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<b>Shilenkov Vasily Yuryevich</b>
Shilenkov Vasily Yuryevich


Vasily joined a command of Raiffeisenbank in 2011, having begun with a position of the specialist of information center where there passed the way to the head of group. The further career of Vasily was connected with development of different retail banking products, optimization of product lines, increase in process performance and development of digital consumer crediting (filing of application and/or remote signing of documents through Internet bank, without visit to department) which share in new issues in the 4th quarter 2019 exceeded 50%.

In February, 2020 Vasily Shilenkov headed the direction of digital not credit products and services of Raiffeisenbank. A priority of Vasily is creation of completely digital experience of receiving and use by clients of bank cards, since the moment of the first acquaintance of the new client to bank before receiving all services for money transfers and payment of services by it through digital channels.

The detailed research of client preferences and development of value proposition of Raiffeisenbank which will allow to take firmly positions in territories, new to bank, will become the main call in the new direction: in constantly growing list of the cities with completely digital model of service — Vasily Shilenkov, the head of digital not credit products and services of Raiffeisenbank added.