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Acer Predator Monitors

Developers: Acer
Last Release Date: 2020/03/24
Technology: Office equipment


Acer Predator is a line of game monitors.


Predator XB253QGP

On March 24, 2020 the Acer company provided the Predator XB253QGP monitor (the complete name of model — XB253QGPBMIIPRZX) from XB3 line. The monitor is intended for gamers to whom not only the high image quality, but also excellent indicators of update rate of the screen and response time is important — they in this model make 144 Hz and to 0.9 ms of GtG. Also for achievement of the maximum detailing and smooth change of the personnel Predator XB253QGP supports NVIDIA G-SYNC and VESA DisplayHDR 400 technologies. The monitor already entered the market at the recommended retail price from 29,990 rubles.

Predator XB253QGP


  • PredatorXB253QGP is the 24.5-inch monitor from a gaming line of XB3 with display resolution of Full HD (1920 x 1080).
  • The improved color rendition, brightness and contrast thanks to IPS to a matrix.
  • Support of NVIDIA G-SYNC technology provides smooth change of the personnel on the screen and the continuous image even at the most intense moments of game matches.
  • Update rate of the screen of 144 Hz and response time up to 0.9 ms of GtG — an ideal combination for fans of racing simulators and shooters.
  • VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400 is the high brightness and picture contrast in any conditions.
  • The ergonomic rack will help to configure height and slope angle of the screen most precisely to provide comfort during the long game sessions.

Modern design and qualitative image

Predator XB253QGP is a classical representative of the game Predator monitors. A thin framework of the screen helps to plunge as much as possible into favourite games and entertainments, and "predatory" contours of an ergonomic rack with the corporate Predator logo in an upper part remind a claw of a huge bird. In addition to a stylish type the rack also differs in a big set of opportunities of customization, including change of height of arrangement of the screen of the monitor over a table, its turn, an inclination and even transfer to the portrait mode. Thanks to it the user will be able to save a correct posture and with comfort to settle in front of the monitor even during the long game sessions.

The modern matrix of IPS which differs in wide angles of the overview up to 178 ° and support of permission of Full HD (1920 x 1080) is responsible for the image in the monitor. the 24.5-inch screen of the monitor provides excellent image quality with support of VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400 — the maximum brightness in 400 nit also high contrast which Predator XB253QGP automatically arranges under lighting level on the picture, guarantee that even in the most darkened (or brightly lit) image sections the user will be able to consider all parts. Also the model differs in a qualitative color rendition from 99% sRGB gamma scope.

Speed and modern technologies

Speed of reaction — pledge of a victory in modern competitive shooters and racing simulators therefore the minimum response time and high frequency of updating became the important requirement to game monitors. Support of NVIDIA G-SYNC technology allows to synchronize update rate of the screen of the monitor and video card: the personnel on the screen will be replaced most smoothly, without gaps and distortions even if it is about the fighter filled with action or intense firefight in favourite shooter of the user. At the same time screen update rate in 144 Hz and response time in only 0.9 ms (in the dispersed type) guarantee the fastest reaction to any commands and lack of blur of the picture.

Also especially for gamers the model is equipped with support of GameView technology which allows to store up to three separate preset of settings of the image under different genres of games and to arrange contrast of the picture in dark sections by means of the DarkBoost mode.

For care of sight of gamers the monitor was equipped a complex of the solutions Acer EyeProtect. It includes the Flicker-less technology reducing the level of screen flicker, Blue-light Filter protecting eyes from a negative impact of radiation from a blue part of a light spectrum, the antiglare ComfyView technology and adaptive illumination of Low-dimming allowing to reduce brightness to 15% in the conditions of insufficient illumination to lower load of sight.

For connection to modern game PCs innovation is equipped with 2 HDMI ports and DisplayPort port. Also on the body of the monitor there is a hub with 4 USB connectors 3.0 for connection of external devices.

Price and availability

As of March, 2020 the Predator XB253QGP monitor was already available for sale at the price from 29,990 rubles.

Predator CG552K, X38 и X32

On January 6, 2020 the Acer company provided three Predator monitors: 55-inch Predator CG552K, 37.5-inch Predator X38 and 32-inch Predator X32.

According to the producer, 32-inch Predator X32 uses all advantages of NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate technology thanks to which game process will be the smoothest, and the high contrast ratio and an expanded color palette will allow to see the smallest parts in dynamic scenes. Predator X32 received a panel with permission of UHD (3840x2160 px.) with maximum brightness in 720 nit, mini LED with illumination with function of local shading (1152 zones) is equipped and certified according to the VESA Certified DisplayHDR 1400 standard. The model differs in a 10-bit matrix, factory calibration of a color rendition with <1, 99-процентным покрытием цветового пространства Delta EAdobeRGB and 89.5 percent — Rec2020 thanks to what the device suits gamers who not only are interested in games, but also create own video content. Having update rate of the screen of 144 Hz, Predator X32 provides the sharp and smooth image allowing to trace a trajectory of the smallest and fast objects on the screen. Use of an IPS matrix allowed to achieve wide 178-degree viewing angles that it was more convenient to players to aim at battle time. The ergonomic rack with regulated height and a turning angle of the screen will give the chance to select comfortable provision of the monitor during the game sessions. Three ports HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 port will simplify connection of the monitor to the PC, and four USB connectors 3.0 will help to find the place for game joysticks, mice and other accessories. In addition, the model is equipped with two integrated 4-watt speaker phones.

Acer Predator X38 monitor

As noted in Acer, the game Predator X38 monitor is 37.5-inch model with permission of UWQHD (3840x1600 px.) creating effect of complete immersion thanks to the curved screen with a radius of curvature of 2300R. The device not only covers almost all viewing field of the user, but also supports the NVIDIA G-SYNC technology guaranteeing smooth change of the personnel, and the certificate of VESA DisplayHDR 400 provides the high brightness, contrast and a wide color range which will allow to see AAA-projects such with what they were conceived by creators. Thanks to factory calibration with coefficient <1 и 98-процентному охвату цветового пространства DCI-P3, все оттенки на экране Predator X38 будут выглядеть реалистично, что позволит геймерам создавать собственный качественный контент. Частота обновления экрана Predator X38 составляет 175 Гц, а время отклика — 1 мс в режиме разгона, благодаря чему устройство справится с самыми требовательными экшенами. Эргономичная подставка позволяет выбрать оптимальное положение монитора, обеспечивая угол наклона от -5 до 35 градусов, поворот на 30 градусов и изменение высоты в пределах 12,9 см для максимального комфорта. С помощью разъемов HDMI 2.0 и DisplayPort 1.2 монитор можно подключить к ПК, а четыре порта of Delta EUSB 3.0 allow to use Predator X38 as a hub for external devices and gaming accessories. Besides, the model is equipped with two 7-watt loudspeakers which will provide high-quality sounding.

Acer Predator CG552K monitor

According to the statement of the producer a 55-inch OLED panel with the resolution of 4K (3840x2160 px.) the Predator CG552K monitor issues the most detailed and contrast picture. Support of VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400 provides brightness in 400 nit, and color rendition accuracy with coefficient of Delta <1 и 98,5-процентный охват цветового пространства DCI-P3 — естественные и насыщенные цвета. По мнению производителя, монитор подойдет для поклонников Eigrovykh of consoles thanks to support of VRR technology at connection through HDMI — it will provide smooth change of the personnel without artifacts. In addition, Predator CG552K supports Adaptive-Sync and NVIDIA G-SYNC technology that allows to receive the image without gaps. For players to whom every second is important response time of the monitor was dispersed up to 0.5 ms, and screen update rate — up to 120 Hz. The sensor of light which is built in Predator CG552K estimates lighting level in the room and automatically arranges screen intensity, providing comfort during the game. The proximity sensor defines whether there is a user in front of the screen, and independently brings Predator CG552K out of "dream" or activates a standby mode for power saving. Besides, the monitor provides a wide choice of ports for connection to different peripheral devices: three HDMI 2.0 connectors, two DisplayPort v1.4, USB Type C port and for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 pair. Two integrated 10-watt speaker phones provide a qualitative soundtrack of games, and the configured LED tapes help to select illumination in the right frame of mind or to improve appearance of all system.

The game Predator X32 and Predator X38 monitor Predator CG552K – in the third quarter will appear in Russia in the second quarter 2020, and. The price it will be announced in addition.


Predator CG7 (CG437KP)

On December 30, 2019 the Acer company provided in Russia the game Predator CG7 monitor (the complete name of model — CG437KP). Predator CG7 is the monitor which will suit both fans of computer games, and admirers of console.

Acer Predator CG7 monitor

As noted in Acer, Predator CG7 is equipped with the 43-inch screen which will allow the user to be located far away from a desktop without risk to miss important parts or not to notice the creeping opponent. Almost frameless design of the monitor will give the chance to focus completely on a game. The system of illumination RGB Light Sense supported by the device allows to connect up to four LED tapes which will enhance effect of immersion to the monitor and will adapt to tastes and mood of the player, synchronizing illumination or with the events which are taking place on the screen, or with a rhythm of music tracks with which 10-watt loudspeakers of the monitor well cope. To the user well nine different modes of illumination.

The image on the Predator CG7 IPS screen differs in the clearness and high detailing thanks to support of permission 4K UHD (3840x2160 px.), at the same time it is possible to disperse update rate of the monitor to 144 Hz. Response time of model makes 1 ms, and the NVIDIA G-SYNC technology which allows to synchronize update rate of the screen and video card is responsible for smooth change of the personnel and lack of breakthroughs and artifacts.

According to the producer, the color rendition of Predator CG7 is calibrated at the plant with Delta E indicator<2 для достижения максимальной реалистичности всех цветов и оттенков, а 90-процентный охват цветового пространства DCI-P3 гарантирует практически кинематографическое качество картинки. За контрастность экрана отвечает технология VESA Certified DisplayHDR 1000, которая повышает максимальную яркость до 1000 нит и обеспечивает детализацию как ярко освещенных, так и темных участков изображения.

Acer Predator CG7 monitor

Using USB Type-C port the user will be able to connect the mobile gadget to Predator CG7 and along with the game to charge the mobile phone or the tablet. That the player's eyes were tired less, the built-in sensor automatically arranges screen illumination under lighting level in the room, besides, it defines whether there is someone in front of the screen and reduces brightness to a minimum or transfers the monitor to the energy saving mode if the user for a long time left the room. Even more convenience will add a remote control panel which allows the owner of Predator CG7 to change settings of the image, without leaving a comfortable sofa, the producer claims.

On the game Predator CG7 monitor the Acer company provides a 3-year guarantee. As of December, 2019 the model is already available in the Russian retail at the price from 99,990 rubles.

Predator X27P

On October 24, 2019 the Acer company announced start of sales of the game Predator X27P monitor — upgraded version of the Predator X27 model. the 4K-monitor became more ergonomic, the aluminum support and the cut back panel with RGB illumination look effectively.

Acer Predator X27P monitor

As noted in Acer, thanks to ErgoStand support the screen is adjusted on height within 130 mm and bends by 5 degrees, and if desired it can be unrolled in the portrait mode. In the delivery of Predator X27P there is a protective blind of Predator Shield which eliminates flares and zasveta.

According to the statement of the producer, the update rate of Predator X27P makes 144 Hz. To squeeze out a maximum of X27P, connection via DisplayPort 1.4 interface and the video card NVIDIA GeForce of the RTXTM 2070 model will be required above. Then the monitor will provide an accurate and smooth gameplay without spreading of the picture. Existence of the NVIDIA card allows to implement corporate NVIDIA G-SYNCTM Ultimate technology which synchronizes update rate of the personnel of the screen with update rate of the frames of the map that provides lack of ruptures of the image in the most dynamic game scenes.

Acer Predator X27P monitor

According to the producer, 27 inches with the resolution of 3840х2160 px. will provide high detailing of the picture, and the color scope makes 99% of space of AdobeRGB — more than one billion shades. At the same time colors are displayed without distortions on all surface of the screen: Delta E indicator at X27P is less than unit. It provides a full compliance of a color rendition to original content.

Illumination of Direct LED provides dynamic management of LEDs: muffles brightness on dark sections of the image and strengthens on light that allows to achieve more expressed contrast. The corporate HDR Ultra technology expands dynamic range of the screen: parts are well visible even in the most shaded and overexposed areas, claim in Acer.

Acer Predator X27P monitor

Predator X27P has a set of the settings allowing to consider any needs of the gamer and the smallest nuances of use of the monitor. If there is no wish to potter with settings, it is possible to use preseta for different game genres: action, races or sports games. The software of Predator X27P is completely compatible with consoles XBOX, so it is possible to expect the maximum return of the screen even at a game on a prefix. In particular, the monitor supports technology of variable update rate of the personnel XBOX VRR thanks to which owners of consoles will be able to estimate the smooth movement and lack of breakthroughs, emphasized in Acer.

On the Predator X27P monitor the Acer company provides a 3-year guarantee. As of October, 2019 the model already appeared in the Russian retail at the price from 179,990 rub.

Predator XB273KS

On October 14, 2019 the Acer company provided the 27-inch game Predator XB273KS monitor from XB3 line. The device is upgraded version of the XB273K 4K-model and differs from the predecessor in more modern NVIDIA G-SYNCTM chip, compatibility with technology of synchronization of frequency of the image of HDMI VRR and a 10-bit color rendition and also an ergonomic rack.

Acer Predator XB273KS monitor

According to the statement of the producer, Predator XB273KS it is equipped with the IPS screen with the resolution of 4K (3840x2160 px.) and with a diagonal of 27 inches. Thanks to a matrix the IPS monitor has wide angles of the overview — 178 ° in horizontal direction and verticals. Quantum Dot and VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400 technologies provide the high brightness and picture contrast. In addition, XB273KS has a color rendition with a 90 percent scope of a color gamma of DCI-P3 and an indicator of Delta <2. Благодаря этим параметрам изображение на экране Predator XB273KS выглядит естественно и практически не отличается от того, что видит перед собой автор игрового Ekontenta.

It is possible to attach a protective blind of Predator Shield which cuts all superfluous and helps to focus on game process to the screen, providing complete immersion. LED illumination on the back panel of the monitor will help to create mood, suitable for a situation or content. Besides, the monitor is equipped with the integrated 4 W speaker phones and a hub of USB 3.0 for charging of gadgets or connection of external devices, emphasized in Acer.

Acer Predator XB273KS monitor

According to the producer, support of NVIDIA G-SYNCTM technology allows to synchronize update rate of the video card and screen of the monitor to eliminate ruptures of the image and to make game process or watching movies comfortable. With the same purpose in Predator XB273KS support of technology of adaptive synchronization of frequency of the image of VRR for connection via the HDMI connector is added. The update rate of the screen of 144 Hz and response time of 4 ms will help users to forget about a podvisaniye, blur of the picture or about the irritating loops behind moving objects. Besides, support of special game profiles for shooters, races and sports and also an opportunity to display an additional sight for higher accuracy of firing is provided in XB273KS. The Dark Boost mode which does is lighter too dark sections of the image, will help the player to do not pass the opponent who hid in a shadow or the monster.

The updated ergonomic rack allows to change height, slope angle of the screen and to turn the display in the portrait mode — for example, for processing of a photo. Thanks to such solution the user does not spoil a bearing, adapting to arrangement of the monitor on a table, claim in Acer. The special sensor of light independently regulates screen intensity depending on premises illumination to lower load of eyes. Also Flicker-Less technologies (reduces screen flicker level), Blue Light Filter (fights against harmful radiation in a blue part of a range), Low Dimming (reduces brightness in the conditions of weak lighting) and ComfyView care for sight (eliminates flares on the screen).

As of October, 2019 the Predator XB273KS monitor is already available in the Russian retail at the price from 129,990 rubles with a 3-year guarantee from the producer.

Predator X35

On July 24, 2019 the Acer company presented at the Russian market the 35-inch gaming Predator X35 monitor with the curved display and support of advanced technologies. The model differs in almost frameless screen, supports resolution of WQHD, update rate of 200 Hz and has response time of 4 ms.

Acer Predator X35 monitor

According to the producer, thanks to frameless design of ZeroFrame and futuristic appearance the monitor is similar to the find fault-and-gadget from the future. the 35-inch UltraWide-screen with permission of WQHD, with a bend radius of 1800 mm and an aspect ratio 21:9 covers almost all viewing field of the user, helping to focus on game process completely. Support of DisplayHDR 1000 and 512 technology of zones of local dynamic illumination with a brightness up to 1000 nit provide high contrast and a realistic color rendition.

The Quantum Dot technology which is applied during creation of HDR-TV also increases the level of the maximum brightness, quality of a color rendition and saturation of shades. Besides, she allows to achieve a 90 percent scope of a color gamma of DCI-P3 which is used at modern digital movie theaters. At the same time the matrix of VA provides wide angles of the overview in 178 ° in horizontal direction and verticals thanks to what the image on the screen always remains accurate and natural, claim in Acer.

According to the statement of the producer, screen update rate up to 200 Hz and response time of 4 ms help to eliminate loops from quickly moving objects. Support of NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate technology allows to synchronize screen update rate with a FPS video card frequency, providing smooth change of the personnel without gaps and delays of the picture, and the Flicker-Less technology reduces the level of flicker of the image, protecting the user's eyes from fatigue. Eight separate preset intended for games of different genres, watching movies and other content are provided in the monitor. Quickly it is possible to switch between them by means of the screen Predator X35 menu.

Acer Predator X35 monitor

As noted in Acer, support of Ultra-Low Blue Light technology which reduces radiation intensity level in a blue part of a light spectrum is built in the monitor, owners of Predator X35 will be able independently to select one of four filters with a force of effect from 20% to 50% from the screen menu. The support of the monitor will allow to change height, slope angle and to turn the screen. Thanks to such solution each player will be able to configure the monitor on the taste and to set it in provision, comfortable for himself.

On the Predator X35 monitor the Acer company provides a 3-year guarantee. As of July, 2019 the monitor is already available in the Russian retail at the price of 229,990 rubles.

Predator XN3 (XN253QP и XN253QX)

On July 18, 2019 the Acer company provided fast game monitors of the Predator XN3 series: Predator XN253QP and XN253QX — 24.5-inch monitors with permission of Full HD, update rate to 240 Hz, response time up to 0.3 ms, with a brightness of 400 nit also an ergonomic support. Models are focused on professional gamers and enthusiasts for whom the high speed and accuracy of reaction is important.

Acer Predator XN253QP monitor

As noted in Acer, in the XN253QP and XN253QX models emphasis on image output speed on the screen is put. The matrix of TN with permission of Full HD in these monitors in the mode of acceleration is capable to reduce response time to 0.3 ms that can become for the professional gamer crucial in shooters from the first person where the speed of reaction plays an important role. The update rate at the same time makes up to 240 Hz that allows to provide together with support of NVIDIA G-SYNC technology picture locking at the highest FPS value (frames per second).

According to the statement of the producer, monitors are equipped with the preset profiles of settings of the image which allow to change quickly brightness, the saturation or contrast, to clarify dark sections or to increase image clarity. Access to profiles is implemented via physical control buttons on the monitor.

As enthusiasts and cyberathletes find a large number of time for trainings, their sight is exposed to considerable loadings, emphasized in Acer. The producer provided the whole set of technologies for security of health of players. The Predator XN3 monitors are equipped with a complex for protection of sight of Acer EyeProtect. Enter this set: Flicker-Less technology which reduces screen flicker level, the Bluelight Shield filter reducing radiation intensity in a blue part of a light spectrum, Low Dimming technology for lowering of screen intensity at weak lighting and an opaque covering of the ComfyView display for elimination of flares.

Acer Predator XN253QP monitor

Both monitors are equipped with ErgoStand support with an opportunity to change slope angle, screen height over a table and to turn it so that to achieve comfortable provision. Besides, USB 3.0 ports for connection of peripheral devices and the integrated 2 W speaker phones are provided in devices, noted in Acer.

As of July, 2019 Predator XN3 line monitors were already available for sale in Russia. The cost of Predator XN253QP is 34,990 rub, and Predator XN253QX — 39,990 rub. A guarantee for all monitors of Acer — 3 years.

Predator CG437K

On April 11, 2019 the Acer company provided the Predator LFGD monitor — the great CG437K P game display with diagonal 43 inches. Intended for fans of the computer and console games requiring high definition (3840x2160 px.), the monitor has update rate of 144 Hz.

Predator CG437K

According to the company, the system of adaptive synchronization of the Adaptive Sync monitor adapts to output device picture frequency that provides continuous game process and gives to users the chance to focus completely on the task. The panel of the VA display differs in the wide color range covering 90 percent of DCI-P3 color space and renders bright colors and deep shades of black. Certification of VESA Certified Display HDR 1000 guarantees higher contrast and accuracy of a color rendition. Users of consoles will estimate existence of three ports HDMI, USB Type-C and port of the display.

In Predator CG437K P energy-saving technologies are used — for example, the light sensor which is capable to determine lighting level in the room and automatically to regulate brightness for comfortable viewing and also the proximity sensor which automatically leaves a standby mode if the user approaches the monitor, and returns to sleep mode when indoors there is no movement. A system also includes the remote control.

2018: Predator X27

On August 16, 2018 the Acer company announced the beginning of sales of the 27-inch game Predator X27 monitor which characteristics correspond to the level of the professional game display.

Acer Predator X27 monitor
Acer Predator X27 monitor

The 27-inch Predator X27 screen opens a high-definition picture in permission 3840 x 2160 and a wide color palette. The matrix of the monitor has the 10-bit depth of color, and its color scope, according to the developer, considerably exceeds sRGB and makes 99% of space of AdobeRGB. The modern technology of quantum points allows to reflect a maximum of flowers with the minimum distortions — the parameter of a color difference of the Delta E display<1, подчеркнули в Acer.

Predator X27 supports the NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR technology providing deep immersion in a game at the expense of dynamic super loudness of HDR10 and lack of a rupture of the personnel. In combination with illumination of Direct LED separated into 384 independent zones, Predator X27 darkens or clarifies specific sites of the image, providing optimal contrast of the picture, claim in Acer.

According to the statement of the developer, the Predator X27 screen with the resolution of 4K and an IPS matrix received update rate of 144 Hz in the acceleration mode through DisplayPort 1.4 that conforms to accepted standards of a professional geyming. Any loops or a bad color rendition, only smooth and accurate movements in games and a realistic color box.

The Acer Predator X27 monitor can be adjusted on height, an inclination and turn
The Acer Predator X27 monitor can be adjusted on height, an inclination and turn

The metal support of the Predator monitors differs in presence of the removable holder for the headset and ample opportunities of adjustment of the screen on height, an inclination and turn. Predator X27 is delivered with a protective blind of Predator Shield closing the screen from light from three parties and focusing attention of the player. On the back panel of the monitor Ambient-illumination is visible, noted in Acer.

According to information provided by the developer, monitors of the Predator series include a number of the corporate technologies of optimization of the image giving advantage in a game. In addition to the illumination of shadows and shading of too bright sections improving visibility in dark game space in Predator X27 there is a possibility of inclusion of a sight in those games where it is not provided. For fast optimization of the image a set of preset for different game genres is provided: action, races and sports.

The Predator X27 monitor went on sale in the Russian retail networks. The recommended price is 179,990 rubles.

2018: Predator X34P

On February 26, 2018 the Acer company begins sales of the 34-inch game Predator X34P monitor with Nvidia G-SYNC support. Model for complete immersion in game process and receiving bright gaming experience. Frequency of updates of the IPS screen is 120 Hz.

The picture surrounding the player will not allow to escape any part, and the user will be able to control a situation on each section of a game field. Radius of curvature of the monitor — 1900R (the previous Predator X34 model had this indicator 3800R), and it does it to much more curved. At the same time viewing angles make 178 degrees that guarantees the maximum pleasure from use of the device. The support allows to change easily monitor provision in any direction that does its use by even more comfortable, and on a special hook it is convenient to hang up earphones. Besides two loudspeakers on 7 W with DTS Sound technology for high quality reproduction of sounds of any game are built in Predator X34P.

Predator X34P (2018)
Predator X34P (2018)

The Nvidia G-SYNC technology provides synchronization of an output of the personnel between the video card, doing the image accurate, dynamic and smooth. The complex of Acer EyeProtect technologies consisting of the managed dynamic illumination, the filter of blue color and an antiglare covering protects eyes from fatigue, muffling bright colors depending on premises illumination, reducing intensity of light in a blue part of a range and reducing quantity of flares and reflections.

In Predator X34P there is a possibility of color correction on 6 axes. For this purpose adaptive atmospheric illumination which can work in the different modes is built in the lower frame of the monitor, including change color depending on the picture on the screen (all their five – red, green, blue, white, orange) and an operation mode − from a permanent luminescence before "breath", flashes or ripples. This solution expands a framework of play experience, creating the necessary atmosphere for the gamer.

GameView technology - three preset modes of settings of the image for games of different genres — sports, racing and an action. Users of Predator X34P have an opportunity to create and save the personal settings images which can be changed directly in a game.

Deep dark colors will allow to consider even the threat hidden in the dark, and the configured sight for an action games will never allow to miss.