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1C: Trade Management 8 for Turkmenistan

The name of the base system (platform): 1C: Trade Management 8
Developers: 1C Joint Stock Company, JSC Sakhypa
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/11/28
Technology: Trade automation systems

2019: Announcement "1C: Trade Management 8 for Turkmenistan"

On November 28, 2019 the 1C company announced release of the application solution "1C: Trade Management 8 for Turkmenistan".

According to the company, the "Trade Management 8 for Turkmenistan" configuration is localized for the market of Turkmenistan by request of 1C Company by company HO "JSC Sakhypa" based on the Russian product "1C: Trade Management", edition 11.4. It allows to automate in a complex solving of tasks of operational and management accounting, the analysis and planning of trade, warehouse and financial transactions, providing thereby effective management of modern trade enterprise.

"1C: Trade Management 8 for Turkmenistan" allows to plan activity of the company, to carry out the analysis and to keep track of dynamics of implementation. The configuration also allows to keep account on behalf of several organizations in any quantity of warehouses. We will hereinafter refer to as such set of the organizations trade enterprise.

The trade enterprise consists of different divisions which staff provides interaction of the enterprise with clients (suppliers, buyers and customers) and submit to the management different reports on result of the activity. Results of a trading activity are transmitted to an accounting configuration, and on the basis of results of a trading activity procedural reports which are submitted in state bodies form.

Financial services of trade enterprise will be able to be held the complex analysis not only real cash flows at a design of trade operations, but also to plan these flows on the basis of data on the forthcoming receipts and funds expenditures.

Managers of services of sales management and purchases of goods will be able to trace all "lifecycle" of goods, since the moment of purchase planning of goods on the basis of the analysis of different needs for goods until shipment of goods to clients. At the same time in a configuration all cycle of relationship with the client, starting with the first appeal of the client to the trading company is traced.

Automates a full stroke of transactions both wholesale, and retail using a different retail store equipment.

Warehouse workers can keep detailed operational accounting of goods in warehouses. At the same time full control of trade inventories, execution of all necessary documents is provided.

During the work in a warehouse the system of address storage of goods in cells can be used (WMS warehouse). Also the opportunity for work with remote outlets and retail stores is implemented.

The director will be able to receive various reports which in a short and convenient type show current situation in trade enterprise.

All rights to distribution of a configuration belong to 1C Company. For convenience of users and partners, the product is issued in the form of electronic delivery.

The product is delivered with the 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform. In structure of a product "1C: Trade Management 8 for Turkmenistan. Electronic delivery" enters the PROF version of the "Trade Management 8 for Turkmenistan" configuration which supports a possibility of change of the application solution by users with the built-in programming aids provided by the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform.

The application solution "1C: Trade Management 8 for Turkmenistan" allows to automate the following sections of activity:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Management of rules of sales, marketing
  • Sales management
  • Management of delivery
  • Management of sales representatives
  • Money
  • Management of a warehouse
  • Inventory management
  • Financial accounting
  • Analysis of activity of trade enterprise

Product "1C: Trade Management 8 for Turkmenistan. Electronic delivery" can be used in one workplace. In the presence of the corresponding licenses "1C: Enterprise" – in the multi-user file mode, in the presence of the 1C:Enterprise 8 server and client licenses – in client-server. Expansion of quantity of the automated jobs is performed by acquisition of client licenses for the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform (on 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 jobs) and also licenses for the 1C:Enterprise 8 server.

In need of automation of bigger quantity of jobs in a client-server operation mode, users are recommended to purchase the products "1C:Enterprise 8.3 License for the server" and "1C:Enterprise 8.3 License for the server (x86-64)", not having restrictions on the number of connections. For work it will also be required to purchase the necessary number of client licenses for the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform.