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ATOL of Online cash desk

Developers: ATOL
Date of the premiere of the system: 2017/08/17
Last Release Date: 2019/02/11
Branches: Trade
Technology: Office equipment,  trade Automation systems


  • ATOL of Online cash desk — the equipment focused on online stores, the enterprises of exit trade and the delivery service.
  • Atholl Online - the service of lease of online cash desks for online stores providing their compliance to amendments in 54-FZ.

From the commercial point of view of ATOL Online – service in lease of online cash desks. It was developed especially for those Internet companies which need to register the settlings with consumers which are carried out via the Internet by means of electronic payment instruments (including the bank card). According to the law, service provides formation of electronic cash vouchers at the time of settling with the buyer, their instant transfer to the fiscal data operator, and from it – in FTS Russia in real time.

From the technical point of view, ATOL Online is a cloud solution which is provided on the KaaS model i.e. as cash desk in lease with monthly payment of services. At the heart of the solution – the technology complex including:

  • online cash desks of ATOL 42FS,
  • cloud computing,
  • the software of ATOL for management of work of service,

technical infrastructure of data center of level of reliability Tier III.

2019: The atoll 1F for small business

On February 11, 2019 the Atholl company provided a fiscal registrar of ATOL 1F for small business.

According to the statement of the producer, a fiscal registrar of ATOL 1F – the simple and inexpensive solution for printing and fiskalization of checks for small enterprises and entrepreneurs without hired employees. The model is intended for the organization of work of outlet in accurate compliance with requirements 54-FZ. Model 1F has low cost and is capable to work with the popular software for conducting cash transactions.

Fiscal registrar of ATOL 1F
"Transition to online cash desks comes to the end this year. Entrepreneurs who selected the tax modes of USN, PSN and ENVD to the companies without hired employees and to self-employed citizens need the cash desk meeting standards 54-FZ. For them ATOL offers 1F – a budget fiscal registrar which can be connected easily to the available infrastructure".

Ivan Kollegov, Head of Department of fiscal solutions ATOL

The device is intended for small outlets. According to the producer, it is compact and it is easy to move it. ATOL 1F is located in one hand, and if necessary can be hidden in the place of a cash zone, unavailable to visitors.

At a fiscal registrar 1F only one the interface – micro-USB through which it is connected to the control device: to the computer or notebook, or POS-to the terminal, for example ATOL OPTIMA or ATOL Strike.

As the producer noted, model 1F can work with a set of popular software products, such as 1C, Frontol Xpos, Subtotal, "MyWayhouse", 1 Bits, SoftBalance, Circuit and Ibox 2CAN. With the device the universal driver using which the compatibility with such applications is performed is delivered. It allows to simplify integration of ATOL 1F into the existing automated system of accounting and conducting specific business.

According to the producer, distinctive feature of model - the price, a fiscal registrar of ATOL 1F costs 7500 rubles. Is not included the fiscal drive which needs to be purchased separately in this price. Its cost and validity period depend on type of business of the entrepreneur, a form of taxation and additional factors, such as work with the alcoholic and marked products.

Fiscal registrar of ATOL 1F

The device is executed in the compact body in which the full-size 30-meter roll of a check tape is located. Such roll on average is enough for 200 checks. Application of standard rolls in compact fiscal registrars provides decrease in operating costs, it is simpler to find such rolls in sale and they cost cheaper, claim in Atholl.

According to information for February, 2019 the device already went on sale.


  • Printing method – Termopechat
  • Printing quality - 203 dpi
  • Diameter of a roll - 47 mm
  • Check width - 58 mm
  • Print speed - up to 50 mm / with
  • Quantity of characters in line - from 24 to 42 (at paper of 58 mm)
  • The interface of connection is Micro-USB
  • A power supply - 9 V (from the power supply)
  • Dimensions - 85х115х56 mm
  • Net weight - 200 g
  • The compatibility is Windows, Linux, Android or iOS
  • Resource of the printing head - 50 km
  • Software - Works with DKKT of version 10 above


Readiness for obligatory marking of footwear

Since July, 2019 there will be obligatory a marking of shoe products. The companies ATOL, TSRPT also "OFD platform" tested the systems of acceptance, processing and transfer two-dimensional barcodes in the cash voucher. The made experiment showed complete readiness of the companies for work with codes identifications of the next generation, reported on December 25, 2018 in ATOL company. In more detail here.

Start of sales of nyyudzher of ATOL 92F in 1C channel

1C Company and ATOL company announced on September 26, 2018 the beginning of sales of autonomous online cash desks of the next generation (nyyudzher) of ATOL 92F in 1C channel.

Cash register equipment "ATOL 92F" is a nyyudzher for the enterprises small and microbusiness in the field of trade and services, allowing to conform to requirements 54-FZ. "ATOL 92F" supports work with the scanner of barcodes and PIN падом for acceptance of payments by bank cards. Integration with service "1C: The cash desk" allows quickly and with the minimum costs to automate work and to manage one or several outlets. Battery life – till 8 o'clock. The special indicator allows to trace the level of a charge and in time to charge the accumulator.

The ATOL 92F special keyboard is developed for those who got used to conduct calculations on the calculator. It has big keys with a possibility of performing transactions in a one click ("hot" keys).

Nyyudzher can work with ATOL 92F at ambient temperature from-10 ºС up to +45 ºС. Broad temperature range allows to use it in not heated premises, such as market tents, booths, exhibition halls and trade islands on streets.


  • Printing quality, dpi – 203
  • Print speed (mm / c) – 50
  • A power supply is USB, 5V, 1A
  • Quantity of characters in line – from 24 to 42
  • Weight – 0.5 kg
  • Width of paper is –58 mm
  • Data transmission in OFD – Wi-Fi, 2G, Bluetooth, Ethernet
  • Connection to the PC is micro USB
  • The sizes (VKHSHKHG) – 208x103x66

The cost of a nyyudzher of ATOL 92F is from 8,400 to 17,300 rubles (depending on a configuration). One nyyudzher is connected to "1C: To cash desk" it is free until the end of 2019 provided that at the checkout about 300 checks in day make the way. Connection to "1C:" The second and the subsequent nyyudzher (or exceeding of 300 checks in day) will cost cash desk 100 rubles a month for one cash desk.

Preparation of the solution for vending machines

ATOL company announced on August 7, 2018 TAdviser preparation of the joint solution with Kaznachey company for vending machines within ATOL Online service. According to the results of a pilot project startup all owners of such automatic machines will have an opportunity to rent online cash desk and to begin to conform to requirements of the law.

By own assessment of ATOL, the annual size of the market of a fiskalization of vending machines in money will be from 400 million rubles. According to plans of the company, "ATOL Online" will occupy not less than 50%.

As representatives of ATOL told TAdviser, the word "farm" is used for simplification visualization: it data center (DPC) where online cash desks are set. In case of "ATOL Online" is more than 11 thousand online cash desks, more than 7 thousand clients. At the same time the farm means not only army of the devices connected in DPC but also own software, integration with CMS, CRM and accounting systems, payment aggregators and banks and also service support.

So, for example, if the client has an online store, and he uses for calculations a certain bank from a wide partner pool "ATOL Online" (and it is more than 30 payment services and banks), then, having undergone registration procedure of online cash desk, he "will simply and quickly make friends" the device with acquiring of the bank as "ATOL Online" already integrated acquiring and cash desk. If the entrepreneur uses the service which does not have ready integration to it it is necessary to employ the developer who will take API and will write the code, i.e. will spend 1-2 days and 7-15 thousand rubles — explained in the company.

According to ATOL to put online cash desk on each vending device — is much more expensive to the entrepreneur, than an option of connection to one leased online cash desk, for example, than ten vending machines. At the same time it is possible to connect the necessary number of machines to the leased device — one, 30 or 100: each cash desk "ATOL Online" in a year can fiskalizirovat more than 240 thousand checks. It is not necessary to pay for services OFD at the same time.

Online retailers rented more than 9,250 online cash desks in a year

On June 29, 2018 the service for lease of cash desks for internet- ATOL the Online enterprises announced that it summed up the results of the first year of work.Cloud over 6,150 players of the e-commerce market who were renting and registered in tax more than 9,250 online cash desks and punched more than 176 million checks for total amount over 550 billion rubles with their help used the solution of ATOL company.

The Online ATOL service was developed especially for representatives of Internet trade who since July 1, 2017 were obliged to fulfill the requirements updated 54-FZ ("About use of the cash registers …"). For payment acceptance on the bank card via the Internet such enterprises had to implement the online cash desks sending electronic checks to the buyer by mail or in sms and also century FTS Russia.

E-commerce – one of the most perspective spheres of economy. So, at the end of 2017 the volume of the Russian e-commerce exceeded 1 trillion rub, having shown growth by 13%. For 2018 we predict growth already for 20%. At the same time it should be noted significant effect on development of the industry of amendments in 54-FZ. Directed to trade "whitewash", they, on the one hand, cardinally changed relationship between the state, business and the consumer, with another – promoted implementation essentially others for online retailers of technologies of fiscal accounting. Emergence of the Online ATOL services in 2017, in a threshold of mass transition to online cash desks, became this rescue for domestic e-commerce. They allowed business to provide compliance 54-FZ with the minimum time, labor and finance costs.

Clients of ATOL Online are domestic and international companies of the most different scale of activity. Among them there are operators Tele2, "Beeline" and "Rostelecom", online stores, Samsung and "Toy Store", a megamarket of e-books "Litres" VTB Insurance, the registrar of domains RU-CENTER, recommendatory service PROFI.RU, "Delimobil", media holding "RBC".

"Tele2 connected ATOL Online in 2017. This solution fully meets the requirements 54-FZ. It allows to carry out a large number of transactions at the same time and easily copes with generation of online checks in real time. Among advantages of service It should be noted also quality of the equipment and the high level of the technical support helping to resolve quickly any issues. In 2018 we consider the possibility of expansion of the park of the cash desks rented at ATOL.
Maxim Sakib, director of e-commerce of Tele2

Service provided ready integration with the majority of external systems which the Internet enterprises apply in work. Now them already more than 50; on the one hand, it is popular payment instruments, for example, Internet acquiring Sberbank Raiffeisenbank Tinkoff Yandex.Cash of PJSC ", Bank, services and Robokassa. On the other hand – extended CMS- and CRM- platforms: 1C: Bitrix RetailCRM CS-Cart UMI.CMS, WordPress and others. The list of integrated solutions will be replenished with an international payment system of PayPal, Internet acquiring Post Bank and Bank VTB.

The personal account of the user of ATOL Online gives the chance to monitor a status of cash desks, to create checks of correction, to keep track of balance, to receive settlement documents and many other things.

Start of the affiliate program in June, 2018 became an important round of development of service. It allows entrepreneurs to become agents of ATOL Online and to earn a reward in the amount of 2,000 rub for each online cash desk rented by the clients attracted with them. And as the partner the bank, a payment service, the CMS platform, the developer of cash software and even the client of ATOL Online can act.

Business is able to count money. And we do everything that ATOL Online remained available, convenient and, the main thing, the cost-efficient tool for compliance 54-FZ and sales management. I will note that in 2018 and 2019 the Russian e-commerce is waited by new calls. All non-cash payments with natural persons – using the Yandex.Money electronic payment instrument (Yandex. A purse), calculations through mobile banks and ATMs – will have to fiskalizirovatsya. We are ready to the future changes and we will make every effort that for users of ATOL Online transition to the offered technologies was painless and smoothly.
Oksana Kolchina, commercial director of ATOL company

TOP-20 clients of ATOL Online by number of the "punched" checks

Nyyudzhera ATOL are joint with "1C: Cash desk"

ATOL company and 1C Company announced on June 28, 2018 the cash solution for retailers and the service industry. It represents integration of a nyyudzher — budget online cash desk for small business — and the cloud applicaion "1C: Cash desk". The product is intended for the companies which by July 1 should pass to cash settlings with the population: these are firms and the individual entrepreneurs (IE) on the UIIT and PSN with hired employees in the state doing business or rendering services of a public catering. The solution will be optimal for those who want to avoid accounting in "notebook" and to be lifted to the initial level of automation, consider in ATOL and 1C.

Thanks to the intuitive interface the nyyudzher is easy in mastering. It is distinguished by compactness, work from the accumulator to 8 h a day, sending checks to the fiscal data operator on Wi-Fi, 2G and Ethernet. ATOL 91F and ATOL 92F support work not only with scales, scanners of barcodes, but also with bank PIN padami. Therefore the user can accept both cash, and cashless payment. And goods cost will be to enter only into cash desk, without duplication on PIN паде enough.

Integration into the application "1C: The cash desk" will allow to integrate the nyyudzher working in different outlets in the unified information system and is consolidated to manage them: conduct base of goods; set retail prices; unload the nomenclature and the prices in cash desks; keep account of goods by each outlet; do corrections of purchases, remaining balance, inventory of goods, etc. Besides, the company can work with several systems of taxation at once, create sales statements and profits for the analysis of activity of outlets.

If with business development the user of a nyyudzher needs more opportunities of accounting, planning, control and analysis, it can pass to more functional cloud system "1C: Our Enterprise Management", having transferred to it the saved-up data from "1C: Cash desks". Along with exchange with cash desk, the application "1C: The cash desk" supports exchange with programs "1C: Accounting", "1C: Retail", mobile applications "SP of 6%" and "1C: Mobile cash desk", by a cloud service "1C: BusinessStart".

The nyyudzher of ATOL 91F or ATOL 92F and the fiscal drive on 15 or for 36 months is provided to buyers of the joint solution ATOL and 1C at choice. To be connected to "1C: To cash desk", it is enough to come into the application, to create the account and to tie to it online cash desk. The enterprise "punching" using a nyyudzher up to 300 checks a day will be able to use the application "1C: Cash desk" it is free until the end of 2019. The application will cost firm which will issue more than 300 checks by means of a nyyudzher or which will set the second nyyudzher 100 rubles monthly reported in ATOL.

Available cash solution of OFD.RU, MegaFon and ATOL

On April 3, 2018 in retail network of MegaFon sale of the joint solution for business from OFD.RU, MegaFon operator and ATOL company started. "Turnkey" cash desks are available in cellular shops and online store. Read more here.

Replenishment of a line of "nyyudzher" ATOL 92F model

ATOL company, the Russian equipment manufacturer and software for trade automation, at the end of March, 2018 announced replenishment of a line of online cash desks of the class "nyyudzher" (from engl. new generation) the ATOL 92F model developed especially for small business. The device gives to entrepreneurs the chance to conform to requirements 54-FZ without considerable labor costs and additional investments.

ATOL 92F model

Target audience of a product — grocery and nonfood stores "at the house", mini-markets, tents in the markets, dining rooms, coffee shops, snackbars and other shopping facilities of small passability (up to 100 checks a day). First of all, the device will suit those who did not use the cash registers earlier, but will be obliged to do it since July 1, 2018. These are the individual entrepreneurs on an UIIT and PSN having hired employees and working in the field of trade or rendering services of a public catering.

During creation of ATOL 92F not only requirements 54-FZ, but also the main wishes of users of online cash desks concerning dimensions and features of use of the device were considered. So, especially for the sellers who got used to execute calculations on the calculator and to keep account in a notebook, the nyyudzher was put into the ergonomic steady body and equipped with the plastic keyboard with big keys. At the same time the main cash transactions — transition to payment by the bank card, providing a discount, input of directory number for sending the check by the SMS, etc. — can be made in a one click (using "hot" keys).

From the first nyyudzher of ATOL 91F the provided model is distinguished by existence of two USB ports for connection of the scanner of barcodes and the bank pinpad. This constructive solution facilitates data entry about the goods "punched" by the seller when settling with the buyer.

Besides, integration of a nyyudzher with the user's online office where it is possible to monitor work of cashiers is implemented, to browse fiscal documents, to keep account of traded goods and services, to remove statistics on the basis of data retrieveds.

ATOL 92F in a basic complete set provides a full range of interfaces for information transfer to the fiscal data operator (Wi-Fi, 2G, Ethernet). If connection in the selected channel is unstable, and sending checks is complicated or impossible, the cash desk will inform on it the user using the special indicator. The number of the checks expecting sending is also displayed.

In general the nyyudzher of ATOL 92F gives functionality which helps the enterprise to reach the initial level of automation. Despite it, the device has the cost, low in comparison with most online cash desks — 15,400 rubles (with a fiscal registrar for 15 months). The specified amount completely becomes covered by tax deduction which is provided to SP on an UIIT and Patent.

The start of sales of a nyyudzher of ATOL 92F is planned for April, 2018.

Start of sales of ATOL 91F

On March 1, 2018 ATOL company announced start of sales of online cash desk of ATOL 91F thanks to which small and the microenterprises will be able to reach the initial level of automation without serious labor costs and the financial investments.

ATOL 91F is simple in application, providing at the same time efficiency necessary for the companies in business management. The solution ATOL is not modification of one of cash desks of the company, but its innovative development. The model was created specially to help small firms to correspond 54-FZ and to manage sales. Since the end of 2017 it is included into the register of the cash register equipment.

Cash desk ATOL 91F

The cash desk is suitable for outlets in the markets and fairs (tents, booths), mini-markets, boutiques, pavilions, shops "at the house", small specialized shops and also dining rooms, snackbars and coffee shops. The device will be convenient to those companies which for the first time will begin to use on July 1, 2018 cash calculations. These are the individual entrepreneurs on an UIIT and Patent having hired employees, doing business or rendering services of a public catering.

ATOL 91F is quite simple in mastering. Thanks to the intuitive menu even novice users will quickly learn to work with it. At the same time the device is convenient in operation: the graphic screen accurately displays information, the keyboard is protected from dust and moisture. And the main functionality is taken out on the keyboard that allows to make the necessary transaction by clicking of one button (for example to send to the client the check in the form of the SMS).

For the aid to the entrepreneur ATOL company implemented possibilities of effective management of sales in the product. It has integration with a personal online office of the user where it is possible just to work quickly and with the directory of goods (to load / unload from a personal account in the device and vice versa, to edit goods items), to remove financial analytics and statistics.

With ATOL 91F the user has a wide choice of interfaces for information transfer to the fiscal data operator (FDO) – 2G, Wi-fi, Ethernet. If any checks are not transferred to OFD, then the indicator on the screen "will report about it" at once, having displayed their quantity. It is possible "to punch" goods both on a product code, and by reading of a barcode. In the second case it will be rather simple to cashier to connect to ATOL 91F the scanner of barcodes on USB.

One more feature – an opportunity to use it it is autonomous during all working day. The lack of connection to the power supply network and unstable tension of current will not become a noise for work of the cashier thanks to the removable accumulator which is built in ATOL 91F (Li - On - type 18650). And the special indicator on the device screen will prompt in time when it needs to be recharged. At the same time compactness and small weight of ATOL 91F (8.5х6.6х18.7 cm; less than 0.4 kg) allow to set it on limited space and to use in mobile trade.

The retail cost of ATOL 91F with the fiscal drive is 15,000 rub. It is possible to purchase the solution in all regions of Russia.

"1C-ATOL MK 11F Mobile BT 2G"

ATOL company and 1C Company in January, 2018 issued the joint solution for automation of the enterprises of mobile and exit trade and also the delivery services.

The set is called "1C-ATOL MK 11F Mobile BT 2G" and includes tablet 1C ALONG8321 with the pre-installed application "1C: Mobile cash desk" and the ATOL 11F Mobile online cash desk with the fiscal drive. Development provides cash settlings with buyers in full accordance with 54-FZ ("About use of the cash registers..."). Read more here.


The service for lease of cash desks of ATOL Online transfers checks on format 1.05

On December 15, 2017 ATOL company announced representation to the market an opportunity in the Online ATOL service for formation of cash vouchers for Internet platforms which accept payment on the websites using electronic payment instruments, for example, of bank cards.

ATOL of Online cash desk (2017)

All users of the Online ATOL service can correctly display in the check of operation on sale of gift cards, acceptance and offset of advance payments, payment of the credits for the implemented goods, commission and agency schemes. All necessary details are transferred in the check in full accordance with 54-FZ and a format of fiscal documents 1.05 (FFD 1.05), transition to which is very demanded in connection with limitation of legitimacy of earlier applied FFD 1.0.

Format 1.05 is technically supported in all components of ATOL Online – in API service (application programming interface), a firmware of the online cash desks of ATOL 42FS provided in lease and in a personal account of the user. Besides, acceptance of fiscal documents in this format is provided by all 11 fiscal data operators available at connection in ATOL Online.

For work on FFD 1.05 it is important to Internet platforms to pay attention to support of the corresponding format from CRM-, CMS platforms or a payment service. Structure of obligatory details in FFD 1.05 expanded, and their transfer to service should be provided with the integrated system.

For convenience of users ATOL company also added features in a personal account of ATOL Online. For example, the section "Statistics of checks" provides the comprehensive information on all fiscal transactions. Now each user will be able to see the checks and also all information on them, such as check type, result, date, status and identification number. If the check suddenly does not pass a fiskalization, information with indication of an error will be displayed.

The Formation of the Check function will allow the user to create and send the cash voucher in the manual mode without participation of a CMS system from a personal account.

Thanks to an option about a balance status the user of ATOL Online can always keep track of relevance of means on the account beforehand to pay services of service. This information is available in the section My companies. It will be possible to receive settlement documents thanks to function of automatic billing in a personal account.

Besides, for users of service integration with personal accounts of OFD Platform and The First OFD operators is provided that will allow to reduce number of actions at connection of service and activation of promo tariffs.

The register of the cash register equipment includes new online cash desks of ATOL

Cash solutions for different scopes of application were replenished with new online cash desks of ATOL company. On November 15, 2017 by the order of FTS No. ED-7-20/927 @ the register of the cash register equipment includes ATOL 20F and ATOL 50F.

These budget models were created in response to requests small and microbusiness. They are suitable for outlets not only with low, but also with an average flow of visitors. Distinctive functional features of cash desks – existence of the autocut accelerating service of buyers; the printing mechanism with a resource of work of 100 km of a check tape ensuring long-term smooth operation; the most popular interface for connection to the PC and data transmission to the fiscal data operator – USB; an opportunity to install the communication module WiFi/2G/BT (optionally); the connector for connection of an automatic strongbox and an opportunity to select width of a check tape taking into account needs of users.

The wide check in cash desk of ATOL 20F promotes sales increase and building of long-term customer relations: on it it is possible to place information on discounts and special actions. And in ATOL 50F the narrow check tape allowing to save on supplies in use is used.

The ATOL 20F and ATOL 50F cash registers – convenient and functional solutions for entrepreneurs small and microbusiness, including on the special systems of taxation – UIIT and Patent. Both cash desks meet the new requirements 54-FZ and are ready for work with the Unified State Automated Information System.

"Boxed" solution: ATOL 15F + mobile terminal 2can

ATOL company and the Russian provider of mobile acquiring 2can announced on November 16, 2017 release in Russia of the compact "boxed" solution for payment acceptance for goods or service and issues of the cash voucher according to 54-FZ ("About use of the cash registers …"). The solution integrates small and easy online cash desk of ATOL 15F and mobile terminal 2can. The set is intended for the enterprises of exit trade, express firms and also the online stores and the organizations of a public catering having own delivery service.

Joint cash solution ATOL and 2can

Joint product ATOL and 2can allows couriers to accept both the cash, and cashless payments registered using bank cards Visa MasterCard, "World" and services Apple Pay Samsung Pay, Android Pay with observance 54-FZ. Before the company were forced to purchase separately necessary for this device and also to independently collect documents and to sign the agreement acquiring with bank. Now clients can receive the ready-made solution which is completely answering to their business challenges in the order. The user does not need to come to bank — to fill out the short questionnaire on the website 2can enough, to install a special application on the mobile phone or tablet, to connect using it the mobile terminal and online cash desk. Also it is possible to get to work at once.

Total weight of the solution with the accumulator is only 365 g. At the same time the miniature online cash desk of ATOL 15F is capable to work without recharge up to 12 h at check printing each 15 minutes. Couriers can carry devices, having distributed them on different pockets. In the coming month users will have an opportunity to carry all set in a uniform cover.

The joint solution ATOL and 2can works with four mobile applications based on Android — iRECA: Courier (company "SoftBalance"), Mobile SMARTS (Cleverence), BeFit. Cash desk (BeFit), 1C: Mobile cash desk and 1C: Our Enterprise Management ("1C"). Each of them allows to make and monitor all executed cash transactions and also to prepare the reporting. In the nearest future solution integration with mobile applications of the companies will be implemented Grotem and CDC.

Joint set of ATOL and 2can — already on sale. It can be purchased at partners of ATOL company who work in all federal districts of Russia. The cost of the offered set in retail — 29,400 rub with the fiscal drive and 23,400 rub without it.

Online retailers rented in five months of 5000 cash desks

In November, 2017 ATOL Online, the service for lease of the cash registers for online retailers, stepped over a mark in 5,000 fiskalizirovanny devices. So many devices were registered in FTS and started in work as clients of service in five months from the date of its official sales. The Khabarovsk Catering company which specializes in preparation and delivery of a power supply for the Russian airports and airlines became the user of the 5000th online cash desk.

"Online uses services ATOL more than 3900 Russian and international Internet companies. Depending on the volume of incoming payments they rent from 1 to 200 cash desks at once. Among clients – representatives of the most different segments of the Russian e-commerce, for example, Rostelecom, Eldorado, Beeline, Litres, VTB Insurance, – Yulia Nosova, the Online ATOL project manager tells. – To make work of the users it is more convenient and simpler, we provided full integration of the cash register equipment into more than 40 popular CMS platforms and payment systems. Among them Internet acquiring of PJSC Sberbank and Tinkoff of Bank, payment services Yandex.Cash and Robokassa, CMS-and CRM system 1C: Bitrix, Advantshop and Netcat. Total number of checks which users of service transferred to FTS and buyers exceeded already 55 million".

Joint solution ATOL and OFD.RU

ATOL company, the Russian producer of the cash registers, and OFD.RU fiscal data operator announced on November 9, 2017 start of the joint solution for the enterprises of e-commerce. It represents fast and economic option of transition to the system of fiscal accounting meeting the requirements changed 54-FZ ("About use of the cash registers …").

Thanks to the joint solution of ATOL and OFD.RU any online retailer can connect service for lease of cash desks of ATOL Online and use services of OFD.RU in transfer of fiscal data in FTS with a guarantee of their protection, to analytics of transmitted data and monitoring of work of cash desks. In a personal account of the operator clients can receive statistics on the executed cash transactions, unload data with the help of expanded API for collecting, reconciliation and the analysis of data by the transferred checks.

The cost of services of OFD.RU is already included in the Online ATOL basic rate, i.e. ATOL company compensates it to the operator for the client. Thus, the user of the joint solution ATOL and OFD.RU will only need to purchase the fiscal drive for 5200 rubles for each leased cash desk and then to monthly pay service in lease of the cash register equipment: at connection of one device — 3000 rubles, at connection of two and more — 2000 rubles for everyone.

Most of entrepreneurs together with lease of online cash desk for the online store want to purchase transfer of fiscal data in a complex. Now and users of ATOL Online can select this service from OFD.RU and receive not only reliable and uninterrupted service of checks in 24/7 FTS, but also our additional services among which — registration of the cash register equipment in the mode of one window, an opportunity in real time to see a balance in cash on balance, the reporting system implemented by the designer's method, reconciliation of the data transferred to OFD and FTS — for operational comparison with accounting records, and many other things — Anton Rumyantsev, the director of OFD.RU commented on an event.

As of November, 2017, the Online ATOL service works less than half a year, but the pool of his clients includes already more than 3900 Russian and international Internet companies. Every day, according to ATOL, within ATOL Online "makes the way" on average in 650 thousand cash vouchers. And the total quantity of the checks transferred by users tax and to buyers exceeded already 55 million. Functionality of ATOL Online constantly extends.

Clients of ATOL Online are the small, medium-sized and large Internet enterprises which are carrying out from 20 to several thousand transactions a day. Taking into account different business needs of our users we provided integration of service more than with 40 CMS platforms and payment systems. Among them — Internet acquiring of PJSC Sberbank, Tinkoff of Bank, Raiffeisenbank, payment services the Yandex.Cash, Robokassa, CMS-and the CRM system 1C-Bitrix, CS-Cart, Advantshop, Netcat, retailCRMYulia Nosova, the Online ATOL project manager told. — For convenience of clients we constantly expand the list of the partners helping us to optimize technological capabilities and pricing. Are sure that online retailers will appreciate our solution, joint with OFD.RU.

Integration with service of the First OFD

On October 26, 2017 ATOL company, the developer of a cloud cash service for the Online ATOL online stores, and the fiscal data operator announced the First OFD development of the joint solution allowing representatives of e-commerce with the minimum costs and efforts to conform to requirements 54-FZ.

The solution implemented by the First OFD and ATOL represents uniform service for Internet sales. The product is provided by a "turnkey" single batch: cash desk for Internet trade and connection to the fiscal data operator. Clients will also be able to obtain information on sales online, to study statistics of sales of the shop for the selected period.

This complex product we kill all headaches of the owner of online store at once. Now he does not need to think, where to purchase cash desk how to be connected to the fiscal data operator how to keep track of dynamics of sales — we already took care of all this — Yulia Nosova, the head of the Online ATOL business project said.

As noted, the solution proposed by ATOL and the First OFD will allow to pass to the updated operating procedure with the cash registers (CR) with the minimum finance and time expenditure. And integration of personal accounts of ATOL Online and the operator will make connection of the client even quicker. Now the user does not need to make the same actions twice: data on a TIN of the user, the connected cash desk and the fiscal drive automatically get to a personal account of OFD where there is their autoactivation.

Integration with Internet acquiring of Raiffeisenbank

Raiffeisenbank and ATOL company announced on October 9, 2017 development of the joint payment solution for trade and service companies from the sphere of e-commerce. It allows to make non-cash payments for goods or services on the Internet in full accordance with federal law 54-FZ ("About use of the cash registers …").

Thanks to the technology attached by the companies business clients of bank can not only accept electronic payments on cards of international payment systems Visa International, MasterCard Worldwide and the national Russian World system. Now at the time of calculations at them online checks will automatically form, to go to buyers for e-mail or to the SMS and through the fiscal data operator (FDO) — tax.

At the heart of the created solution — integration of Internet acquiring of Raiffeisenbank and service for lease of online cash desks of ATOL Online. Jointly the developed functionality will allow business an opportunity to implement requirements 54-FZ with the minimum finance and labor costs, claim in ATOL.

Having connected the Online ATOL service, the client of bank will receive not just online cash desks with fiscal drives in lease. The help in registration of cash desks in tax will be provided to it; the services of the fiscal data operator which are already included in a rate; a personal account of the user for condition monitoring of cash desks and management of them; service maintenance of devices and guarantee of their continuous work — Yulia Nosova, the head of the Online ATOL business project told.

The joint solution of Raiffeisenbank and ATOL has multilevel data protection. In particular, safety of each payment is ensured using its three-stage check (a processing center of bank — a banking system a fraud monitoring — payment system), transactions on the certified protocol 3-D Secure, individual preference of limits for prevention of fraudulent transactions in Internet acquiring. Information transfer in the OFD systems FTS Russia is also executed of online cash desk under the protocols of interaction which are specially drafted in connection with adoption of amendments in 54-FZ. Leased cash desks are placed in data center the level of reliability Tier III. It, in particular, guarantees smooth operation of devices and continuous access in the Internet.

The cost of services within the Online ATOL service for users of Internet acquiring of Raiffeisenbank includes the purchase price of the fiscal drive — 5200 rubles once at connection of each leased cash desk — and the lease price of cash desk: one device — 3000 ruboy in a month, two and more — 2000 rubles a month for everyone. Testing of service is provided free of charge.

3 thousand clients

More than 3 thousand organizations use service. The number of the cash desks rented by them stepped over a mark of 4 thousand. And the total number of the checks which are beaten out for operating time of service exceeded 30 million

For increase in convenience and availability of service the list of systems integrated with it constantly extends. Now ATOL Online works more than with 30 popular CMS platforms and payment services: Yandex.Cash, PJSC Sberbank, Robokassa, Tinkoff, 1C Bitrix, AdvantShop, UMI.CMS, NetCat and other market leaders. Interest in service is attracted by uniqueness of the scheme on which it is provided, – KaaS (cash desk as service for Internet trade).

The online store does not buy cash desk, and its beret in lease, receives services of the fiscal data operators (FDO) and the accompanying service connected with its technical support. Such model of work allows the entrepreneur to begin to execute calculations on the Internet according to 54-FZ, having avoided serious completion of the website or business processes, – for only 8,200 rub. Purchase of the fiscal drive, the first month of lease of cash desk and service OFD is included in the price. Further service will cost the organization monthly 3,000 rub for lease of one cash desk and 2,000 rub – for lease of each cash desk if their two or more than two.

In case of acquisition of cash desk the online store should pay its total cost once. Besides, use of own device means the place for its placement, the organization of its connection, integration with the CMS system of the website and payment services through which calculations are performed. It is also necessary to provide uninterrupted operation of work of cash desk – independently or with involvement of service specialists. It requires the additional budget.


On August 17, 2017 ATOL company announced start of sales of online cash desk of ATOL 15F.

The ATOL 15F model is included in the register of the cash register equipment by the order of FTS of April 26, 2017.

ATOL 15F model, (2017)

In the course of creation of the device the specifics of mobile trade are considered. Feature of cash desk – compactness:

  • dimensions of 8.5x8.6x4.6 cm
  • weight – 0.29 kg with the accumulator and a check tape.

Complete with the device a cover for carrying on a shoulder, on a neck, a zone belt. The built-in accumulator ensures functioning of the device during the working day, without connection to the power supply network. Work duration in a standalone mode of 12 h at check printing once 15 min. Recharge of ATOL 15F from Power Bank, or the automobile lighter is provided.

Work with cash desk requires smartphone or tablet on OS Android also the cash software. For communication wireless connection – is used through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If necessary it is possible to connect to the tablet or to the smartphone the bank pinpad for acceptance of payment using bank cards.

For August 17, 2017 integration of ATOL 15F with mobile applications is executed:

The cost of cash desk of ATOL 15F in retail sale of 24,500 rub complete with the fiscal drive.

ATOL Online - service for lease of online cash desks for online stores

On May 25, 2017 ATOL company announced the beginning of sales of the Online ATOL technology - service for lease of online cash desks for online stores. Service provides compliance to amendments in 54-FZ ("About use of the cash registers...").

Cash register equipment for online cash desk, (2017)

ATOL Online – a cloud service, is provided on the KaaS model - "cash desk in lease" with monthly payment of services. In its basis the infrastructure with cash desks of ATOL 42FS placed in the Moscow data center of level of reliability Tier III. It ensures smooth operation of service in mode 24х7х365. The software technologies of ATOL managing service allow to transfer information to cash desk for formation of the fiscal check in real time, OFD guarantee its transfer, manage automatic opening and closing of cash changes, distribute the entering data between cash desks during the peak periods of sales.

The Online ATOL service gives the chance to representatives of e-commerce to fulfill all requirements 54-FZ with the minimum labor costs and also to pass much works into short terms.

Yulia Nosova, Online ATOL project manager

For management of service, condition monitoring of the rented cash desks, formation of statistics on each of them, setup of notifications, etc., access to a personal account is provided to the user.

For May 25, 2017 integration of ATOL Online into platforms 1C: Bitrix (the module Online store, version/17/12), Advantshop, NetCat (version 5.82), Magento, RetailCRM and ReadyScript is implemented.

As a part of service it is offered:

  • the required number of online cash desks in lease with fiscal drives;
  • help in registration of cash desks in FTS;
  • the services of the fiscal data operator included in a rate (First OFD or OFD Platform);
  • ready integration of shop into popular CMS platforms and payment services;
  • personal account of the user for management of service, obtaining statistics on cash desks, etc.;
  • service maintenance of cash desks and guarantee of smooth operation in mode 24х7х365.