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Developers: The ministry of digital development, communication and mass communications of the Russian Federation (before the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications), Digital economy of ANO
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/03/23
Last Release Date: 2020/05/22
Branches: Internet services



Availability on the portal of state services

On the Uniform portal of state services the complete directory of services of "the digital resistance to a coronavirus" Все.онлайн is built. For May 22, 2020 it contains more than 500 digital services. On May 22, 2020 reported about it to ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika.

Availability on the portal of state services

Services in the Все.онлайн directory are grouped in life situations and cover practically all spheres of life – from contactless cargo delivery and telemedicine before fitness classes in house conditions, various educational programs and services of psychological assistance online.

The uniform portal of state services – the multifunction platform. In the conditions of a coronavirus not only services through which citizens can issue additional payments are brought to the portal, but also the separate information section with the necessary and constantly updated information on a coronavirus is created,

Все.онлайн is the aggregator of digital services for citizens in the conditions of self-isolation. In it for May, 2020 more than 500 different digital services which are provided completely free of charge or on special conditions in a discount type or expanded service packages for a standard payment are collected. Now users of the section Coronavirus of the Uniform Portal of Public Services can see the complete directory and the detailed subject heading list Все.онлайн, remaining at the same time on the portal of state services,

The portal with digital services started the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika with assistance of the Russian Internet companies on March 23, 2020.

Taking into account agreements which were reached with the companies the majority of services of Internet services are provided to citizens free of charge or on favorable terms.

The best digital services from the portal will receive state support on further development

The companies which provided information on digital services for the ВСЕ.ОНЛАЙН portal will be involved in tender on receiving the state support for development of the services. Winner projects will get support at the expense of means of the federal draft "Digital Technologies" of the national program "Digital Economy of Russia". On May 21, 2020 reported about it to ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika.

In the ВСЕ.ОНЛАЙН directory over 500 solutions for comfortable life in the conditions of self-isolation which several million people used are collected for May, 2020. Founders of the modern and competitive digital services approved by program committee and placed on the ВСЕ.ОНЛАЙН portal will be able to take part in the planned state program of support of the companies working in the field of digital technologies. Online of employment, recommendatory and communication services, development of services and platforms for rendering services online, development of the systems of remote diagnostics, condition monitoring of health and vaccination, increase in availability of medical care by telemedicine development is about solutions for ensuring efficiency of remote work, study and leisure, distribution.

Preliminary applications for expert evaluation of compliance to priorities of competitive selection are accepted by the Digital Economy organization. After completion of open competitive procedures development financing of projects will be provided by her founders from among institutes of development which are included in implementation of the Digital Technologies fedproyekt. The leading companies which are developed will be able to get support in JSC RVC and provide product introduction, services and platform solutions for digital transformation of priority branches of the economy and the social sphere. The Skolkovo Foundation is ready to finance pilot projects on conversion of priority branches of the economy and the social sphere on the basis of implementation of domestic goods, services, the platform solutions created based on end-to-end digital technologies.

The analysis of results of development of digital technologies of 2019 allowed leading companies of digital economy to formulate priorities of implementation of the federal project "Digital Technologies" for 2020. First, this improvement of a system of financing of projects and quality improvement of examination of institutes of development, secondly, increase in a flow of projects for the purpose of implementation of "road maps" of development of digital technologies. Taking into account it the Digital Economy organization builds hard work with institutes of development in development of rules of selection of projects. On the other hand, we look for methods of formation of disruptive projects for development of digital technologies together with leaders of digital economy. We consider that residents of the ВСЕ.ОНЛАЙН portal are leaders in creation of the modern digital services useful at counteraction of a pandemic. Therefore chances to achieve together with them fast results more than are real. We calculate that study of projects of digital development from these companies on the platform of the Digital Economy organization will allow to attract and select the most significant projects answering to tasks of "road" cards of development of digital technologies within the subsequent competitive procedures
comments Sergey Nakvasin, the deputy CEO, the director of the Digital Technologies direction of the Digital Economy organization.

Competitive procedures are planned in June-July, 2020.

Updating of policy of formation of the directory

On April 14, 2020 ANO Tsifrovaya the economy reported that the program committee of the website ВСЕ.ОНЛАЙН, the aggregator of digital services for citizens in the conditions of self-isolation, updated policy of formation of the directory.


The priority in placement will be given to the companies whose services are provided free of charge or contain a special offer for users of ВСЕ.ОНЛАЙН. Changes of content policy will allow to optimize the directory, the total volume of offers in which already exceeded 400 services in two tens categories. The possibility of the choice between completely free services and proposals of suppliers which will provide access to the services on favorable terms will be benefit for citizens.

On the website already more than 400 digital services designed to make life in forced self-isolation more comfortable and interesting. Daily we receive not less than 25 applications from the Russian companies. In conditions, economically difficult for people, we made the decision to concentrate attention on free digital resources and also those who are ready to provide access to the commercial services on loyal conditions, for example, at a discount or with expansion of a service package for standard cost,

Links to Internet resources, information on which is already placed on ВСЕ.ОНЛАЙН and which provide services on standard commercial conditions can be in the long term excluded from the ВСЕ.ОНЛАЙН directory and also from the related directory on the Uniform portal of public services. The project team of ВСЕ.ОНЛАЙН is going to carry out audit of all such services within April, 2020 and to discuss a possibility of providing audience of ВСЕ.ОНЛАЙН of special conditions with their owners.

The services which are present at the directory show popularity from users, at these resources high traffic. And, of course, the fact that the priority in placement will be given to free services and services whose services contain special offers is a balance between the interests of the user and the companies,
believes the deputy minister of digital development, communication and mass communications of the Russian Federation Maxim Parshin

Development and start of a resource of digital services are performed Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications Russia together with the Digital Economy organization with assistance of the large Russian Internet companies and services.

Emergence of the section "We care for others"

On April 6, 2020 ANO Tsifrovaya the economy reported that in the directory of digital services ВСЕ.ОНЛАЙН the section appeared "We care for others". It is designed to help not indifferent citizens and volunteer centers to find each other.

On start the following projects of the help to volunteers will be presented in the directory:

корзинадоброты.рф – the X5 Retail Group project, the food retailer of Russia. The website allows to offer online to help food to elderly people in the period of a pandemic of COVID-19 and after its termination. Volunteers deliver collected product sets directly to lonely grandmothers and grandfathers.

Мывместе is the All-Russian volunteer headquarters of the help in the solution of everyday issues, rendering psychological and legal aid to elderly and handicapped people in a situation of spread of a koronavirusny infection. Among organizers of the project - the voluntary organization "Volunteers physicians", Association of volunteer centers, the All-Russia People's Front.

In the next plans – partnership of ВСЕ.ОНЛАЙН with other volunteer organizations which are focused on the help to citizens in the conditions of the restrictions connected with a coronavirus.

Availability more than 170 online services

On March 26, 2020 it became known that in three days from the moment of start of the ВСЕ.ОНЛАЙН Internet resource in its directory more than 170 services helping citizens to endure comfortably the period of self-isolation and to transfer usual activity offline to a digital medium are brought already together.

ВСЕ.ОНЛАЙН with a set of free video lessons of all subjects of the school program with 1 on 11 classes. Video lessons, abstracts, tests.

  • удаленнаязанятость.рф is the website of the University 20.35, Competence center on the personnel for digital economy, offers the directory of the training materials, IT solutions, products and services for transfer of staff of the companies to remote work.
  • WorldSkills– the online platform with the training videos on professional skill, WorldSkills prepared by participants of the National team and the international experts

Accession of the Circuit service. School

On March 24, 2020 SKB Kontur reported that the Circuit. The school opened access to express rates and webinars for those who want in the conditions of forced isolation of a message active business life. Information on opportunities of distance learning appeared on pages of the ВСЕ.ОНЛАЙН aggregator. Read more here.

Start of and все.онлайн services for citizens on self-isolation

On March 23, 2020 it became known, Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications Russia as ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika with assistance of large the Russian internet- the companies started the все.онлайн and portals on which it is collected information about digital services and services for the citizens who are in isolation mode in communications with distribution coronavirus. service

Information is grouped in different types of requirements and life situations – from the order of food and food before training and receiving medical consultations online.

The directory included services telemedicine Smartmed from MTS and Docdoc from Sberbank, video services ivi and Okko, entertaining online platforms of telecom operators: Rostelecom MTS Beeline MegaFon and ER-Telecom, taxi services and car-sharing from Yandex and Group, Yandex. Bench and DeliveryClub. Учи.ру The products Inlearno are available to pupils. 1C provided free access to audiobooks from the school program for literature and the list for a home reading. Russian Post – service of contactless delivery of sendings to a door and other mail services which are relevant for a modern epidemiological situation.

For March, 2020 the website supports over 60 digital services. The directory will be replenished.

Most the Internet services which are brought together on the все.онлайн and portals are provided to citizens free of charge or on favorable terms.

The reference to the directory of services is placed also on the Uniform portal of state services on which for March, 2020 105 million users are registered.


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