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1C:Enterprise 8 on the Internet of 1C: Fresh

The name of the base system (platform): 1C: Enterprise 8.2
Developers: 1C Joint Stock Company
Last Release Date: 2019/11/29
Technology: ERP,  SaaS - Software as service,  Accounting systems


2019: Renaming "1C: A cloud technology 1cFresh" in "1C: Enterprise. Cloud subsystem Juice"

On November 29, 2019 1C Company announced that for the best compliance to the purposes of promotion and distribution the decision on renaming of a product "is made by 1C: Cloud technology 1cFresh". Since December 2, 2019 the product will be on sale under the name "1C: Enterprise. Cloud subsystem Juice". Cost will be 72 thousand rubles.

For updating of earlier purchased products "1C: Cloud technology 1cFresh", "1C: Technology of the publication of solutions 1cFresh" and "1C: The technology of development of solutions 1cFresh" will be used a uniform distribution kit "1C: Enterprise. Cloud subsystem Juice".

Users of a product "1C: Technology of development of solutions 1cFresh", the supports of 1C:ITS which signed the agreement, can receive updates of the components used by them as a part of product updates "1C: Enterprise. A cloud subsystem Juice" in 1C: Updating programs service on the portal of information and technology maintenance However for use of the functionality intended for the publication of applications it is necessary to make upgrade on a product "1C: Enterprise. Cloud subsystem Juice".

2016: Possibilities of 1C: Fresh

Why the cloud technology is necessary on large corporate implementations?

  • Allows to implement centralized operation by application solutions for a large number of the organizations of holding
  • Centralization of IT resources of holdings
  • Centralization of accounting functions of holdings
  • Technologies are focused on creation of single application solutions which can work in the different modes
  • In the local mode
  • In model of service (including transition opportunities between the modes)
  • Possibility of the mixed mode
  • All solutions are developed in the form of the torn-away public technologies and techniques for a possibility of application in the partner organization
  • All transferred technologies and techniques are applied in 1C company
  • There is a template of the virtual machine for acquaintance with technology

According to business needs, the organization can expand functionality of applications in service "1C:Enterprise 8 via the Internet" using additional reports and processings.

Are available:

  • integration of the application of service into other programs;
  • automation of often executed transactions;
  • adding of new printed forms (invoice for payment) or printed forms with individual design;
  • development of specialized reports;
  • development of automatic filling of documents and other.

Data are stored in modern data center, for information transfer the HTTPS protocol is via the Internet used.

Information is available only to those users who are granted the appropriate rights.

The company provider carries regularly out complete data backup of users. Nevertheless, users can save at any time the personal copy of the information base on the local computer.

All work on updating and support of applications is executed by the administrator of service — 1C Company.

Automatic data exchange between applications in service simplifies input of primary documents, saving from need to enter their two times in different applications.

In service automatic data exchange is implemented:

  • between applications of service, including with the application "1C: Reporting of the entrepreneur";
  • between the applications existing in service and local applications;
  • with the website or online store.

Pluses of service "1C: Juice"

  • Using the Techno rate, you can select one of programs for work: "1C: Accounting", "1C: Small Business Management 8", "1C: Salary and personnel management 8", "1C: Reporting of the entrepreneur". At connection of the PROF rate, it will be possible to work at once in several of them.
  • In cloud information base it is possible to conduct several organizations. All reference books are filled out once.
  • The number of users increases to the 2nd in the ITSaaS Techno version and 5 in the ITSaaS PROF version. Now it is possible to separate work of the head and accountant, to provide limited feature set to the manager and to ensure comfortable functioning for all users.
  • You protect data from loss. Your base will be stored on the remote protected server, it will protect information from viruses and other malware which can get on the PC.
  • Work will quicker take place in cloud 1C, all computing loadings lay down on the server of 1C.
  • All technical issues are resolved by technical support, and updating is automatic.
  • At connection of the PROF rate you get access to all services of support of 1C:ITS and will be able to hand over the reporting in regulatory authorities, to exchange documents with partners, without leaving the program.

2012: Availability of the cloud version of the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform

Since May 17, 2012 it is available to the order cloud of the version of the platform 1C: Enterprise "8" - "1C:Enterprise 8 on the Internet", the company reported. She will turn on solutions 1C: Accounting "8",1C: Small Business Management "8", "1C: Budget Institution Accounting" and "1C-Kamin. Salary". Service will locate at the address

Cloud solutions will look in the browser just as boxed, and work with them will be identical, the head of 1C Boris Nuraliyev says. He also notes that the company is not going to oppose "boxes" and cloud solutions, and just provides to users one more option of work with usual programs.

Nuraliyev notes that service, first of all, is expected the enterprises with a small amount of users, which rather standard functionality. The prices of connection to service should correspond to the prices of information and technology service of solutions of 1C. In particular, two main tariff plans will be available: "Prof" and Techno. The first of them includes a subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months and allows to work in any applications without restriction of number of bases to no more than five users at the same time. The second - a subscription for 6 or 12 months for work in one information base only to two users at the same time.

The subscription to a cloud service of 1C will be performed by the partners of the company having the status "1C: The center of network competence", and will belong to their duties customer training to work with solutions, their consultation, including the first line of technical support, and some other services. According to Nuraliyev, interest in services in a subscription was shown by several dozens of partners of the company. A row from them for the last seven months provided this service to the clients in the test mode on a free basis.

Service "1C:Enterprise 8 via the Internet" first of all is focused on the enterprises with a small amount of users (jobs), which rather standard functionality and parametrical setup of the decision without changes and/or completions.

Within service "1C:Enterprise 8 via the Internet" the following solutions are available:

  • 1C: Accounting 8 PROF (edition 3.0) is conducting accounting and tax accounting of the organizations on the general and a simplified tax system and also accounting of individual entrepreneurs on a simplified tax system.
  • 1C: Small Business Management 8 (edition 1.4) is the integrated complete solution for management and not fiscal accounting on small businesses. The program provides to owners and heads a broad spectrum of tools for business management and increase in its efficiency, and to the employees – new opportunities for productive daily work.
  • "1C-Kamin. Salary" – automation of calculation and salary accrual,

and also conducting personnel records in the organizations.

  • 1C: Budget Institution Accounting 8 (edition 2.0) is the solution for accounting and the organization of management accounting in state

and municipal authorities of any type: state, budget or autonomous.

Information user bases are stored in the data center meeting the modern requirements of reliability and security. The user has an opportunity at any time to save the data on own computer (in the form of the XML file).

A number of services and opportunities which in traditional "offline" products require separate connection in service "1C:Enterprise 8 via the Internet" further will be available automatically ‑ legally significant exchange of electronic invoices and other documents using 1C Taxcom, submission of reports to FTS, RPF and the Social Insurance Fund via the Internet.

To service "1C:Enterprise 8 via the Internet" users is connected by the partners having the status "1C: Center of network competence". The partner's duties – to provide customer training, their consultation, including the first line of technical support and also other service similar to provided by the agreement of Information and technology maintenance (1C:ITS).

All technologies and techniques of service are implemented as public and alienable that further not only 1C Company, but also the partner organizations could apply them – to develop the solutions or to create own services for providing the web applications "1C: Enterprise" as "cloud service".