented on the happened changes.

2020: Chairman of the board of directors of ER-Telecom Holding

TAdviser announced 29 years 2020 of JSC ER-Telecom Holding (TM "Дом.ru" and "Дом.ru Business") Andrey Semerikov's appointment to a position of the chairman of the board of directors of the company. It will replace Elena Ivashentseva for the last years holding this post. In turn, she will continue work in Board of Directors.

Being one of co-founders, Andrey Nikolaevich throughout all history of the company served its interests. It is sure that its work on this position will contribute to the further successful development of holding, - Andrey Kuzyaev, the president of JSC ER-Telecom Holding noted.

Also Andrey is the vice president of "Association of cable television of Russia".