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AXIS PTZ camera Q-series

Developers: Axis Communications
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/03/28
Last Release Date: 2019/11/28
Branches: Electrical equipment and microelectronics
Technology: Video surveillance systems



Start of production of cameras with the ARTPEC-7 chip at the Jabil plant in Tver

On December 2, 2019 the Axis Communications company announced expansion of a production line at the Jabil plant in Tver, one of partners in production Axis in Europe. The lineup provided on the Russian production was replenished with cameras with the ARTPEC-7 chip with elements of artificial intelligence. For December, 2019 on own production of Axis 16 models of the cameras which are most demanded in the Russian market are made. Thus, their quantity increased by 60% in comparison with the 2016th year when the company started a local production line in Russia. Read more here.

Release of the PTZ camera Q6154-E with a 30-fold optical zoom

On November 28, 2019 the Axis Communications company announced release of the compact PTZ camera AXIS Q6154-E which differs in high focusing of moving objects even in the conditions of bad illumination.

AXIS Q6154-E

The flagman AXIS Q6154-E model provides faultless focusing thanks to laser technology which allows to trace moving objects including in complete darkness. Absolutely safe laser beam of the camera for a fraction of a second measures distance between the camera and an object thanks to what well focused images regardless of circumstances of shooting turn out.

The camera has a 30-fold optical zoom and allows to receive high-quality video with permission of HDTV 720p. Axis Lightfinder and WDR technologies provide full-color video of high resolution with the minimum blur of moving objects, and the AxisZipstream technology considerably reduces requirements to network transmission capacity and amount of memory for data storage.

AXIS Q6154-E PTZ Network Camera is intended for installation out of premises and perfectly will be suitable for video surveillance in the city and on large enterprises with a large number of moving objects. Thanks to Axis Sharpdome technology which provides rotation not only cameras, but also its domes equally sharp and qualitative image when shooting turns out lines of the horizon are higher and lower. Besides, at inclusion of a unique feature of Speed Dry the device begins to vibrate with high frequency, thereby the dome is cleaned from water drops. Thus, images from the camera turn out accurate including in rainy weather.

Release of the PTZ cameras Q6075 and Q6075-E with a 40-fold optical zoom

On November 5, 2019 the Axis Communications company announced release of network PTZ cameras of AXIS Q60 series with a 40-fold zoom. The PTZ cameras AXIS provide the image of high quality even in the conditions of bad illumination and are provided in two options: the Q6075-E model for outside observation will help to ensure safety on open wide spaces, for example, in the city and on industrial facilities while Q6075 is ideal for observation in large buildings, such as airports, stations, shopping centers. Cameras are equipped with the ARTPEC 7 processor which provides the better image, support of expanded safety features and analytics and also more effective video compression is considerable.

PTZ camera AXIS Q6075

The cameras Q6075 and Q6075-E have high photosensitivity thanks to Lightfinder 2.0 technology that allows to receive the detailed image of moving objects with saturated colors even at weak lighting. They are also equipped with the Autotracking 2 function with a possibility of tracking of moving objects which joins by clicking, and means for operational management of orientation with dynamic imposing of effects at active tracking of objects.

Cameras have expanded safety features, including built in by software with the digital signature and function of the protected loading which guarantee that in the device the original firmware without any unauthorized changes is used. Devices are also equipped with the cryptographic module TPM certified on compliance to the FIPS 140-2 standard, level 2. He guarantees safe storage of all cryptographic keys and certificates and their inviolability even in case of cracking of a system.

The model for outside observation conforms to IP66/67, NEMA 4X and IK10 standards — thus, it is steady against dust, a rain, snow and mechanical influence. Besides, thanks to the Arctic Temperature Control function of the camera join and work at a temperature from-50 to 50 °C.

Characteristics of the PTZ camera Axis Q6215-LE

On March 28, 2019 the Axis Communications company provided the PTZ camera with the built-in infrared illumination of AXIS Q6215-LE. The camera is equipped with the ½-inch sensor and combines a high image quality, functions of fast panning, an inclination and scaling and also the increased resistance to extreme weather conditions. This camera, according to the producer, is suitable for observation on the open area, for example, at the airports, harbors and on highways.

PTZ camera Axis Q6215-LE

According to the statement of Axis Communications, the AXIS Q6215-LE network camera is a high-performance PTZ camera HDTV 1080p with a 30-fold optical zoom. Thanks to the OptimizedIR function with big reach infrared light emitting diodes of the camera automatically adapt to a zoom and can provide high quality of the picture at weak lighting or in complete darkness at distance of 400 m. The camera conforms to the military MIL-STD-810G standard and ensures reliable functioning in extreme weather conditions, including a gale-force wind speed up to 245 km/h. The anti-vandal IK10 body and a class of protection IP66/IP68 provide resistance of the camera to blows and physical impact. The lens of the camera is equipped with the window wiper which will allow to receive the qualitative image, despite snow and a rain.

PTZ camera Axis Q6215-LE

AXIS Q6215-LE is equipped with the ½-inch sensor, the WDR and Lightfinder functions, sensitive to light, for the sharp and qualitative image and also Axis Zipstream technology which will allow to save up to 50% of space on servers. The packet of the built-in analytics of AXIS Guard Suite includes the AXIS Motion Guard, AXIS Fence Guard and AXIS Loitering Guard functions for detection of the movement, control of borders of the protected zone and tracking of gadabouts of persons and not authorized objects, the producer noted.

Flexible construction of the camera allows to mount it on horizontal and vertical surfaces, and a mounting board with sliders will provide safe and simple installation, claim in Axis Communications.