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Accenture Renie Virtual guide

The name of the base system (platform): Projects of Virtual reality
Developers: Accenture
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/07/10
Branches: Trade
Technology: Virtualization

2019: Development of the virtual guide

July 10, 2019 The workshop of innovations Liquid Studio (the division of Accenture which is engaged in prototyping of digital innovations, widely applying technology of augmented reality in the prototypes) announced development of the program which conducts tours on Accenture Future Camp (FC) and tells about new developments. Development can be used by business for the presentation of goods and services, consider in Accenture.

Accenture developed the virtual guide - a cat of Renie
"We wanted to make an excursion on FC of more interactive, besides the virtual guide allows everyone to pass an excursion in the speed and with the route, for example, to get acquainted closer with design thinking or examination of Accenture in agile",

noted Arseny Kondratyev, the head of Liquid Studio Accenture

The guide presents himself the interactive hologram in the form of a cat robot by the name of Renie with eyes lenses and short moustaches antennas, the unusual futuristic type of Renie something reminds the satellite. Using Leap Motion technology the hologram will recognize gestures of people and understands that someone approached it.

Accenture notes that Renie can be used by business everywhere where maintenance and explanations is necessary: beginning from excursions on the museums, exhibition stands at forums, finishing with marketing in a retail. According to developers, using the animated character brands can enhance effect of promotion actions due to the innovation demonstration, draw attention to goods or section, to strengthen the innovation image. Besides, the technology can be applied to an excursion on the production site - for complete immersion to use virtual or augmented reality, having placed Renie in the smartphone.

"In a free status the model soars in air and as soon as notices the person, welcome animation is started - the cat several circles runs behind the tail then he by voice suggests to conduct a tour. The hologram can not only conduct a tour on space of shop or the showroom, but also is capable to convey interesting information on a product, the company or the platform",

noted Arseny Kondratyev, the head of Liquid Studio Accenture

According to the head of Liquid Studio Accenture, two versions of a prototype were developed, on each of which about two weeks left. The first model after demonstration was finished: there were additional actions and gestures to which the cat animator reacts.