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<b>Tebenkov Yaks Mikhaylovich</b>
Tebenkov Yaks Mikhaylovich


In 1998 graduated from the Ural state technical university majoring in the engineer (The radio-electronic systems), in 2003 — as an engineer economist/programmer (Information systems in economy).

In 2008-2010 Sbsistem worked as the deputy CEO for telecommunications and communication.

In 2010-2011 - the Head of Department of operating activities in "EEC. Guarantor".

In 2011-2012 - the deputy CEO for development Metrostandart

Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications

In 2012-2018 Yakov Tebenkov worked as the associate director of department of coordination of informatization Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications Russia in Nikolai Nikiforov's team. The department headed Nikolay Yatselenko, supervised - the deputy minister Oleg Pak.


Since September, 2018 Tebenkov is a project director of the Digital Economy program in subsidiary company of Rostelecom "RTK-TsOD".

Transition to TsEKI

According to TAdviser, in February-March, 2020 Yakov Tebenkov can pass to work into the "Center of examination and coordination of information" subordinated to the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications. This center conducts approvals of plans of informatization of federal agencies (in more detail). The interlocutor of TAdviser says that at first Tebenkov can be appointed the associate director of TsEKI of Pavel Buyadzhi, and then, 1-2 months later, will become the director of organization.