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ABB Levit Electroinstallation products

Developers: ABB
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/10/03
Branches: Electrical equipment and microelectronics

2019: Electroinstallation products Levit and LevitM

On October 3, 2019 the ABB company provided in Russia electroinstallation products with adaptive design of the Levit series in which replaceable pads allow to create different color combinations. A series is developed by the Czech designer Jan Capek.

AVV provided in Russia electroinstallation products with adaptive design of Levit

According to the producer, the Levit series is a modern and bright part of an interior. The device distinguishes unusual construct of a framework and pads of products which consists of two elements: basis and top removable panel. They are executed of materials of shades, contrast or close on a gamma. Thanks to translucent material of the basis of the product Levit as if soars over a wall and allows to add to an ease interior. The laconic form, direct lines and solid colors turn to the electrician of Levit into the tool for the designer using whom it is possible to diversify an interior.

For October, 2019 Levit proposes 10 color schemes: classical White / Ice, Beliy / Beliy, Sery / Beliy, Ivory / Beliy, Coffee makiato / White, White / Smoky and the bright, creating additional accents, Yellow / Smoky black, Red / Smoky black, Orange / Smoky black, Green / Smoky black.

For judges of the interior spaces executed in the Hi-tech style, minimalism or constructivism, ABB offers the LevitM line – products in cool colors a metallic: Anthracite / Smoky black, Pearls / Ice, Steel / Smoky black, Silver / Smoky black. Such products have a dull nice on the touch surface, emphasized in ABB.

The Levit series gives the chance to change color of already set electroinstallation products

As noted in ABB, important feature of a series – an opportunity to change color of already set electroinstallation products Levit as there is a wish and when there is a wish. Using replaceable top panels if desired it is possible to create any color combinations. In a set with replaceable panels the special tool for simple and their safe replacement is delivered.

According to the statement of the producer, a framework multion point duty also has unusual execution: a framework of each post is set on a unified basis as the designer's parts. It allows to turn the solution multion point duty into a multi-colored bright part. The play of contrasts or a smooth combination of flowers – any idea and any color scheme can be implemented with ease.

In addition to basic functionality the Levit series has additional options. In design of a series it is possible to pick up svetoregulyator, universal temperature regulators (for heating systems and heat-insulated floors), motion sensors, controls of blinds, timers, USB chargers, card switches and another.

"We offer the Russian market a design series of electroinstallation products in original execution, simple for installation, capable to support technology filling of the house, and at the same time – on average a price segment",

'Alexander Prudnikov, the head of Elektrooborudovaniye business division of ABB in Russia noted'