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Acronis Cyber Cloud (ранее Acronis Data Cloud)

Developers: Acronis (Akronis)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2017/10/18
Last Release Date: 2019/10/23
Technology: PaaS - Platform As A Service - the Business platform as service,  SaaS - the Software as service,  cybersecurity - Backup and data storage,  cybersecurity - Means of enciphering


Acronis Cyber Cloud (before Acronis Data Cloud) is the single platform for all cloud services of Acronis allowing to get using single installation instant access to them.


Acronis Cyber Cloud 8.0

On October 23, 2019 the Acronis company announced implementation of the updated Acronis Cyber Cloud 8.0 platform in cloud DPCs. The company began to develop the upgraded version of the platform containing more than 40 additional opportunities which will become available in all twelve data processing centers worldwide at the beginning of November, 2019. It will allow all service providers to have additional opportunities for growth of business in the field of cyber defense. The updated functions were available only to the local version of the flagman solution of Acronis for data protection (the expanded version of Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced) earlier. Now these opportunities became public and will allow service providers to provide the modern level of cyber defense irrespective of how large, difficult or advanced infrastructure and workloads of their clients are.

Possibilities of Acronis Cyber Cloud 8.0 mentioned by the developer:

  • Effective group management which increases the speed and quality of rendering services and cuts down administrative overheads.
  • Functions of disaster recovery of data which simplify creation of pilot projects and accelerate implementing solutions at customers that increases sales of services of service providers.
  • The improved licensing and management of functions thanks to which sale of additional services and the offer of expanded functions of disaster recovery of data becomes simpler.

Acronis Cyber Cloud 8.0
"Traditional methods of data protection are already not enough in order that the companies saved competitiveness and expanded the business. Including it concerns service providers and their clients – both small business, and big corporations. The Acronis Cyber Cloud 8.0 platform allows to simplify management of cyber defense, to increase efficiency and reliability for all environments and workloads",

The scalable control of groups of devices and plans of backup is significant expansion of opportunities of key service Acronis Cyber Cloud – Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud which allows service providers to service big corporate customers with difficult infrastructure, claim in Acronis.

Acronis Cyber Cloud 8.0

Acronis noted that partners will get support of backup and recovery databases Oracle and platforms SAP HANA and also protection of clusters Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server. Partners will be able to estimate more than 25 additional Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud functions, such as:

  • Backup of virtual machines on Hyper-V without installation of the agent allowing to save time and resources for work and program installation of the agent.
  • Automatic notarization of archives of backup copies for independent check of the invariance of specific files.
  • The manager of recovery at start for recovery of machines in a few minutes even if the operating system by the machine is not loaded. It works without additional boot carriers or connection to network. The solution Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud also received a number of additional tools for security, compliances to requirements the politician also governed when rendering services. The main changes include a possibility of use of the ciphered backup copies for the accomplishment of abnormal switching, automatic disaster recovery given using the protected passwords and also disaster recovery for several networks of the client.

Taking into account that cyberthreats constantly change, Acronis also constantly improves the functions of solutions connected with authenticity of data. Key changes for Acronis Notary Cloud will allow service providers to include verification of data by means of the public website – thus it is not necessary to use the user interface Acronis Notary Cloud to verification of files.

All these changes, according to the developer, emphasize aspiration of Acronis providing with security cyber defense of all the partners and clients – providing them safety, availability, confidentiality, authenticity and data security (so-called five vectors of cyber defense – SAPAS). Focusing on simple, effective and reliable solutions in the field of cyber defense, Acronis provides for service providers and their clients an opportunity to overcome the growing complexity of IT systems, to solve new calls in respect of security and also to reduce costs for ensuring security cyber defense.

Change of the name with Acronis Cyber Cloud

On April 25, 2019 the Acronis company announced carrying out rebranding of the Acronis Data Cloud platform. Now the platform carries the name Acronis Cyber Cloud.

The solution allows service providers to provide cyber defense safely. The next updating will become available to Acronis Cyber Cloud 7.9 to all clients and partners of Acronis by the end of April and will include support of backup of G Suite and protection against cryptomining among other new features.

2018: Acronis Data Cloud 7.8

On November 6, 2018 the Acronis company announced release of large-scale updating of the Acronis Data Cloud platform. The version of Acronis Data Cloud 7.8 provides protection of Microsoft Office 365 "from a cloud in a cloud", expanded management of disaster recovery, the improved protection against programs racketeers and also service on a notarization of data and the electronic signature on the basis of blockchain technology for service providers.

As the developer noted, the Acronis Data Cloud platform is known to service providers thanks to the built-in abilities to integrate with the majority of popular platforms for automation of a hosting, the Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems and instruments of remote monitoring and management (RMM) and also thanks to monitoring and complex reports for work of a system.

In the provided updating of Acronis also provides integration with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services that is important for strategy implementation of the company on to protection of all data, applications both systems and to ensuring full control and flexibility during the work with the protected data for users. Due to such integration service providers will be able to store backup copies of data in Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure Storage without additional settings and without need to sign free standing agreements. Suppliers IT services can use data processing centers Google also Azure in only one click within the current agreement with Acronis. Such integration optimizes and expands possibilities of the choice storages and the supplier for partners and clients and also simplifies work with agreements for small service providers, claim in Acronis.

Acronis Notary Cloud service for a notarization, the electronic signature and verification of documents based on blockchain technology

According to the statement of the developer, the Acronis Data Cloud platform became simpler in use and also safer and effective for all partners and clients. In the updated solution considerable improvements of characteristics and levels of reliability and also additional functions are offered:

  • Security blanket of Microsoft Office 365. Backup "from a cloud in a cloud" (cloud-to-cloud) for Exchange Online, OneDrive for business and SharePoint Online. Backup is provided directly between Microsoft and one of the protected cloud data processing centers of Acronis. Service providers can select the specific country and location of a data processing center. Using Acronis Backup Cloud users can also perform search in backup copies for detection and recovery of separate files and messages.
  • Expanded management of disaster recovery. In the provided version plans of disaster recovery in the form of the strict sequence of actions executed in case of accident (Runbook) are simplified and automated. This function simplifies and accelerates abnormal switching of workloads from a set of machines in a cloud data processing center. It provides recovery of systems in the necessary order for preserving of interrelation between applications by different machines.
  • The improved technology of detection of the Acronis Active Protection programs racketeers. The Acronis Active Protection technology keeps track of activity of malware, stops doubtful processes and automatically recovers the damaged files. In the provided version there is an improved machine learning technology which allows to distinguish better both the known, and unknown threats, and reduces cases of false operation. The provided version also protects the general network resources and external devices for data storage.
  • Acronis Notary Cloud. In addition to the existing Acronis Backup Cloud services, Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud and Acronis Files Cloud, the Acronis Notary Cloud service, service for a notarization, electronic signature and verifications of documents based on blockchain technology was added. This service creates the unique digital fingerprint for files and stores it in the public register of a blockchain, providing independent confirmation of authenticity and availability of the file at a given time.
  • Physical transfer of data. Users can perform transfer of the first backup copy quicker by means of preserving of the first backup copy on the hard drive at themselves, with the subsequent sending disks with backup copies in a data processing center of Acronis. Data are completely ciphered that prevents unauthorized access during movement.

In each updating the Acronis company aims to improve cyber defense in five directions — safety, availability, confidentiality, authenticity and security (SAPAS). Acronis Data Cloud 7.8 is not an exception, consider in Acronis. In addition to the listed characteristics, according to the developer, service providers and users will estimate ease of use of technologies: control of all functions is exercised via the intuitive console with a possibility of drawing up complex reports.


Integration with Autotask PSA

The Acronis company announced on November 23, 2017 solution integration of Acronis Data Cloud with the Autotask Professional Services Automation (PSA) system. Now service providers will be able to create flexibly package offers on data protection directly from the Autotask console.

Having connected the management console of Acronis Data Cloud to Autotask, service providers will be able to automate completely:

  • Creation of requests in Autotask on the basis of notifications from Acronis Data Cloud
  • Provision of services on data protection and drawing of accounts to users
  • Establishment of levels of use of Acronis Data Cloud services by clients on the basis of plans of Autotask

In response to requests of the service providers wishing to provide service of data protection to end customers we developed simple in use and the easy platform in integration built on a cloud hybrid computing architecture. Now this platform is integrated with the solution Autotask and allows to start quickly services in data protection for end customers — Gaidar Magdanurov, the global marketing director of Acronis company noted.

As of November 23, Autotask is completely integrated with Acronis Backup Cloud — the solution of the class Backup-as-a-Service which supports more than 20 different platforms, including virtual, physical and cloud environments. And in the coming months integration will be received by Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud, Acronis Files Cloud and other solutions Acronis Data Cloud.

Acronis offers 30-day full-function trial version of Acronis Data Cloud which can be easily integrated with Autotask and other PSA solutions.

Available services

The services available through Acronis Data Cloud as of October, 2017:

  • Acronis Backup Cloud is the B2B-solution, for rendering services of backup as service (BaaS, Backup-as-a-Service). Acronis Backup Cloud ensures data security on more than 20 platforms, protects data from the attacks of programs racketeers using Acronis Active Protection technology and also guarantees authenticity and the invariance of contemporary records using the solution Acronis Notary constructed on the basis of blockchain technology.
  • Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud (the fact-finding version for partners) is the ready-made, independent solution constructed based on Acronis Backup Cloud which allows service providers to recover instantly operability of the main IT systems and applications of the clients, using cloud infrastructure of Acronis. The solution is available from data centers in Eshberna and in London.
  • Acronis Files Cloud is corporate solution for synchronization and file sharing which not only simplifies administration process, but also conforms to strict security requirements. It eliminates risks from use of public services, allowing to control location of the data warehouse, satisfying requirement of the modern companies for secure access to files and also their synchronization and sharing. This solution is also available only from data centers in Eshberna and in London.

Acronis Data Cloud easily is implemented and does not require initial capital investments, besides, thanks to transparent licensing with payment in process of use, can be operated with zero capital costs, claim in the company. Acronis Data Cloud is suitable for any business models, allowing to manage flexibly pricing and client offers and also supporting any type of implementation.


The Acronis company announced on October 18, 2017 release of Acronis Data Cloud — a single platform for all cloud services which Acronis offers service providers.

Acronis Data Cloud provides shared control and easy integration into such automation systems of business of service providers as Odin Automation, Hostbill, ConnectWise Automate, Autotask and WHMCS. The single system of the reporting on use of resources, the general security system based on politicians, the general REST API interface allow service providers to offer more products, without making significant changes to their business processes.

According to representatives of Acronis, availability of several services within one platform allows partners to earn more, performing cross-sales, and integrating different products in sets. Thus Acronis Data Cloud helps service providers to increase average revenue by one user and to hold clients. The partner can also use the logo and corporate colors in execution of the interface of services.