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1C Hotel 8

The name of the base system (platform): 1C:Enterprise 8.3
Developers: Hotel technologies
Last Release Date: 2019/11/28
Branches: Tourism, hotel and restaurant business
Technology: Accounting systems


1C: Hotel – industry solution for increase in efficiency of hotels of any format – from hostels, mini-hotels to business hotels, resort hotels and hotel chains.

2019: Release of edition 9 of a configuration Hotel

On November 28, 2019 the 1C company presented the solution "1C:Enterprise 8. Hotel" (1C: Hotel) edition 9. The solution is intended for process automation of management of hotels of different formats and concepts – from hostels, mini-hotels, hotels and holiday houses, to business hotels, resort hotels and hotel chains. The program allows to automate the main jobs of the porter (administrator), booking manager, supervisor of service of the number of rooms, the manager of service of armoring of conference rooms, the employee of economical service.

Solution "1C:Enterprise 8. Hotel"

According to the developer, the configuration Hotel uses all advantages of a technology platform "1C: Enterprise" of version 8.3 providing scalability, openness, simplicity of administration and configuring. The technology platform "1C: Enterprise" of version 8.3 allows to work in the mode of the thin client and web client with the accessibility to information base via the Internet including in the mode of low connection speed.

According to the statement of the developer, the functionality of the software product is complemented with following features:

  • Opportunities for management of rates are expanded what allows to implement the system of dynamic pricing in hotel. For example, it is possible to configure automatic value increase of number depending on percent of loading of hotel or the raised rate for accommodation during the week-end. The tool for management of the calendar of a rate which allows to change visually and quickly price level by dates and also current limitations on rates is added.
  • The subsystem Orders which allows to automate the relevant service of hotel is implemented: order placement of the guest on different types of additional services – a transfer, the order of a power supply in number, lease of the equipment or premises of hotel. By each order its status up to execution is traced. Different scenarios of payment – on number, in cash, to the driver are supported. The order will save all necessary information, including the meeting place and quantity of children's chairs. The interface for loading of orders for additional service from external systems is provided.
  • The form of existence of numbers which allows to estimate quickly loading is added, to check the prices, to calculate and reserve in 2 cliques both an individual reservation, and group. As a result the client can receive the account signed and sealed within a minute.
  • It is added integration with chat-bot Telegram which allows to execute all operations on management of the statuses of numbers, tracking of works and faults of page mobile phone. Roles of employees in the chat-bot: Maid, Supervisor, Engineer.
  • Are implemented the mode of "night audit" for charge of services by the day, and processing "Closing of day" for convenient accomplishment of check of transactions of the front office and end of day.
  • Abilities to integrate are expanded:
    • managers of sales channels OTA Gateway, AvailPro are added;
    • integration with hotbot service is for communication of hotel and the guest with the help chat-bot;
    • possibilities of web service armoring online for connection of self-service kiosks are expanded.

  • German is added to Russian and English of the user interface and also support of the Taxi interface is implemented: modern design, convenience of navigation and comfort of work of the user for a long time.

As noted in 1C, a system supports integration and provides the interface for integration with such systems as:

  • electronic locks;
  • the systems of paid TV there is hoteza, videoluxe;
  • scanners passports – PassportBox ABBYY Passport Reader SDK;
  • chat-bots – Telegram for the staff of hotel, hotbot for communication of hotel with guests;
  • CR- online (54-FZ) "Shtrikh-M" and "Atoll".
  • managers of sales channels (Channel Manager) – OTA Gateway, AvailPro, TravelLine, SiteMinder.

If there is no necessary integration in the list, then it can be implemented by the developer "1C: The hotel" under the order (it is necessary both ability to integrate a system with others, and existence of open protocol exchange data, the equipment and the software for integration implementation), was emphasized in 1C.

According to the developer, system implementation will allow to optimize staff, a salary fund and work of accounting and also will provide tools to increase direct sales, an average bill for the guest and to reduce costs in work of hotel.

Transition to edition 9 is executed by updating, at the same time the data which are saved up in information base remain. The version of the 1C: Enterprise platform 8.3.13 and is necessary for work of edition 9 of a configuration Hotel above.

2016: Solvable tasks

According to information for November, 2016 a system "1C: Hotel" it is intended for hotels of different type: business hotels, resorts, networks of hotels and mini-hotels. Solves as simple problems like integration with accounting, and a little bit difficult:

  • Check-in express. Any queues for future lodgers — arrived and lodged.
  • Integration with restaurant. The guest comes to restaurant according to the hotel card, without dragging hard cash or bank plastic in a pocket.
  • Multihotel base. A counter for networks of hotels — all points in one base.
  • Online armoring. The round-the-clock registration through a hotel website.
  • Credit cards. Fast calculation with the credit card via the terminal.
  • Control of payment of accounts. Any confusion with already paid bills.

2012: Description of the program "1C: Hotel"

Software "1C: Hotel" it is intended for automation of hotel. Convenient, powerful solution for hotel, boarding house, holiday house.

As of April, 2012 program "1C: The hotel" distinguishes, a simple user interface in mastering, high performance and customizability.

The program automates:

  • jobs of the porter (administrator),
  • booking manager,
  • supervisor of service of the number of rooms,
  • manager of service of armoring of conference rooms,
  • employee of economical service.

The program is integrated with

  • "1C: Accounting",
  • restaurant front office,
  • systems of tariffing of telephone conversations and Internet,
  • pay TV.

Allows to construct the single accounting system.

Delivery includes interfaces with the equipment:

  • cash registers (CR),
  • electronic locks,
  • payment systems for authorization of credit cards.

The module of Internet armoring allows to receive online a remaining balance of available rooms and to make out a reservation.

In the program all necessary reports are implemented:

  • operational,
  • analytical,
  • regulated.